Breaking NEW season 4 items... 

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Jun 10, 2021




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Comments 0   
myn zara
myn zara 3 minutes ago
season 4 what?
Echo 16 minutes ago
It’s season 7 n0t 4
paint 👍
paint 👍 43 minutes ago
Season 4
haroon popalzai
season 4 definitely
Cruz O
Cruz O 2 hours ago
Season 4??
Galaxy 1
Galaxy 1 2 hours ago
Wow I love seson 4
Bombey 4 hours ago
Oh yeah the new season 4 is legendary
Zephyr Hicks
Zephyr Hicks 4 hours ago
I love how it says season 4
Noah Rotenstreich
Noah Rotenstreich 4 hours ago
Wow, it really seems like time has flied since we got the items in *SEASON 4*
SGC Dawn
SGC Dawn 4 hours ago
Okay, these mistakes he keeps making with what season he is in is making me think that there is some secret he is trying to tell us in code
Ari_Jacobs72 5 hours ago
Why does the title say season 4
Rayyan R
Rayyan R 6 hours ago
Aha season 4 newest season
Anthony Murphy
Anthony Murphy 7 hours ago
If You a have a dark skin you can hide in the blacked out cars
Abdurrahman kobatte
4:45 Loooooool
The Sans Behind The Sans
Yes i love season four but i remember it being 17
Guilherme Torres
Guilherme Torres 8 hours ago
Too bad you get a strike for playing "Wrecking Ball" while doing this in a video.
Hudson And Brandon
Hudson And Brandon 9 hours ago
Kiwi 9 hours ago
NotFaze Playz
NotFaze Playz 9 hours ago
@Muselk do you realize that it is season 7? Also in your skybase video you said season 6
Lucid Aidenoob910
Lucid Aidenoob910 10 hours ago
Yo Lets Go It Season 4 Its Not Season 7 btw woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Sidney Fofana
Sidney Fofana 12 hours ago
YAY let all hear it for the new season chapter 2 season 4...........wait
Zaheer Ud Din
Zaheer Ud Din 12 hours ago
Stupid it's season 7
HoPe Deleted
HoPe Deleted 12 hours ago
Not season 4
HoPe Deleted
HoPe Deleted 12 hours ago
It's season 7
Teodora Marta
Teodora Marta 12 hours ago
yep season 4
Out Charge
Out Charge 12 hours ago
Tyler takes
Tyler takes 12 hours ago
ash the kid
ash the kid 12 hours ago
We when back to season 4
TheAlphaTeamPlays 12 hours ago
I’m pretty sure the UFOs regenerate health just by being on the ground
ayush bindal
ayush bindal 13 hours ago
Checked out the channel like an year later and wondered How in the world has this guy not reached 10 mil. Then I watched the video🙂
Funny videos Lol
Funny videos Lol 13 hours ago
Everyone pls come to my stream, I’m live right now
Zachary Munise
Zachary Munise 13 hours ago
My guy it’s not season 4
EFFXCTS 13 hours ago
I think what he meant to type was New season, 4 items
Jayalakshmi Gutti
Jayalakshmi Gutti 13 hours ago
Finally season 4 is back......wait a second
light fighter
light fighter 13 hours ago
Season 4?
sahil 14 hours ago
Why? Is it season 4?
Albin sköld
Albin sköld 14 hours ago
season 4 you say... HMM
Duffy 14 hours ago
Man fuck ufos I’m not playing till season 8
I_Am_L 14 hours ago
Has this been patch
Aryan G5
Aryan G5 14 hours ago
Season 4??😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Surillium ツ
Surillium ツ 14 hours ago
1 day later still didn’t notice ANYTHING about the title
Rehan Emran
Rehan Emran 15 hours ago
Season 4 really hype
Dj zachy scribbl
Dj zachy scribbl 15 hours ago
Season 7. Not 4
yetsa ckir
yetsa ckir 15 hours ago
Haven't seen you in a long time
LallyKing 15 hours ago
Shubby 15 hours ago
wait isnt season 7
Shirley Williams
Shirley Williams 15 hours ago
Mulselk: _bes nice to chickens_ *Hates humans*
Ibrahim al-haque
Ibrahim al-haque 15 hours ago
season 4 :D this is fine
Cédric Longpré
Cédric Longpré 15 hours ago
Yes of course season 4
Ibrahim Khan gaming
Ibrahim Khan gaming 15 hours ago
Ehmm ur title isnt wrong the latest season is 4. SEASON 4 definitely not season 7 .
CROCKED BEAST 16 hours ago
is it me or is it still season 4
Darius See
Darius See 16 hours ago
Muselk it is season 7 and not 4
Diego Dominguez Cruz
Dang who else was excited to see how many people can the railgun kill because you saw the thumbnail but Muselk never actually did it
Just a coconut V.2
Just a coconut V.2 16 hours ago
You are about 13 seasons too late
sk1609 16 hours ago
My guy put the wrong title He is still in season 4
Chris Jose
Chris Jose 16 hours ago
Season 4!!🙄
Mn Lord
Mn Lord 17 hours ago
FuZe ツ
FuZe ツ 17 hours ago
The title is wrong 😂😂😂
Connor Clarke
Connor Clarke 17 hours ago
7 is really 6, and 6 is the new 5 but no one likes 5 so it then is just 4
Cian 17 hours ago
Bill2K 9994L
Bill2K 9994L 17 hours ago
Yo thank you for signing my mates shirts and dealing with us chasing you to your car! That is definitely the best 11th birthday for me! Thank you- Billy A
DomoMcBeasty 17 hours ago
What is it with people mistaking season 4 and season 7!!! I know I didn't say the chapter...
Cameron Townsend
Cameron Townsend 17 hours ago
It’s season 7 tho...
Ayan Hamid
Ayan Hamid 17 hours ago
Why does the title say season 4!?😂
cyperousYT 18 hours ago
hm yes, *season 4*
Mr. black and white
Mr. black and white 18 hours ago
Yes right season 4 right
Roman Finna
Roman Finna 18 hours ago
I saw u at the hawks game I was there
GamerBOY Swag
GamerBOY Swag 18 hours ago
Levi Barratt
Levi Barratt 19 hours ago
me:dude it’s season 7 not 4 Elliot:I forgot what season it is so I’m just gonna say that it’s season 4
Jayden 19 hours ago
Season 4 items?
Russianpickle 19 hours ago
Hawks or wildcats
Russianpickle 8 hours ago
@GamerBOY Swag nice
GamerBOY Swag
GamerBOY Swag 18 hours ago
i was there
volcanicheadshot 19 hours ago
X2 twins:new season 6 Muselk:season 4 Me:is season 7 hard to remember
Amir GTA
Amir GTA 20 hours ago
Oh yeah season 4 hmmmm we are idiot guys we are in season 4 what is season 6 , totaly what is the meaning of season 6 ?
savian Dragonlord
savian Dragonlord 20 hours ago
Season 4?
Johnser09 20 hours ago
Yeah guys welcome to season 4
Jayden MOOTHOOSAMY 20 hours ago
Yo it's season 7
Alfyris 20 hours ago
Slurptrick + ufo = balanced
Alfyris 20 hours ago
Its not a new seaaon without broken stuff
ツYOUD13S 20 hours ago
This man is the best
Noctis 21 hour ago
season 4
Alex Freestone
Alex Freestone 21 hour ago
Wtf season 4?
CosMc Hero Costume Universe
Ummmmmm you do realize the title is Season 4 instead of 7 right?
Dean_88 21 hour ago
Fortnite: We have disabled the following items: The UFO and Slurp Truck
VividBlast 21 hour ago
im just saying if your gonna post double check for typos
CurSedAndFreaky 21 hour ago
Wow... Takes me back to SEASON 4
Preston Beshore
Preston Beshore 21 hour ago
season 7?
Tristan Ford
Tristan Ford 21 hour ago
Season four really
Joethepro 6802
Joethepro 6802 21 hour ago
Look it’s season 4 again (Look at the title)
Scott Gilmour
Scott Gilmour 21 hour ago
You said said season 4
manface 22 hours ago
I think the title must be an mistake
Banana Doppio
Banana Doppio 22 hours ago
ova dio be like
David Astor
David Astor 22 hours ago
wrong title
The Masked Cuber
The Masked Cuber 22 hours ago
In the title it says season 4 not season 7 haha
Teqh Smothi
Teqh Smothi 22 hours ago
If you wana brake fortnite be a prop and drive a car
Pew4R 22 hours ago
Season 4😳
Tayo Bridges
Tayo Bridges 22 hours ago
Tyler Ibrahim
Tyler Ibrahim 23 hours ago
Ummmm muselk bro. It's season 7 not season 4 lmao😂🤣😂🤣
Daily memes
Daily memes 23 hours ago
I love how it says season 4
GYD Infinity
GYD Infinity 23 hours ago
They will remove the ability of the u f o to abduct or carry vehicles after this video
Your tech guy who also plays piano
Epic we have disabled ufos bcause of muselk