The IMPOSSIBLE Basketball Challenge! 

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Jun 3, 2021




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Smogy Playzz
Smogy Playzz 2 days ago
Muselk: The IMPOSSIBLE basketball challenge Also Muselk: Makes it possible
Suck my Dick
Suck my Dick 4 days ago
At 3:34 you had all Green and a little but after that you had a blue ar explain
Mer Gardner
Mer Gardner 4 days ago
I have adhd and watching your videos help call me down
Shadowx stfu
Shadowx stfu 5 days ago
7:34 gold spas
Lilmattster 5 days ago
everyone bow down to sid the sloth
Paul Jones
Paul Jones 5 days ago
I'm sure thst was a purple tac in the epic chest and he didn't pick it up
fortyoncrack 5 days ago
I want 1k lol
Martti Mauno
Martti Mauno 5 days ago
Play team fortress 2 pls
rhishab nair
rhishab nair 5 days ago
4:45 muselk This guy is a bot
Jayden Peach
Jayden Peach 5 days ago
This vid reminded me of the bottle flip challenge did in season 10
odgrub 6 days ago
You where good son real good maybe even the best
chad long
chad long 6 days ago
So no one's talking about the click bait? Dis like from me
GoldChromeE 6 days ago
Hy kiddos let me say a game that is something you might have not heard of "Team Fortress 2"
Rainy Chan2
Rainy Chan2 6 days ago
Muselk: killed the shockwave guy Muselk again: I wanna kill that shockwave guy Me: there’s two.?
smokeydbob 6 days ago
When I saw that shockwave bow I took a moment of silence for you, I felt your pain!
BLZ Ddog
BLZ Ddog 6 days ago
At 6:17 he went past a bunker chest
Justin Wolfe
Justin Wolfe 6 days ago
@BLZ Ddog wrong
BLZ Ddog
BLZ Ddog 6 days ago
@Justin Wolfe when he was in the car
BLZ Ddog
BLZ Ddog 6 days ago
@Justin Wolfe in the bottom right
Justin Wolfe
Justin Wolfe 6 days ago
Helen Hoey
Helen Hoey 7 days ago
Muselk the game is being cruel as he gets shockwaves a purple SMG and a lama LOL
Justin Wolfe
Justin Wolfe 6 days ago
Kathleen Greenwood
Who’s here because he a legend and good at vids
Justin Wolfe
Justin Wolfe 6 days ago
The Reaper
The Reaper 7 days ago
Wait a minute, 3:36 to 3:38 how did his AR change -_-
Justin Wolfe
Justin Wolfe 6 days ago
Ryan Watson
Ryan Watson 7 days ago
Break the roof above you
Ryan 6 days ago
Justin Wolfe
Justin Wolfe 6 days ago
Justin Maes
Justin Maes 7 days ago
Should have done the shot for Llama loot lol
Justin Wolfe
Justin Wolfe 6 days ago
That Boii
That Boii 7 days ago
Back to the clickbait thumbnails, wait he never left
That Boii
That Boii 6 days ago
Justin Wolf what's wrong??
Justin Wolfe
Justin Wolfe 6 days ago
That Boii
That Boii 7 days ago
Great video but it would have been just as good with a legit thumbnail
Derp mango not ducko
Thumbnail shows lazy but it shows the sweaty sands net
Huw Kenna
Huw Kenna 7 days ago
OCE servers look so easy
Karim Amr
Karim Amr 7 days ago
Muselk I'm watching your stream how do I turn on member
TabbiShorts 7 days ago
You could've destroyed the roof Moosetits
Xtra 7 days ago
But myself I want to talk about wtf u just di
Forlizard 7 days ago
Muselk : we are never talking about that again Me : starts thinking of ways i can talk about it
Lil hýpè
Lil hýpè 7 days ago
Where are u finding bounces
Madness 8 days ago
Everyone: He is so low! Muselk: He is so hurt!
Coby BingBong
Coby BingBong 8 days ago
how to get cracked in fortnite: get animals to worship you
gameing x ray
gameing x ray 8 days ago
Bro this is click bait
ShyPlastix 8 days ago
You should do a challenge where if you hit somone the first shot you aim at him, you can kill him. But if you miss you cant kill him. XD i dont know if it is i need some feedback
Xavier Nero
Xavier Nero 8 days ago
love how he missed soo many shot, then like "AM I DRUNK?!?!?!?"
The4VDboyFNツ 8 days ago
Superfly Tyson
Superfly Tyson 8 days ago
Lukas Bäckman
Lukas Bäckman 8 days ago
Dude perfect: fortnite edition
Swanton1216 8 days ago
Thumbnail was very misleading. Would love to see some skybase basketball shots
Dilleydilley123 8 days ago
The whip he was driving should be the official master chief car
McKenna Manning
McKenna Manning 8 days ago
Muselk, why didn't you make it where you can loot the bodies if you made the shot?
ligma nut
ligma nut 8 days ago
Mans channel dead
Bradley Donnelly
Bradley Donnelly 8 days ago
Can someone help me understand how this guy gets so many bots in these games but yet I can’t find a single default in my game
Riley Baker
Riley Baker 8 days ago
Fortnite is trash nowadays. So many bots in every lobby.
Coulson Freedland
700th comment
M4NIC 8 days ago
“I'm ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ” ?!!!🥶
Aseem Prabhakar
Aseem Prabhakar 8 days ago
nice did you just shoutout a shotty ??
Hélène Pierre
Hélène Pierre 8 days ago
If muselk actually hit that from the thumbnail he is basically axo from the nba trailer
Matt YG
Matt YG 8 days ago
no way people still play fortnite
Rosalind Hermanstein
Muslek “That should be illegal you can’t use that many shock waves” me “haha
Ricker Lee
Ricker Lee 8 days ago
Well, you have to admire the determination to create content in a lack luster season.
Bluestar43 95
Bluestar43 95 8 days ago
6:10 when the ball bounced off his characters back 😆🤣
Apollo ChaoZ
Apollo ChaoZ 8 days ago
I don't get why he didn't pick up the purple tac in the first mythic chest
Sebastian Franz
Sebastian Franz 8 days ago
6:37 Of course it's cruel, you just killed your brother
Ben Mackenzie
Ben Mackenzie 8 days ago
Bit late muselk
itz_ Shay
itz_ Shay 8 days ago
9:34 did he say ‘yes dude that was crazy’ or did he say ‘yes dude that was greasy’?
Nikstar112 8 days ago
Me: tries to get top comment Verified USliftrs: imma end this mans career
Nikstar112 8 days ago
Can I get famous off this comment
ROSHANSH | ISWK 8 days ago
i like ur vids but still ur lobbies are full of bots compared to even me who started last year
theone krygger
theone krygger 8 days ago
The way he says, "AM I DRUNK?!?" makes me laugh so much!
Let's play video games!!! Let's do it yo!
youre trashlek get it instead of muslek i call you trashlek hahahahahah
EEEninja 8 days ago
He recorded this during the shockwave week lol
Ryze999 8 days ago
u did get one of spawn
benedict lim
benedict lim 8 days ago
challenge: u can only pickup loot from your enemies
Rayzzen11 8 days ago
Tokyo Drift @6:00 XXD XDD
Ibrahim-Khalil Williams
at 6:05 he took the shockwaves and did not drop it
Andrew Pelayo
Andrew Pelayo 8 days ago
Museum- this is gunna be very hard Literally makes the first 3 in a row
Marcus Ferro
Marcus Ferro 8 days ago
I just hit it for an epic chest *doesn’t pick up the epic*
Mobile gaming studio mobile games
Nice clickbaiting thumbnail my guy
bobby. x
bobby. x 8 days ago
Nice clickbait bro
King ovle
King ovle 8 days ago
Nup challenge is null and void. He didn't try and score for the llama, that's triggering
King ovle
King ovle 8 days ago
Replays out done this, when the back bling came out. He had to score a hoop everytime he done damage, mid fight. so this isn't half as entertaining but imma still watch it 😅
SpeedDemon 8 days ago
Muselk:I didn’t hit one Me: yes you did you fool that’s why it lit up
Marlon Lopez
Marlon Lopez 8 days ago
Now do this after every kill!!!!!!!!
Tj S
Tj S 8 days ago
4:40 Elliot: this man's a bot Later: Dies to a bot
Talen Hurlburt
Talen Hurlburt 8 days ago
Talen Hurlburt
Talen Hurlburt 8 days ago
Did anyone else see that he didn’t pick up the weapon from the epic cheat
Gxdz5xn 8 days ago
None of the spectators knew it was Muselk. Thanks to the back bling.
SGVL 8 days ago
Dane shawson
XGanxtr 9 days ago
Yo he filmed this in bouncer week
Banana Peel
Banana Peel 9 days ago
You didn't get a shot in for the vehicle do you cheated
PvP 0r Nah
PvP 0r Nah 9 days ago
Love me some Muselk content, he is hilarious but let's be honest his lobbies are laughably bad and he hasn't really improved as a player in over a year. He is on pc and can build and that's about it, and if anyone he is fighting places 1 cone they are automatically a sweat haha
Tony F
Tony F 9 days ago
hey mr elk i don’t think fortnite is the game anymore
Póco Débil
Póco Débil 9 days ago
Beautimus ♥️ Day 1
Muselk you need to get back click
Tiny Tang
Tiny Tang 9 days ago
Wait this is not even like yesterday but it was when the NBA Skins Came to Item Shop how do I know cuz Eliot has bouncers in his trap thing
Wayne Keenan
Wayne Keenan 9 days ago
you picked loot of the ground so this challenge was usless
Bl4ckPr0ph3t38 9 days ago
I. Can’t believe the best fortnite player did this
Noah Morrow
Noah Morrow 9 days ago
you should do a challenge where you swap your loadout with the loadout of the person you killed.
did i ask buddy1
did i ask buddy1 9 days ago
"lets give it a shot" I see what you did there
Ghastify 9 days ago
lebron who
david fernandez
david fernandez 9 days ago
Bear bear cameron 124
Call him ttv muselk
lotsofdiamonds 9 days ago
Muselk: I'm the basketball king Me: Do you even know the rules?
FFN Floppy
FFN Floppy 9 days ago
Im i drunk - Muselk 2021
The last Samurai
The last Samurai 9 days ago
For your next challenge you should go to steamy stacks and open the special chest in the middle building and do the special chest only challenge
GG_Gamer 9 days ago
Day2 of commenting until muselk hearts the comment
Harrison bowman
Harrison bowman 9 days ago
Do you miss frenzy farms
DanyTPG 9 days ago
Nice clickbait thumbnail muselk. Expected more of you 👎
Austin Lough
Austin Lough 9 days ago
Muselk was first killed by Joe Buden
Austin Lough
Austin Lough 9 days ago
I meant Joe Biden 🤡