What happens when you’re ABDUCTED on a Skybase... 

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Jun 2, 2021




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Comments 0   
CyborgVison 52 minutes ago
4:59 end of fail compilation and...
Kristoffer Hillesheim
I'm starting to think that he doesn't know what probed means...
Void Hexicin
Void Hexicin Day ago
Im watching this when season 7 is out
William Sheridan
The bow confused me for a moment. Didn’t realize this was still during season 6
RedstoneWarrior1 2 days ago
Just go to Uranus, i hear aliens probe it the most XD
Ted Mellick
Ted Mellick 3 days ago
I got ubducted 3 games in a row at lazy lake no cap
Ted Mellick
Ted Mellick 3 days ago
ye gour adt forytnyteh
Mustacheman 3 days ago
I can take that shiney cup
spencer campbell
spencer campbell 3 days ago
Aliens tend to probe the orphans because they cant run back to their parents and tell them about getting pegged by e.t 😂😂
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 4 days ago
Who remembers the stream where he wasn't able to get abducted a single time?
ZYLICX 4 days ago
New seasons out😁
c0pyc4t King
c0pyc4t King 4 days ago
It happens every time the storm starts to move
Gabriel Washburn
Gabriel Washburn 4 days ago
you look like alien musk
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 4 days ago
so that's what that was, the same thing happened to me, and I couldn't figure out what it was
Sunrise e
Sunrise e 4 days ago
I was trying to get abducted and I nocked a player and he got taken in front me while I tried to jump into the little beam.
Boxsiez 4 days ago
You look like someone face apped an old man to look younger
Brezat 4 days ago
Now UFO's are in the game you should abduct some players😂
Maniac Gaming
Maniac Gaming 4 days ago
Muselk: Easily get kills Me: hardly get one kill
Andrew Game Staton
The aliens have a better chance to spawn at risky reels because in season 4 chapter 1 trailer was a ufo that was going around some planets
PlayerUnknown 5 days ago
Elliot: Aliens have been coming down and snatching people Me: So there perverts
12:00a.m._. 5 days ago
Logan Spittal
Logan Spittal 5 days ago
I got it 3 times
Zilda 500
Zilda 500 5 days ago
I have been abducted before
Laxforlife 81
Laxforlife 81 5 days ago
It happened to me at pleasant
miko foin
miko foin 5 days ago
He is so entertaining, I was eating pasta I almost choked when he got abducted
NY 7
NY 7 5 days ago
I rode the bus all the way to the end until it kicked us out. While I was free falling with 2 other guys one of them was abducted in midair near the lighthouse.
Tricky Games
Tricky Games 5 days ago
miko foin
miko foin 5 days ago
i got abducted today but not at risky reels
Sierra Scott
Sierra Scott 5 days ago
this actually happened to me in catty corner lol i was trying to do a challenge and ofc get abducted before i can do it and i was like wtf is happening 😂
Drift Perkins
Drift Perkins 5 days ago
so that's what that was, the same thing happened to me, and I couldn't figure out what it was
Bayleeyall 77
Bayleeyall 77 5 days ago
How many times did he say Aliens
Hello 5 days ago
Get muselk to 10mil
You forgot to protect your head with a cone
A man of Bower
A man of Bower 5 days ago
Most of the comments are quotes of Elliot saying he wants to get probed 😂😂😂
Meloncat 5 days ago
Muselk: IM READY TO GET PROBED Everyone else at the doctor's office: *chuckles* I'm in danger
fortyoncrack 5 days ago
I want 1k lol
Eli Sebastian
Eli Sebastian 5 days ago
I love the way the first game I played of this season I got abducted as soon as I landed🤣🤣🤣🤣
Xavier Serna
Xavier Serna 5 days ago
muselk looks like a grandpa
TheBananaSplit YT
Plot twist muselk just got sick of trying and stole footage of the same skin getting abducted
Bryan Murray
Bryan Murray 5 days ago
Lol got it twice in a row
Marek Jaroslawski
Not only at risky boy ... I got abducted at collosal crops
Khonssu 5 days ago
Haha that was me that killed you twice. ggs
Cooper glenton
Cooper glenton 5 days ago
Beo I wasn't recording but I died and the guy that killed me got upducted
spidey man
spidey man 5 days ago
i got abducted today but not at risky reels
spidey man
spidey man 5 days ago
at the radio tower this is the first time i got abducted by aliens 👽
George Henderson
George Henderson 5 days ago
i wish the aliens up-duct him and bring him back to Team Fortress 2 INVASION update.
evan lukas adas
evan lukas adas 6 days ago
I miss fortnite didnt play for a month and still have 4600 vbucks
YT q viper p henson
I don't rember muselk like this😔😐😖
Paul The Sniping God
I know it can also happen on an island off sweaty if that helps anyone :)
get coned by_T
get coned by_T 6 days ago
I got abducted on the shark island ????
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 6 days ago
I sat through the whole stream 3 and half hours and the freaking alien didn't come for muselk it's so sad
Impossible 6 days ago
I got abducted in craddy corners and holly heated
lllose 6 days ago
you fell off
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 6 days ago
I got abducted by a UFO at flush factory
ItzBoltBro 6 days ago
U can't just get ubducted in Disney I got taken in lazy
TTVzorntheGamer1 1
I got abducted
gameralex noob
gameralex noob 6 days ago
You grinded so much to get abducted and i get abducted at the first try
P Forbus
P Forbus 6 days ago
I got ABDUCTED at the tomato plays
LRM Gamesz
LRM Gamesz 6 days ago
I got abducted in first circle at weeping
GamerJ 6 days ago
i got abducted too
Rohan Richards
Rohan Richards 6 days ago
I got abducted at slurpy swamp
KnoxElite 5 days ago
Could u only get abducted in solos
Cathrine 6 days ago
1v1 me muselk
OpossumCake 6 days ago
It pisses me off how everyone thinks you need to be at the spire or risky reels to be abducted I was abducted in pleasant park it's a random event
Cassie Stisher
Cassie Stisher 6 days ago
I got ubduckted and it was in reatail row it spawned me not far at all but I got 200
Renee Ahearn
Renee Ahearn 6 days ago
I was adopted by aliens
Castielsshield 7 days ago
I didn’t realize this was a rare thing. I played my first game in six months and god abducted around 3 minutes into the game
Maierae 7 days ago
I love watching his little arms and legs flailing about when he's pulled up 😆
DARTHVAIDAN 2005 7 days ago
“I’ve wanted to be probed for years” 😂😂😂
Jasonisnotyoung 7 days ago
Toby Sumner
Toby Sumner 7 days ago
I got abducted by a UFO at flush factory
jason ramirez
jason ramirez 7 days ago
I got abducted at risky the first day it was there
George Gardner
George Gardner 7 days ago
Not only also at lazy lake
scvrnic 7 days ago
god you really fell off LMAOOO
Russian F.B.I
Russian F.B.I 7 days ago
This man is the reason I quit this game
ChanseLFD 7 days ago
Why would you want to be abducted
Elite 7 days ago
Simple answer: You get abducted lol Long answer: The video
Laurie Beth Mandil
terrance thomas
terrance thomas 7 days ago
pre recorded
Chaos light Playz
If aliens didn’t appear this vid would be muesulk sweating
Isaac Siemers
Isaac Siemers 7 days ago
That was amazing
Currently in Noah’s Basement
POV: Scotty didn’t beam you up
Currently in Noah’s Basement
Do you think he was using pwr pick axe because of Lachys vid
Currently in Noah’s Basement
“Awwwww get absolutely shreked kid”
Currently in Noah’s Basement
Beam me up Scotty... Scotty
Montgomery Hughley
Why does everyone want that cup😏
Gsqrrd22 7 days ago
I got abducted by the ufo in a pulic match
haley albright
haley albright 7 days ago
I am sorry I am do ing What you are doing
Mysterious Alien
Mysterious Alien 7 days ago
Next season event Me: *watching* Aliens: We have a target.
haley albright
haley albright 7 days ago
I am 7 and I am
micah gunkkelman
micah gunkkelman 7 days ago
I abducted at retail tho
Logan Bannister
Logan Bannister 7 days ago
do a tito
Kaylah Garcia
Kaylah Garcia 7 days ago
You land on spire and wait until first circle starts and then you can get ubducted
Jackson Sickler
Jackson Sickler 7 days ago
I got abducted at retail row
Randomizer 7 days ago
I've never seen a man so excited to got probed more than muselk
Dummy 7 days ago
I mean he made this same video
Dummy 7 days ago
Mrtop5 did this
Ollie Worlock
Ollie Worlock 7 days ago
I got abducted at pp
_ xxmxkeyxx_ gaming
Sorry bout u and liv
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith 7 days ago
I have your cup
SKTl Man
SKTl Man 7 days ago
Got abducted yesterday it was crazy bro 😎🔥🔥🔥
Sam McThompson
Sam McThompson 7 days ago
I got abducted at logjam
Dabatron59 7 days ago
It happpend to me at lootlake
Dabatron59 7 days ago
Laurens randomwat
u ar soooooooooooo noob
evee pikachu
evee pikachu 7 days ago
they ubduct you when you tik tok dance