Saying GOODBYE to Coral Castle… 

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Jul 1, 2021




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Louis Georgiadou
Louis Georgiadou 5 days ago
The bounty
Faded_Shadow 8 days ago
Welp for anyone my comment below I’m stupid give me a break
Elias Valenzuela
Elias Valenzuela 8 days ago
well coral castle's still here
Dreams Games
Dreams Games 11 days ago
Nicholas Powley
Nicholas Powley 15 days ago
coral i never land on you but idk why but i will miss you
AllAroundAlex 16 days ago
well the llamas do walk now so...
Phoenix Loli
Phoenix Loli 16 days ago
9:53 I'm in the bathroom dying rn, this shouldn't be happening
Sometimes 18 days ago
Bye bye
cool minecraft 5 gameplays
"Wet Wrecks"
Blake Hodgins
Blake Hodgins 19 days ago
y r u sad its the home of the fish and it is dead now so YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES
KNYTE 19 days ago
Uhh, hi, I’m from over a week in the future, and... Coral Castle still hasn’t been touched.
koopa drogan
koopa drogan 20 days ago
Cons game is do five damage
Catal 21 day ago
GoodBye Coral Castle 🥺
Mark Muhlbaier
Mark Muhlbaier 22 days ago
To whoever is reading this, Jesus loves you and has an amazing plan for your life. Have a great day!
Mark & Sonja Raines
He’s wearing hot dog that jessie the X2twin gifted from jordans account
MrConstant23 22 days ago
I love Coral
Squigidy 22 days ago
He says he will be a walking llama. Don’t llamas already walk?? LOL
Squigidy 22 days ago
You need to do a challenge only using recon scanner cause I does damage. That would be a great video
F&N BolGotronic
F&N BolGotronic 22 days ago
Finally someone appreciate coral castle
Hydration Nation
Hydration Nation 23 days ago
6:31 look at the facecam😂
Dylan Ramsey
Dylan Ramsey 23 days ago
You are one of those heroes aren’t you not anymore
The Knight
The Knight 24 days ago
“I’m ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ᵃⁿᵈ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵗʰᶦˢ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ”.
Bukizzikub 24 days ago
I love when he says he’s a walking llama when all llamas are walking llamas
XxorgxX 24 days ago
Can I just say the hotdog backbling and thanos doesn't work together
IcyMan FN
IcyMan FN 25 days ago
Muselk please do the recon scanner only challenge it would be so hard
adopt_me plays2
adopt_me plays2 25 days ago
Muselk is a professional
adopt_me plays2
adopt_me plays2 25 days ago
Superkai66 25 days ago
9:51 I’ve had that exact same glitch happen to me
Flame Rider
Flame Rider 25 days ago
I got that bug before it’s when the boat disappears that you’re sim goes a bit off
Random ET
Random ET 26 days ago
5:54 he says he is a walking lama but yet the lamas do walk now
Shanessi BTWツ
Shanessi BTWツ 26 days ago
Is he wearing the backing that Jesse gifted from Jordan’s account
tucker Trueblood
tucker Trueblood 26 days ago
Anti ufo person you are in a ufo
tucker Trueblood
tucker Trueblood 26 days ago
It coral castle
Oliver Healy
Oliver Healy 27 days ago
Sorry no hate but how do you still play fortnite you’ve been doing the same challenges for 4/5 yrs and its been dead for 2 years
Mr.banana 27 days ago
Challenge idea recon scanners only
atinymax 27 days ago
9:49 you're welcome
Mohamed Slimani
Mohamed Slimani 27 days ago
lol i am dying thanos is drunk he took tequila and can't hold a gun i can't man
gamers delight
gamers delight 27 days ago
Coral cove really ...
Alex Ivanov
Alex Ivanov 28 days ago
I like how in the. X2 twin video I hacked my twins account. They gifted muselk the hot dog back bling and he is actually wearing it
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee 28 days ago
Muselk: Wears the hotdog that the x2 twins sent Me: LOL
Mecha Gaming
Mecha Gaming 28 days ago
It's probably going to be called Coral Crater when it gets abducted and turned into an IO base.
Satoko rika
Satoko rika 28 days ago
You are only getting so many wins because epic give big streamers bot players. Dislike and unsub.
zekkyz 28 days ago
is it just me or is coral castle goated (it is my drop spot)
bruh lol
bruh lol 28 days ago
Bro I've heard u say coral is the worst drop multiple times
Deepak Pudhiyaerkar
Never liked it anyways
ajnabieh 28 days ago
Say goodbye to where my fish brother’s life was at
Vido Tigro
Vido Tigro 28 days ago
I didn’t realize he was playing as thanks until halfway through the video
premium Alalchi
premium Alalchi 28 days ago
Coral castle more like broken castle
Montage 28 days ago
I whatched this on stream
Gary Dominey
Gary Dominey 28 days ago
sad times :(
Genox_Gaming 28 days ago
GUYS I FOUND THE HENCHMEN IN THIS SEASON THEY ARE AT THE HOUSE below the mountain with the waterfall at misty medows
Erison Liçi
Erison Liçi 28 days ago
“Coral castle was always underrated” and that was a f@cking lie
Void 24 days ago
It was overrated in ch2 s3
Tails R Wagging Rozelle
:( I don’t want it to go
Clips 2.0
Clips 2.0 28 days ago
Um there’s only about 7chests a coral
Bobafett2k777 28 days ago
I wont miss it
ShadowBurn 28 days ago
I miss old Muselk :(
Swirlzee 28 days ago
To be honest I will miss coral castle since it was the only reminder of my fav season but I will enjoy the new location hopefully
Swirlzee 28 days ago
Wait, coral castle was added into the game in season 3. In summer. Now it’s getting destroyed next summer in season 7. Woah
azmil njoom
azmil njoom 28 days ago
Well thanos is drunk. You heard from the man
TEF Tropical
TEF Tropical 28 days ago
Sunrise 28 days ago
Muselks butts smell
Joshua Valentine
Joshua Valentine 29 days ago
I cant stop laughing lol
GG_Gamer 29 days ago
Any1 else realise that the boat's water splashing animations was still happening on his screen and i think thats y it was a drunk aim
GG_Gamer 29 days ago
Day 12 of commenting until Muselk hearts the comment
Blake Griffith
Blake Griffith 29 days ago
go check out sandshru the sandwing on yt
whaduzitmatr 29 days ago
There was actually a loot shark there last week
Mr.Elegant 29 days ago
This was from his stream
Alfyris 29 days ago
Bye bye coral castle
DrFishStick 29 days ago
as part of the fishy army, the day coral castle is removed will be very sad as there will be no place representing the fishstick army. Truly heartbreaking 😔💔
error herobrine 404
you should do recon scanner only as a weapon
Alex Fyfe
Alex Fyfe 29 days ago
"Coral castle was always underrated" you mean, "Carl"
Jeremy Miller
Jeremy Miller 29 days ago
I have had that glitch before when my boat glitched out from beneath me! I came in second because I just couldn’t get a shot on the other guy. Lol.
JWinPlayz 29 days ago
Ahh. Got home from a tiring day I want to watch something were it helps calm me down. oh muselk uploaded sure i'll watch him lets hope it clms me down." WHAT'S GOING ON GUYS!" neverminded
DR0PKICK_PANDA 29 days ago
You never get bored of fortnite 😐
Connor Andersen
Connor Andersen 29 days ago
im pretty sure nobody likes coral castle
Dolores Villarreal
Dolores Villarreal 29 days ago
That third round was so crazy and funny
AquaVibez 29 days ago
The reason I think it's not good is because it never gets in circle
Veszer 29 days ago
I miss the old muselk
Wes Kansirwicz
Wes Kansirwicz 29 days ago
U say bye to coral and the boats say bye to u
Nachiketh Khatuwalla
muselk - if someone eliminate me i will be a walking llama me - llama walk now lol
the pro Bkll
the pro Bkll 29 days ago
Just wanna ask will u make more overwatch contents?
LunarIsALunar 29 days ago
I'm actually happy cuz coral castle is one of the worst op
x2 Helix Liam
x2 Helix Liam 29 days ago
Muselk: were gonna use coral castle loot only! Epic Games:Let's put as many sweaty aura skins in his lobby as we can
artificially’s My name
It’s been what 3, 4 years now I’m still hoping he changes off of Fortnite :/ Man I really don’t wanna unsub, but I hate seeing Fortnite content in my feed. I’m at least glad he’s become so popular
Gretchen Wolf
Gretchen Wolf 29 days ago
dose anyone notice that he called it coral cove instea ofcoral castel?
weedkage Toure weedkage Toure
4:44 it wouldn’t be a muselk video without him if he did it fold at the end🤦🏾‍♂️🤣
Cesar Azevedo
Cesar Azevedo 29 days ago
Are muselk and liv still dating?
Crabby5-The Crustacean Club!
Elliot: THANOS IS DRUNK Me: (inaudible laughter)
Sergio Leandro
Sergio Leandro 29 days ago
I’m against ufos today says myself as he’s destroying people with a ufo
Katie Prestons
Katie Prestons 29 days ago
Died channel
Fussy Flames
Fussy Flames 29 days ago
6:28 Muselks tongue be like, it’s disco tiiiimmmmmeeeeeeeeee
BazarLeam 29 days ago
Addison Taylor
Addison Taylor 29 days ago
Finally someone who says how underrated this place is. So much fun fishing there too
t0ilz 29 days ago
Coral castle is underrated but I still want it to go 😂
FourthWig 29 days ago
5:51 but llamas do walk?
BelWaff 29 days ago
10:09 no it’s because it is thinking your in the boat if you look on the sides u have water on your screen that the effect of the boat
Gatirun 29 days ago
BV83X 29 days ago
good riddance who even liked that damn place after season 3 burn it down and replace it with something good
FaZer XD
FaZer XD 29 days ago
Bro Muselk, I have found the god strat with sky bases, get a lot of mats then go nearby to a mothership with the mini game. The start your skybase on that mothership. Nobody expects it. If you see this and think it is a good idea please like, respond, or give it a heart. Please.
Ultimate gaming
Ultimate gaming 29 days ago
Muselk :coral castle is under rated Muselk at the end of the vid : I'm done blow it up already