500 IQ UFO plays in Season 7! 

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Jun 8, 2021




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Zacxak 4 hours ago
I feel like if Epic took the edit on release feature out of the game it would drive off all the wannabe FNCS no earnings sweats that are ruining the game lol
Cowards Bet
Cowards Bet 8 hours ago
3:17 Epic games: No big brain plays, this time
Warlord 11 hours ago
Just want to say all vehicles blow up when they go near a spire. Even if the main ones gone they all do that
Bob the supreme
Bob the supreme 15 hours ago
I can tell he just loves sweats
Caden Plumb
Caden Plumb 17 hours ago
Has anyone else noticed that the tail gun is basically the zapotron
lil jj
lil jj 19 hours ago
nobody muselk I'm choking so hard
Ming Han Chua
Ming Han Chua 19 hours ago
Update night more like sweat night
Neil Arnold
Neil Arnold 21 hour ago
@muselk > How about > squad mode, then you tractor beam 4 UFO’s together?
Statiic Wolf
Statiic Wolf Day ago
I get those sweat lobbies every day
William Sheridan
“We’re gonna have to outbrain.” Hey! Thats how I play! I suck at the game but I outbrain people sometimes
karen Owens
karen Owens Day ago
Muselk is losing a lot of su1bs
Destan Yapar
Destan Yapar Day ago
Don’t evening talk about superman
Subie Day ago
Fortnite trying way too hard to keep this game alive.
Rob Griffin
Rob Griffin Day ago
Seriously though I love how our boy muselk gets a ranking of top 500 in the world . Epic games just reverts the game on him lol . Hey let’s see how ya like this muselk lol . 10% if he’s lucky lol
Rob Griffin
Rob Griffin Day ago
Muselk: my win rate is awesome 30% I love season 6 Epic season 7 : nah bring the sniper rifles back add a rail gun shoots threw walls along with a gun that lets u see threw walls . Muselk: but my win rate!!! 0% lmao
I actually got a keyboard on update night for my Xbox because I just wanted to try it. Just saying not a good way to start
Memes always beat sweats
CanLoged64 Day ago
Someone abducted me with a UFO and they just yeeted me in the storm and then I died and also got double-teamed by one yeah I hate the saucers
Fraz Gaming
Fraz Gaming Day ago
Stop saying you have 500iq, it's a fucking kids game. I bet you dont even know what 1 + 4 = without a calculator, 0iq
TheGreatMaulik 2 days ago
The people who say fortnite's a dead game are dead
Daviando 2 days ago
Lmao why is his lobby the sweatiest I've ever seen in pubs sypherpk or anyone don't get lobbies like that... maybe one or two sweats
Tae Kwon DUB
Tae Kwon DUB 2 days ago
Kid: Can we have Muselk? Mom: We have Muselk at home. *Muselk at home: **3:16*
Gamingjnw 2 days ago
8:12 anyone notice he has alysia as a friend the person who joogie helped in playground when there were two boys bullying her
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith 2 days ago
Muselk: I just cant win *Me who won my first two games, then got about 6 more wins on update day* Holy crap i am better than Muselk.. .... Please don't challenge me to a 1v1 Muselk I will DEFINITELY lose to you.
Phatman121 2 days ago
I miss the old muselk theme
Savage Wolf
Savage Wolf 2 days ago
When i get rick my life will be completed
Mikkel Breiler
Mikkel Breiler 2 days ago
9:29 did that, ended on 7 hp. for like 1m then someone decided ufos were dumb and shot me down. In Rumble. Which is totally fucked up now btw.
Mikkel Breiler
Mikkel Breiler 2 days ago
3:24 Don't worry Elliot, Happened to me too. I wasn't about to win epically at the time but it felt like it.
ZachFitzVidz 2 days ago
nothing makes me happier than muselk gettting destroyed by sweats but he trys his best... youre the best player to me brother
Morgan Huthnance
Morgan Huthnance 2 days ago
I think you are just bad im worse but your not at your standard
Spiderpig420 2 days ago
Haven't watched u in sooo long and damn ur rly shit now lmao
Glitched X
Glitched X 2 days ago
lazer got his first win lol
joseph mohr
joseph mohr 2 days ago
I love how streamers constantly complain about sweats while simultaneously laying down slug like trails of their own sweat…
Green Tea
Green Tea 2 days ago
mr muselk if u sub to the legend of the chat as a member what do i get
Maddog Productions
Sending assignments: cover the new Crater in a normal match and then in battle lab with Agents Loserfruit, BazzaGazza, and Crayator and also, use the same music that you used when you covered dusty divot because I like that song. Transmission ending
Jack Stanton
Jack Stanton 2 days ago
Remember the 15 kill quota 😂😂
K4L3D77_FN 2 days ago
Muselks computer pulled a NoahsNoah
arminas Keizeris
arminas Keizeris 2 days ago
Wt shit
James Jadosÿ
James Jadosÿ 2 days ago
I hit the best clip of my life and my game crashed yesterday and i couldn’t exit out i had to shot my Pc off
Gxdz5xn 2 days ago
It won’t be as bad when Arena points reset. The sweats are tired of the sweatier sweats so they are playing pubs.
Ezekiel Chang
Ezekiel Chang 2 days ago
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand fortnite
Cracked Nutshell
Cracked Nutshell 2 days ago
5 months ago Muselk : “I quit fortnite”
Paula Mayberry
Paula Mayberry 2 days ago
Muselk use the attack on the UFO it will knock them back and if you're inside and final Circle you can knock them back into storm like the Shockwave bow
GPS-auto5 2 days ago
Hello Goodbye
Hello Goodbye 2 days ago
What if you did a ufo skybase in doubles? That way the ufo could stay in the air forever
Phoenixx 2 days ago
5:20 Oh my God I thought someone in my house had a phone call 🤦‍♂️
Blae 2 days ago
Ok no offense but you a bot I can't be on my pc so I played on mobile in sweat lobbies and I still got three out of 5 win
ZACHARY SHAY 2 days ago
Deathruns in season 7?
CC_EDITZ14 2 days ago
So it’s not just me
Adyan Khan
Adyan Khan 2 days ago
bru just become a sweat that would be funny
Dan AMVs
Dan AMVs 2 days ago
Why does it feel that the pulse rifle seems like a remake of the zappatron
Eric Erich
Eric Erich 2 days ago
he sounds special when its on 1:75 speed
sandipa mukherjee
Look, you put more effort and your gaining more subs
Ryder Searle
Ryder Searle 2 days ago
lol i knew it was a youtuber
Ryder Searle
Ryder Searle 2 days ago
lol that was me dancing with him
comet certain
comet certain 2 days ago
how would the halloween update go in fortnite this year
G.S 2 days ago
9999999999999 IQ
The ANTI SNOW 2 days ago
todoroki the gamer
6:53 a waug? what dat
Quillyy 2 days ago
Muselk can you get me the battle pass?
Michael Purcell
Michael Purcell 2 days ago
Hi muselk if I became a member would I be allowed ikonik because I love ikonik
FantasticMeer 2 days ago
This is the best season for muselk cuz instead of his subs decreasing they have increased by 0.02 Million!
Dark_Luxs 2 days ago
bro this isent even sweats
Alfyris 2 days ago
Ufo miemes
Alfyris 2 days ago
SurenV35 2 days ago
not gonna lie Muselk is one of the most noob fortnite players
Michelle Rocksmore
the ray gun is soooooooooo op
Talendale 2 days ago
>gets big win record last season "Why am I getting reamed by sweats every game?"
Tristin Dotson
Tristin Dotson 2 days ago
Anyone else noticed how he used the same background music as fresh
Khalifa Alshehhi
Khalifa Alshehhi 2 days ago
All of that was on stream
XxEvilXLlamaxX 2 days ago
This isn’t makes me not want to play the game any more it’s just ridiculous being shot 500 times in a row by UFO and you can’t even get away
Adam Iskandar
Adam Iskandar 3 days ago
Ive been watching muselk back when he played paladins
Ricky-B 3 days ago
This is how many times he said ufo ↕️
devito subhan
devito subhan 2 days ago
haozao 3 days ago
Muselk whatching the sweat surprised: Welcome to why i quit
Josh Bojangles
Josh Bojangles 3 days ago
When the decent players of OCS come out and play 🤣
leon garcia
leon garcia 3 days ago
Muselk theirs a glitch if you charge the weapon in the ufo and get out your guns will keep shooting
Ajaylen Williams
Ajaylen Williams 3 days ago
Every other Fortnite USliftr: Got a win on update night Muselk: Trying carry Slurp barrels around the map vs. Sweats. Who will win?
The E guy
The E guy 3 days ago
I won a match without leaving a ufo
Ninja Gamer Playz
Wait a minute didn’t Lannan do this in his stream last night
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 3 days ago
I like how everyone refers to Rick as Rick and Morty, like no that’s just Rick there’s no Morty there 🤣
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 2 days ago
@Quantum Collapse I appreciate it
Quantum Collapse
Quantum Collapse 2 days ago
This cracks me up too, everyone sayin " Rick and Morty" 😂 and love ya username. I have one similar myself Surname; Oxlong. Never gets old. 😂✌
David Adair
David Adair 3 days ago
I got a win in UFO UFO the whole game
bill nye the Russian spy
Comments are either dead game or making fun of muselk I don’t mind
devito subhan
devito subhan 2 days ago
Wdym dead game?
Orange Juice
Orange Juice 3 days ago
i like Team Fortress 2
devito subhan
devito subhan 2 days ago
I miss tf2muselk
Jell-O Rodriguez
Jell-O Rodriguez 3 days ago
I just got a ufo only win, 11 kills lol
Draven Vader
Draven Vader 3 days ago
Speaking of UFO memes, my entire trio died except me in the top 20 so I camped max hight in a UFO. I waited until the second to last circle and continuously shot the orb thing at them and they went FLYING out of the circle, that's how I got my first solo trio win.
Gamer Bros
Gamer Bros 3 days ago
Museum is playing while Midas is swimming *teaser*
Chimmy Jimmy
Chimmy Jimmy 3 days ago
you can tell these games are mixed up lol
IDoALotOfStuff 3 days ago
Challenge for Muselk: Get the moving Lama a win
Juan manuel Pena
Juan manuel Pena 3 days ago
That’s not even the sweats that’s just Muselk being bad
Ubernerd 2212
Ubernerd 2212 3 days ago
Grant !!
Grant !! 3 days ago
Bro I know your pain with the sweats I feel for u
Hi Mr muselk
Zombi3 Pancake
Zombi3 Pancake 3 days ago
I want to play with you
EggRollsInnit 3 days ago
All vehicles that touch the spire stairs or the top just blow up not just ufos
Jamontez Stewart
Jamontez Stewart 3 days ago
Netflix:are you there Someones daughter:8:05
Stephen Rozas
Stephen Rozas 3 days ago
Time to break out the G-Fuel 👺
Eric Starwarsman
Eric Starwarsman 3 days ago
Muselk: I'm gonna land.... USlift: Facebook Ad plays... Me: In Facebook?.... Interesting.
jimbob90p 3 days ago
Literally feel like every game I play is like this
Kelly Mks
Kelly Mks 3 days ago
Epic games really trying to keep Fortnite alive, it’s pathetic😂😂😂
A Potato boi
A Potato boi 3 days ago
Myself: portables heals I am a genius Minis and big pots 👁👄👁