Trying Fortnites HARDEST 100 level deathrun! 

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This is the prettiest, nicest looking 100 level default deathrun I have ever seen. In fact, it's the best looking deathrun period.
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Apr 18, 2021




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Uninstall Lol
Uninstall Lol 8 days ago
What is the map code tho?
Captain Reyes
Captain Reyes 9 days ago
Elliot should go back to OverWatch I’ve been rewatching them because I miss that
Sunpreet Bajwa
Sunpreet Bajwa 10 days ago
Absolutely solid
Ethan Santos
Ethan Santos 12 days ago
is it just me or everytime muselk gives the creator a complement he instantly dies.
donkeyrainbow 12 days ago
You know Fortnite’s getting worse when Muselk starts doing deathruns again
DJ_Pokemon tcg
DJ_Pokemon tcg 13 days ago
Yo what’s the code
Burp Krazy
Burp Krazy 13 days ago
Kenny Vo
Kenny Vo 16 days ago
1 word for this video, “YOLO”
Fitz Jojo
Fitz Jojo 19 days ago
it is so funny you missed that rift im laughing so hard
Neil Patni
Neil Patni 22 days ago
your a bot if you say this is the hardest 100 level deathrun you have ever done
jack moran
jack moran 23 days ago
Tiffany Chapman
Tiffany Chapman 23 days ago
Yep yep nope
Lilco Lilco
Lilco Lilco 25 days ago
This map remind me of a Latina fine asf but kinda frustrating. Also it’s just a joke
Blxnk999 26 days ago
Roblox vibes
Jack Brazda vlogs
Jack Brazda vlogs 26 days ago
Man put 10 ad’s in a 24 minute video wow .. 🙁
Karissa Covey
Karissa Covey 27 days ago
Dufy has done this same death run
Insxct 27 days ago
Im Slighty Starting to belive when muselk says "its time to re energise" there is nothing in the can...anyone else
Joaquin Andre Sobritchea
0388 5756 0977
Mikaere O’Sullivan
Turns out using your brain is wrong, yoloing is the way-muselk😂
Older Bro
Older Bro Month ago
He’s back
Eva van der Meer
Dude, i played this deathrun before and it's not that hard at all
Shorye Month ago
my mans like far out so close
Handsome Orange
Handsome Orange Month ago
14:55 at this part it is completely impossible for me because my character freaks out and then dies, I don't know why, but I what I do know is that I can't complete this death run
Phong Month ago
Everyone I need 1000 subs to publish my map to Troll Muselk and Fresh
Musti_Trooper Month ago
16:42 don’t you mean high grav jump 😂
Kyle Bax
Kyle Bax Month ago
Too many ads
Leaveadislike ?
Leaveadislike ? Month ago
the death run king is back!!!
Anya Erray
Anya Erray Month ago
Graeme Mills👌👍🤣
Man stop it!
Man stop it! Month ago
U sure do love doors
Person who made a channel just to comment
"The Balls Are Hard" muselk 2021
Louis Marshall
Louis Marshall Month ago
What happened to liv
Mrtunafish 69
Mrtunafish 69 Month ago
They broke up I’m pretty sure
BIG Aundrey
BIG Aundrey Month ago
11:15 It speaks for itself
Rylee ThegamerYT
What is the code
Archis Ranade
Archis Ranade Month ago
The Twin Bros
The Twin Bros Month ago
Muselk: comes out with deathrun video Mapmakers around the world: y u bully me😪😪😪
Elliot Rhodes
Elliot Rhodes Month ago
I love Elliot cause he’s good but my name is Elliot too lol
Suraj ganure
Suraj ganure Month ago
i love muselk and his death run contents, they are the best
Tarell Bennett
Tarell Bennett Month ago
What about cizzors deathrun was that hard
Lotus Darth
Lotus Darth Month ago
14:08 though😂
Erik Sanchez
Erik Sanchez Month ago
Jesus someone hit comfortable with putting ads
Devon Harper
Devon Harper Month ago
I’ve built a smaller deathrun if you want to try it
Dillon McLaughlin
Mans is going down in subs 😢
قدري Kadry
قدري Kadry Month ago
So pretty vedio ♥️🙂
amir jp420
amir jp420 Month ago
I want code of this deathrun reply it for me plz
Koracius Month ago
Where do I get one of those massive soy sauce fish packet in your facecam??
Belal Zaghloul
Belal Zaghloul Month ago
Muselk's brain: High gravity = High jumping
Gb's world
Gb's world Month ago
Can I get what's goin on guys
Hockey Player32
Hockey Player32 Month ago
10:32 thats what she said
RaGe Claw
RaGe Claw Month ago
i tried this deathrun it took me almost 2 hours to get there and then i was doing the last where u have to go to the top and then my game just closed on its own sad i am crying
Shawn Olenski
Shawn Olenski Month ago
I did a pull up every time you died
Hansen Kids
Hansen Kids Month ago
Your IQ is excellent
Ion Gaming
Ion Gaming Month ago
10:31 to 10:33 well that can be interpreted in many ways
Carson Berry
Carson Berry Month ago
I wonder how hard the return is
Jade Campbell
Jade Campbell Month ago
10:31 though
Tokyo Ghoul
Tokyo Ghoul Month ago
The map maker is gay gay🏳️‍🌈
satisfying gamez
You can gurantee that I don't have the willpower to finish deathruns like this
Cheesy_Bannana Month ago
When muselk said balls I was like muselk kinda sus🤣
Lucas Edmondson
Lucas Edmondson Month ago
BBAAMM Month ago
I love when Eliot rages quit, yet it bothers me how sometimes he doesn’t
Goong goong Ging gong
10:32 best thing he has ever said ever
Gearyboyz Gaming
17:57 is Eliot turning into bob from Plants vs. Zombies
Oliver Hessington
TTV_ Didymo70
TTV_ Didymo70 Month ago
7:50 when mum brings home McDonald’s
lonzo .ball3
lonzo .ball3 Month ago
12:03 is so funny
I changed my name
how did he get the golf carts? them and other vehicles were swapped out for the cars recently..
nezuko -chan
nezuko -chan Month ago
10:30 that's sus
TxZ Deadshot
TxZ Deadshot Month ago
20:50 I'll just leave this here
Fluxify Month ago
6:55 marking my spot : D
Myst Hypr
Myst Hypr Month ago
20:20 fortnite thought they were slick
Zac :D
Zac :D Month ago
Shu Month ago
JARKO 18 Month ago
Muselk didnt realize the level after slide at the start were neos and he went the noob way?
Madilyn laber
Madilyn laber Month ago
10:31 Sheeeeeeesh
muhammad ajmal
muhammad ajmal Month ago
What is the music that starts at 16:28
Jay Vora
Jay Vora Month ago
I literally saw this video 1 year ago
Cool Blue
Cool Blue Month ago
it not hared he just rusty
Deacon Kumar
Deacon Kumar Month ago
Luscanun Month ago
Best. Deathrun. Ever.
Ninjack Month ago
I quit a level that he did first try lol
Austin Headley
Austin Headley Month ago
12:03 “alright well you know what that’s bullshit! I DIDNT TOUCH IT”
jose torres
jose torres Month ago
😂😂😂😂😂 4:37
Zachary Samonds
Zachary Samonds Month ago
Muselk plz play some modern warfare
lirix Month ago
POV ur checking comment for what level he was on
Will Thompson
Will Thompson Month ago
What are people unsubing to him
IvAn TaTor Gamor
15:00 anyone know how to make those platform or know a video on how to make them
Milo Asseman
Milo Asseman Month ago
muselk : its allways the 3rd neo jump (second try) USlift : for the 3rd neo lets put a ad
Jameel Month ago
10:30 words of a legend
Rick and Morty Official
From 10:31 to 10:37 I see a joke that I'm not supposed to see😬
Vanessa Lucas
Vanessa Lucas Month ago
Why does he need to re-energize?? He’s playing a video game
Hamdan 076
Hamdan 076 Month ago
I don’t even play the game anymore but muselk deathruns are always fun to watch
Nezahat Tugba Durlu-Kandilci
mussels with his deathruns is back
Sangeetha Santhosh
Muselk is losing subs
Jaedyn Clapz
Jaedyn Clapz Month ago
2:46 ok then I think 2973927493739739379384973937497493704739489279373027946396393793639379369463937
Eric Tautalafua
Eric Tautalafua Month ago
Why does this deathrun remind me of Google chrome so much😆
anima099 Month ago
idk. It was pretty to look at but there was no thrill. It's more of a fun run than a deathrun.
Lucky Month ago
Gg bois
anima099 Month ago
Lannan made Yeet famous and now even Muselk uses it. The only thing Muselk is known for is skybasing and deathruns. He used to be competitive too.
Caleb Dill
Caleb Dill Month ago
Bruh I knew you would die at some black thing that God destroyed XD 😂
Random Stuff
Random Stuff Month ago
Love the death run cideos