Fortnite sent me a SECRET package... 

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May 27, 2021




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Mail Govender
Mail Govender 3 days ago
Muselk: I heard an Enemy *Shockwaves across the map
PSYCHO CLIPZ 4 days ago
muselk no longer hunting 10 million subs?
Agastya Kothari
Agastya Kothari 6 days ago
It's toilet paper
Syntrax 6 days ago
0:43 Im sure im being followed by a serial killer πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
Heather Mueller
Heather Mueller 8 days ago
Muselk: gets a package Muselk: awww dis must be from epic
Creedan Moon
Creedan Moon 8 days ago
It's either made out of toilet paper or duct tape
Thom Bailey
Thom Bailey 9 days ago
He looks like Elon musk
Anthony Trujillo
Anthony Trujillo 9 days ago
The ending was soo good when you hit the shot and you called it getting one shot. great video, thank you Muselk.
I O 10 days ago
The way elliot started the video made me think that this is some 3 am video
august andre
august andre 11 days ago
Mason Phillips
Mason Phillips 11 days ago
What if this has something to do with the aliens
Aro Deluxe
Aro Deluxe 11 days ago
muselk go check for the symbol in colossal crops
Aro Deluxe
Aro Deluxe 11 days ago
that image is in colossal crops
Carter Barry
Carter Barry 11 days ago
I have an idea for a Fortnite challenge, the whole game you have to try and not move in your face cam. Because in every video it looks like you are doing a dance when you are in a box fight LOL
itsBlueDog 11 days ago
M=Monday m=muselk muselk Monday also btw I was there for the stream
Jamal Ayloush
Jamal Ayloush 11 days ago
It can be in lords of the rings
A Person
A Person 11 days ago
Plot twist: It wasn't from epic...
XenoAU 11 days ago
Also that number is a Brisbane phone number and Epic Games is in Cary, North Carolina so watch out for serial killers
XenoAU 11 days ago
That emote from season 3 makes sense now Eyes up above Earth down below Orbiting closer than we’ve ever known Space is the quest Gravity’s the test Let’s bypass the sky and tell earth our goodbyes. It’s not season 7 it’s chapter 3 season 1
EzekielChaElizer. 12 days ago
I think it is aliens cause I saw an symbol in the. Farm
kcbadger 12 days ago
I'm just wondering how many people paused the video and actually called the number
Black Drifter
Black Drifter 12 days ago
Me when I use DVD players from people You got coconut balled
tamten mateusz
tamten mateusz 12 days ago
fortnite's dead
Liam Carrasco
Liam Carrasco 12 days ago
game theory needs to get on to this
Mohamed Al Omari
Mohamed Al Omari 12 days ago
I onestly miss how muslc plays normaly like this
Spectify Ξ¨
Spectify Ξ¨ 12 days ago
Intro do be sick
Stephen Harvey
Stephen Harvey 13 days ago
Says green loot only.... Sees an Epic Rarity Shockwave grenade in his inventory... Not to mention a Rare rarity Shield Potion
Speedcuber Nate
Speedcuber Nate 13 days ago
"so this is either from a serial killer or epic" Muselk 2021
ClxPnZ 13 days ago
3:49 𝕙𝕠𝕨 𝕕𝕠 𝕦 𝕙𝕖𝕒𝕣 𝕒 π•–π•Ÿπ•–π•žπ•ͺ π•₯𝕙𝕒π•₯ 𝕗𝕒𝕣❓
oiuxls 13 days ago
He never even called the number you liar
The Land Of Art
The Land Of Art 13 days ago
Muselk green lute only me so no shock waves Muselk sike we got shock waves Me WTF do you hate me
That Boi Cleen
That Boi Cleen 13 days ago
Has anyone ever told you that you look like Elon musk
Game Slayer
Game Slayer 13 days ago
At 7:09 Elliott dodged irl. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kyngkane 13 days ago
So funny how muselk started playing like a sweat himself
Jordan 13 days ago
Dang. That guy at 14:33 even sucked.
Andrew Sarnoski
Andrew Sarnoski 13 days ago
ey you lied you didint call
M N 13 days ago
Good for you moosetits
Slater Cochrane
Slater Cochrane 13 days ago
godizila if anyone can hear this pick up just saying
Marcus Ferro
Marcus Ferro 13 days ago
Or is this just foreshadowing to a Icon series Muselk skin
kotoamatsu kami
kotoamatsu kami 14 days ago
I swear the voice from the call sounds like ripley from ailens
John Paul Bauer
John Paul Bauer 14 days ago
Sound like tlou clickers
Superduperguy 65
Superduperguy 65 14 days ago
The sound when put in a spectrogram shows just a bunch of zeros
Randa Lewis
Randa Lewis 14 days ago
Ali ?
LG GhostYT
LG GhostYT 14 days ago
Tf was the number bout im so confused ❔
TraceLuxz 14 days ago
What music is that the one From 7:19
kit Katze
kit Katze 14 days ago
Aww... I can't get the battle pas..... 😭😭
Bessy Plays
Bessy Plays 14 days ago
Who else is triggered by the blue M banner shield
Yolanda Caddell
Yolanda Caddell 14 days ago
Looks like a cupcake
A Pro 2010
A Pro 2010 14 days ago
if you go over nere were the weping woodes are there is a helekopter and it seas they are coming
Googleyouroogle 14 days ago
Fortnite is starwars it rhymes
It's Linz
It's Linz 14 days ago
Nice video as always! You inspired me to become a youtuber!
Eric Hoctel
Eric Hoctel 14 days ago
This it crazy
Begum Sultana
Begum Sultana 14 days ago
When muselk landed PP he killed 6 people and he is a solo so only 6 squad kills and 36 people left 6x6=36
Squashy & Decibel
Squashy & Decibel 14 days ago
Imagine the ET skin in season 7!
Dallan Elk Jr.
Dallan Elk Jr. 14 days ago
"You stupid fool!"
Emerald Phantom
Emerald Phantom 14 days ago
Muselk just looks like rick astley, if he puts on his black sunglasses he becomes rick ngl
Kunal Bhargava
Kunal Bhargava 14 days ago
There's a video by the modern rogue where they embed an image in audio.....maybe try that method to try and see if there's a hidden message in the audio?
Serilaene 14 days ago
That phone number looks like a French mobile number (They used to start with 06 but now they're up to 07 'cuz all 06 numbers are used), that's weird.
Mia Caulifla
Mia Caulifla 14 days ago
i hope Muselk gets his icon skin, he deserve it
Simple idiot
Simple idiot 14 days ago
you were good son real good. maybe even the best
JEMS 14 days ago
Idk why he is losing subs he is one of the best gaming USliftrs out there 😩
CursedParsley 14 days ago
Keep up the good work man nice job great content latelyπŸ‘
NANOBATZ GAMER 14 days ago
Do you think it’s the seven? Think about it
Soorya Anand
Soorya Anand 14 days ago
When raz does his Kevin emote that sign also comes up
Dark Sniper
Dark Sniper 14 days ago
Who noticed that the primal shotgun is basically the drum shotgun
IkonicMikey 14 days ago
I don’t want to wasn’t your time so I’m going to get straight to the point I’m trying to grow πŸ“ˆ and it would mean the world 🌍 to me if you could subscribe with notifications πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Ninja 15 days ago
Muselk: we got a bot in here Me: stop dissing lannan bro
Aadil Mahomed
Aadil Mahomed 15 days ago
I love these videos
Str8upkills 15 days ago
Yo why is muselk losing subs? His vids are so fire
Sub Zero Clan
Sub Zero Clan 15 days ago
I hsve a theroy. It has to do with real life and the game. I don't know if you guys saw the ad where they see the pyrimade in the sky. It says that they might have found aliens, correct me if i'm wrong. A prime mister, from where i bealive lives in pakistan? Said that there are other human beings, its not just us. So the signs people are seeing in the video could be real life sign today. Could aliens be real?
Xander Turner
Xander Turner 15 days ago
What was the phone number
Caleb Sartain
Caleb Sartain 15 days ago
At this point chances are slim but I still want season 7 to be about the 7
Aaiden Van sickle
Aaiden Van sickle 15 days ago
Anyone else realized that he said pump smg
ThePhoenixKnight 15 days ago
The symbol in the video is made out of Pool noodles I think.
Gideon Breitenstein
β€œGreen loot only” Chat from yesterday’s USlift stream: you should do a green loot only challenge Muselk: that’s a good idea, I’ll probably do something like that
Spirit of Inspiration
Muselk looks like the guy who said my name's Jeff from 21 jump street
Cr7Savage_FTW 15 days ago
5:36 i was abouta go to sleep and i hear this and for some reason i dont think ima be going to sleep any more
kill1x 15 days ago
Muselks here's a person walking from 5000 miles away and goes over there and kills him
firop2r 15 days ago
Keep up good content I believe in you muselk you will be the best player on day I know you will
firop2r 15 days ago
Season seven ends on my birthday
TonerSmart Tf2
TonerSmart Tf2 15 days ago
how kids know him (fortnite)
Kristen Hand
Kristen Hand 15 days ago
Ayden Albritton
Ayden Albritton 15 days ago
Anyone else dont like playing fortnite but is invested in the story line because you've be playing sense season 1 or 2
Luke Vialpando
Luke Vialpando 15 days ago
I swear it has a D and a C with is DC.
MLG PINGU 69 15 days ago
Muselk is racist against aliens
big apple
big apple 15 days ago
Zod said to earth trough lots of tvs you are not alone in man of steal
Asakura Mengu
Asakura Mengu 15 days ago
So close to 10M!!
Janeth Gutierrez
Janeth Gutierrez 15 days ago
Who called the number? πŸ™„
Andrew Stephan
Andrew Stephan 15 days ago
I feel bad to see u still on nine mill subs
Noah Payne
Noah Payne 15 days ago
Bertie Healey
Bertie Healey 15 days ago
Muselk hope you see this but please play some rocket league
Dalton Tapp
Dalton Tapp 15 days ago
Muselk: I hear a player Also Muselk: travels half way across lazy lake
Angry Cookie
Angry Cookie 15 days ago
Its all fun and games till he says "Pump SMG"
Gamer Ozz
Gamer Ozz 15 days ago
How is muselk losing subscribers
Sonal Suhane
Sonal Suhane 15 days ago
The sign was tweeted by fortnite
Belen Perkins
Belen Perkins 15 days ago
It’s in steamy
Adam Ruskin
Adam Ruskin 15 days ago
Dead channel?
Ext Matzoa
Ext Matzoa 15 days ago
Omg guys calling epic games at 3 AM challenge!!!(do not try at home)😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Cooper Shafizadeh
Cooper Shafizadeh 15 days ago
play the message in reverse and listen to it again
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