I attempted the MUSELK Deathrun In 2021!?! 

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It's been a whole year since I made my own deathrun. Can I beat it with ease? or have I become bad at the game? Let's find out!
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May 15, 2021




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Lori Ehmke
Lori Ehmke 6 hours ago
I remember watching his stream making this
Iron Fan
Iron Fan 9 hours ago
Not enough pain and insanity. Ty.
Shejoun Huntley
Shejoun Huntley 6 days ago
Muselk is running out of content....lol
Tip for door: crouch
Barianless Mobile noob
I. Remember watching him make this
Desmond White
Desmond White 9 days ago
It’s the elite that one
Casey Thomas
Casey Thomas 9 days ago
Wait so doorman
Phil Dersten
Phil Dersten 9 days ago
You can cheat in the last level by waiting for multiple balloons to spawn, from there you can take the balloons and just fly to the finish.
Eclipzz 9 days ago
Oooooooo more free money
Big Lion
Big Lion 9 days ago
No but seriously guys, the next level is insane.
Gill White
Gill White 10 days ago
I see no ilsa in his face
Rage Gaming pro
Rage Gaming pro 10 days ago
Fresh did better than muselk at his own deathrun
Dayne Howell
Dayne Howell 11 days ago
10:15 dude thought he was slick with the design in the blocks🤣🤣
Tony Salvatelli
Tony Salvatelli 11 days ago
John 3:16-21
Omar Butt
Omar Butt 11 days ago
I don't like you're level 1
Brandon Reynolds
Brandon Reynolds 13 days ago
here for the first time since 2018
Patrick Lynch
Patrick Lynch 14 days ago
Game is dying.. I deleted it
Menma Uzumaki
Menma Uzumaki 14 days ago
Am I the only one who lagged at 5:51?
Edward O'Neil
Edward O'Neil 15 days ago
When I play the bot is broken
Scheetcraft 15 days ago
Me can not even beat lvl 1
Chungwei Wang
Chungwei Wang 16 days ago
The deserted party biologically guarantee because credit intraspecifically detect behind a fluffy kendo. ultra, curly sister-in-law
Fiery Bacon
Fiery Bacon 16 days ago
Muselk, buddy.... Its 2021. Its time for other games. There are other games out there. Please, try to move on.
Salaam - Peace Be Upon You
RageQuit after first level. Who makes first level so hard? Strange and not fun at all pal.
Mckenzie Gray
Mckenzie Gray 17 days ago
Muselk: I HATE DOORS Deathruns: Hey! Hope you like doors
bobby. x
bobby. x 18 days ago
I don't believe you made this considering you can't remember anything
DaCoder 18 days ago
No one: Muselk: Lets re-energize!
FrozenGamer Rex19
FrozenGamer Rex19 18 days ago
He better not Break anything while doing his own Deathrun 😂
Baseball Kid
Baseball Kid 19 days ago
why did he make a giant purple :- on the last level
Nado 19 days ago
The doors his greatest enemy
Eyad Hagras
Eyad Hagras 19 days ago
When I played the deathrun I raged quit at level 3
Mellonshear 20 days ago
Bruh 76
Bruh 76 20 days ago
love the video muselk id love to fly out to see you
Drummer TimT
Drummer TimT 20 days ago
AtharvFN 21 day ago
muselk should start doing viewing parties as i feel like pubs are dead and i want some more muselk content
Imagine_YTツ 21 day ago
What’s the code
Jules M Zimianitis
Jules M Zimianitis 22 days ago
I remember watching the VODs when this was made. Legitimately really awesome.
Deathfrag gameZ
Deathfrag gameZ 22 days ago
Hello ello hi sup yeah I’m just being weird lel
Train_ More6
Train_ More6 22 days ago
I remember how hype you got when you first made this lmao, classic muselk 💯💯
Train_ More6
Train_ More6 22 days ago
Hands down one of the best fn channels I know
Moments 22 days ago
Muselk to 10 milllllllll!!!!!! We can get him there!!
nourin Marshad
nourin Marshad 22 days ago
after every level this is the craziest and hardest level
Falcon btw
Falcon btw 22 days ago
8:05 is literally what i did every time lol
LiMs Shabushi
LiMs Shabushi 22 days ago
Little did he know you can drop the jetpack on te checkpoint and pick it up later so it does'nt despawn😂🤣 lol love the vids keep it up! ❤
Haris Karamaniolas
Haris Karamaniolas 22 days ago
When you're out of ideas
Owen1516 22 days ago
how do you even do the 2nd impulse jump on level consistently, 1st one is easy but the 2nd one will give me nightmares forever
jumbojellyfish 22 days ago
Muselk is now DoorMan
Scc Ciaran _888
Scc Ciaran _888 23 days ago
This is so funny
JASPER 23 days ago
Two famous people
Nathanael Becerra
Nathanael Becerra 23 days ago
Did a non American just use miles as a measurement?!
Mati Dagne
Mati Dagne 23 days ago
What a crazy map its cool musy
ok i tryed it and it was so awsome
Sindre Hanssen
Sindre Hanssen 23 days ago
I am not a fan of fortnite, but ill let this pass
Omar Emad
Omar Emad 23 days ago
7:14 so youre basically becoming a DOOR
munky 1806
munky 1806 23 days ago
Bro I rage quit on the first level. Being a console player, impulse jumps are extremely hard
munky 1806
munky 1806 23 days ago
Damn bro this shows how much fortnite had died. Just shy of a year ago muselk was getting 1mil views on every video, even 3-4 mil if he was lucky. Now he is lucky to get even 500k. His normal is 300k this makes me feel for fortnite content creators man
AliveTurkey 23 days ago
LOL you actually look like Elon Musk 🤣🤣🤣🤣
anthony eleby
anthony eleby 24 days ago
my epic is bigdaddytony i know its wierd
Janey Bain
Janey Bain 24 days ago
It’s an amazing map but I started with 4 hours then within 10 minutes I had an hour left, then on the level with the rocket ride I couldn’t finish cause the shooter couldn’t shoot straight then I died to storm
Gamer Pineapple 7
Gamer Pineapple 7 24 days ago
what do you mean by "Sweet baby jesus" Muselk, dont say that
I_Steal_Grannys 24 days ago
I hated the neo jump I was there for 2 hours ( I ragequited)
XD WarriorNinja
XD WarriorNinja 24 days ago
The bot broke on my try doing this 🤣
DS S 24 days ago
Can we pls get this dude to 10 mil
He had 10m a week ago
How did he lose subs
Dylan McClelland
Dylan McClelland 24 days ago
@Muselk why if u pause at 10:24 the purple looks sus pls answer me thxs
Hammaad Games
Hammaad Games 24 days ago
You have done this before
Gamer child
Gamer child 24 days ago
7:06 is sooooooooooooo funny
Secret SpyGiraffe
Secret SpyGiraffe 24 days ago
Says “no secret traps” then there’s a secret trap lol
Fletcher Boultbee
Fletcher Boultbee 24 days ago
i feel bad for muselk. he posts great vids but he is losing subscribers
Mariuks OG
Mariuks OG 24 days ago
Muselk, I made you a deathrun! I spent 2 whole weeks bulding it just for you. Please add me FYB_Stormy to test it out!!!
Ryan Green
Ryan Green 24 days ago
If you break the llama at the beginning it gives you Jetpack. If you drop the jetpack right before going on the checkpoints you get to keep it. Use this cheat if you rage on level one like me. :))))
Alvarez KENNY
Alvarez KENNY 25 days ago
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Travis Chun
Travis Chun 25 days ago
Go to 10:15
Cosmic Ralf
Cosmic Ralf 25 days ago
Cosmic Ralf
Cosmic Ralf 25 days ago
Just going to put it out there best deathrun I have ever done
Hard core Gamer 512
Lucas Chastain
Lucas Chastain 25 days ago
Which came first the fear of doors or this death run
Enforcer 25 days ago
Laydeis and genalman
Christopher Yepez
Christopher Yepez 25 days ago
if you drop the jetpack on the checkpoint and walk over it, THEN pick up the jetpack, you will be able to cheat the level soooooooo :\
YTHMOHD 25 days ago
Im trying to beat this deathrun
Marcus Ferro
Marcus Ferro 25 days ago
This whole video in a nutshell is just Muselk trying to validate himself that he’s good at map making
Melissa C
Melissa C 25 days ago
axx 1230
axx 1230 25 days ago
it is what it is
F3AR_ TuRtULE 25 days ago
Muselk should make another deathrun. It should be called the muselk rage run
Fa7ling 25 days ago
You look tired of bro. Not just of fortnite, but of making content in general. keep your mental health stable
Thomas Maynard
Thomas Maynard 25 days ago
Huh, so Elliot is now Doorman is he?
Constantinos Kolonias
Can someone please tell me why this man is losing subscribers
bignate1892 25 days ago
What is the music in the background when he’s giving his intro called? Been searching for months now
Zeph O'Brien
Zeph O'Brien 25 days ago
That combo is hype
xpirred 25 days ago
I still don't get how this handsome man is losing subs like on god this guy deserves more than 10 mill.
Mary Davis
Mary Davis 18 days ago
M9 Bayonet Fade
M9 Bayonet Fade 25 days ago
I can clip
Maahi Bhanot
Maahi Bhanot 25 days ago
why does not he have 1o mil subs
Psycho SledgeHammer1237
Bro, Fortnite is dead, it had a good run, but there’s no game changing app dates that cause it to be more fun, it was a good game and I agree but not all games live forever, Fortnite has been dead for years, it’s literly in the grave with its skull decomposing, play some chess, thats a good mind game with strategies, I would also like to sponsor raid shadow legends for making me post this message, thanks, and it is dead but have fun while ya at it 11 year old kids, see ya in a few years and you’ll be playing some real games like cod, be I good boi when ya older and let Muselk teach you the senpai ways, good job and I’ll play my chess, thanks for corporatng and imma smack some ppl with my queen and bishop and have some real fun, bye, adios, sayonara, zaijian, au revoir, arrivederci, vale, doei, alavida, antio, farvel, slan, selemat tinggal, do svidaniya
carlos hernandez
carlos hernandez 26 days ago
I miss watching muselk I haven't really watched him since 2019
Aadit Kolli
Aadit Kolli 26 days ago
Who remember when Fresh broke this map
LowKey_Visto 26 days ago
pov: this is the first time you seen him on ur recommended in months
Lennon Sexify
Lennon Sexify 22 days ago
Ishan G
Ishan G 26 days ago
Muselk is literally STUCK on 9 mil. I feel sad for him :(
Abigail Light
Abigail Light 26 days ago
if you are reading this comment for some reason i just wanted to say don’t forget to stay hydrated!
OHI Omar
OHI Omar 26 days ago
that’s really sweet of you, thank you
namrata agarwal
namrata agarwal 26 days ago
When r u going to hit 10min
namrata agarwal
namrata agarwal 26 days ago
I think fresh will do it before u
Sammy Knapp's Channel
Can we please get Minecraft
SNP_EzClapz 26 days ago
Who thinks muselk should make another deathrun??