Epic just SAVED Fortnite! 

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Apr 9, 2021




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Siva shorts
Siva shorts Month ago
Tobi_is_funny Month ago
Primal shotgun sucks now
TikTik_YT Month ago
Jjoker2222 Month ago
Fun fact they nurfed pumps cuz purple does 189 instead of 200
Frog Month ago
Yeah no fortnite is still dead and will stay dead
bap Month ago
Its alive.. but only for kiddos
MartianIzHere Month ago
alternate title: epic NERFED muselk
L G Month ago
I can't believe they nerfed the primal. That was my favorite gun as it is fast. That is stupid of them to nerf it just because some people are too trash to counter it.
Jolfer 13
Jolfer 13 Month ago
How the hell is this still a thing?
Brady Myers
Brady Myers Month ago
Muselk, yesterday I came second place in a game. Not only that but i had a purple pump. The last guy wasn't even good. I hit him with my pump and it did exactly 32 damage and the guy had a blue makeshift and it hit me over 100 damage. then I died to fall damage because I had high ground trying to use a medkit because I was on 50 shield and 10 health. that was the worst day of fortnite for me. But thanks to your strat I have 6 solo wins this season and thats pretty good for a bad controller player.
Piitaaraq larsen
14:42 lil pump lil pump lil pump😂
Stephanie Plante
12:34 broo that was the cleanest thing i have ever seen
Julian 149
Julian 149 Month ago
Daniel Coralde
Daniel Coralde Month ago
bro the primal shotgun does 9 damages lmao
mr.casino casino
I think still dead
Minecraft Tutorials
Pc/controller players watching this: that was a cool shot Mobile players watching this:flip apple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Kysen New
Kysen New Month ago
Muselk here’s a tip you can break cars to get gears
fivesixnine photography
Jabba_tha_hut Month ago
Title: Epic games fixed Fortnite Me:bet *finds out it’s just a nerf to a reskined rapid fire* Me: well this is clickbait
OPGamingBoy Page
Ali a Stole your title
BOT_Striker Month ago
Mythic shotgun did 69 damage previously.
Artas Budginas
Artas Budginas Month ago
I didn't subscribed?
Comp-_-Angel Month ago
I'm really trying to become a bug content creator can I please help
Maco Maco
Maco Maco Month ago
06:17why when muselk killed him he got damaged?
DavidOBrien 1970
payed actor
Za934in Month ago
Fortnite is dead now
Tarryn Tredwell
Tarryn Tredwell Month ago
Love your videos bro you should 1v1 Lanan
guhnun gang
guhnun gang Month ago
Who's here before 10 mil subs
Creeper Games YT
Your almost at 10 mil!
Mr-TapperDoodle Month ago
Does anyone remember mr tapperdoodle
Fyfy Kps
Fyfy Kps Month ago
Mueslis it not the gun that is bad it your aim that bad
MythicMikeyYT Month ago
The primal shotgun went from needing a nerf to needing a slight buff.
StormTrooperEX Month ago
so if you headshot you can hit 77 damage so if you hit both pellets thats 154 damage with the mythic not bad but realistly you will be hiting 60's so 120damage is a yikes
bap Month ago
Scout is dababy
Lincoln Hughes
Lincoln Hughes Month ago
Lachie done the the fall damage to the spire assassin first btw
Sphinx _77
Sphinx _77 Month ago
8:37 : turns german to swear
Kaumelt Month ago
Fortnite is a kiddy game
Locker107 38834
Locker107 38834 Month ago
this was on a stream i swaer
Catmath 23
Catmath 23 2 months ago
the only thing that will make me happy in fortnite is if epic bring back the gided missile. its bin two years
ARNF Inferz
ARNF Inferz 2 months ago
Land flush factory you can buy a purple pump or god it cheap
RoyalDoge 2 months ago
I Don’t even really think about the meta. I just get a primal get a bounty kill them repeat then get my self the dUP shotgun and just double pup the heck outa people
Litosciano the backwatchers
FANTASTIC... This is was a huge waste of my time
bap Month ago
It seems that im not the only spy
jamie bizness
jamie bizness 2 months ago
Booo this bulshit randomly came on in my algorithm. How does this exist. People actually watch this
Froztyy VFX
Froztyy VFX 2 months ago
Day 2 of getting famous off of youtube comments so I can be living the dream later
Juanito Lebrun
Juanito Lebrun Month ago
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Blinx. 2 months ago
Him with the primal:hits for 30"omg it is so bad Him with the pump:hits for 18"the pump is waaaaay better
MOB SLAYER74 2 months ago
They will never say fortnite Edit:lol
MISTER IOUS 2 months ago
Me seeing this title and knew fortnite was dead, hmmm. I click on it and it's a shotgun update I don't know about
Tony Aspras
Tony Aspras 2 months ago
Stop playing Fortnite the game is shit mate
Louw Mars
Louw Mars 2 months ago
Can you guys Subscribe to ethoid he stream almost everyday and he does custom games with his viewers HE ISN'T TELLING ME TO DO THIS!!!!!!!
I-AM-B-0-R-E-D 2 months ago
Fortnite saved
Sparkzet 2 months ago
actually the combat shotgun has the biggest nerf
Kobie Bywaters
Kobie Bywaters 2 months ago
Oh so that's why the primal shotgun was shit today when I used it
Mathias hjort hansen
fuck man the biggest clickbait ive seen in a long time
Veteran Gamer
Veteran Gamer 2 months ago
Right! So everyone complain the primal is very OP and apparently after the nerf people still complaining... But the purple pump hitting 160 in the head its not Op?
Arshia Shoukouhifateh
the primal shotgun is sh!t now
alpha FN
alpha FN 2 months ago
its dead for people that flogged it for 3 years.for others its still new so its fresh
Landy yt Lungless
Landy yt Lungless 2 months ago
Pumps are heaps better stick wid dem pwease
Brandon Cubell
Brandon Cubell 2 months ago
What even is this video lol? He literally missed shots and blames it on the damage
Christian Lowe
Christian Lowe 2 months ago
frankIE 2 months ago
Wait muselk has 21 wins
Kawaii 2 months ago
Epic saving fortnite is only possible by removing or having a huge nerf of the primal :)
Martín Romero
Martín Romero 2 months ago
The primal shootgun its so bad now I dont pick up anymore
Tokorazzle 2 months ago
Holy fuck it's Elon musk
WrangWrang is me
WrangWrang is me 2 months ago
Oliver Mathison
Oliver Mathison 2 months ago
pump is love I say, pump is life.
Twix 2 months ago
Does muselk know that the makeshift shotgun is fast shooting
MarneyPlayz 2 months ago
This guy is insane gotta be my best fortnite player 💯
Joel 2 months ago
Land gut bomb for spas ?
Inferno Gaming & tech
What skin is musulk using
Cody DeCristofaro
Cody DeCristofaro 2 months ago
This is the best thing they have ever done
Iram Asher
Iram Asher 2 months ago
Why did epic add the primal shotgun if they were just gonna nerf it
YT_Tyde_YT 2 months ago
I do not care
Srixden YT
Srixden YT 2 months ago
Fortnite is still bad because I have been hacked twice and this is the second time and I haven’t played the games for like a week so I have been playing apex legends and Roblox.
Daaim Siddique
Daaim Siddique 2 months ago
now its like a very bad version of the combat
Dmax 2 months ago
Let's be real here the pump is overpowered
Andrew Keith
Andrew Keith 2 months ago
Hammuh. 2 months ago
The makeshift still needs more than just 3 shells 🤦🏾 at least 5 .... and it needs to do a little bit more damage.... It just needs to be buffed
IY _786
IY _786 2 months ago
18:35 who else noticed he had 5 spectators
Iona Robson
Iona Robson 2 months ago
pump was alwas beter
P1nlyyy 2 months ago
I don't see the neft tho
Yee T
Yee T 2 months ago
Jesus loves You.
Jimmy Berg
Jimmy Berg 2 months ago
whats the skin that your using i dont have that much money and havent played for long
Micah Robinson
Micah Robinson 2 months ago
I like how it did nothing
JJN-TMS. About games.
technically a green AR does 33 damage ,the Primal mythic does 30ish damage soo the AR does more damage than the Primal For sure
mario trevino
mario trevino 2 months ago
call of dudty all over again
Rodney Mwathi
Rodney Mwathi 2 months ago
muselk is losing subs 9.51subs to 9.5subs:(
Rob Knight
Rob Knight 2 months ago
How is this SAVING Fortnite? The old Primal shotgun gave people a chance, now if you run into a sweat your game is over. They SHOULD nerf the pump...or vault it again.
Wesley Balford
Wesley Balford 2 months ago
Well let's not forget that the primal is a BURST weapon so it's meant for dps not one pumping like the spas. I still use it even after the nerf.
Epik Lyric
Epik Lyric 2 months ago
Where the musalk fans at?
Josh Franciscus
Josh Franciscus 2 months ago
Ps the makeshift shotgun was duffed
Onix Chaparro
Onix Chaparro 2 months ago
Nice click bait
GS FutureSaturn
GS FutureSaturn 2 months ago
I didn’t use the Primal pre nerf but it still fells sooooo over powered
BearzWithAz 2 months ago
Primal shotguns have such a wie area that they are only op when u aim thats why us dying so much
BearzWithAz 2 months ago
5:17 he hit 121 shot out of 5 :|
BearzWithAz 2 months ago
its still OP
Vokzy_YT 2 months ago
It’s still op there’s no difference nothing is safe
The star Of star
The star Of star 2 months ago
He is missing his shots
Anas Dahir yusuf
Anas Dahir yusuf 2 months ago
press f for the primal
Łöve 2 months ago
Anybody miss old Fortnite content now we have Fortnite content creators forcing themselves to play this game :/
Aurabanda 2 months ago
Muselk looks like he is 50 and 25 at the same time.
Catthedog 2 months ago
Nope its not saved. The primal shotgun is just one of many problems of fortnite. Fortnite will never be saved is a fact
we split up...
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