*NEW* Inflate-A-Bull from Max Height! (insane) 

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Jul 13, 2021




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Muselk 18 days ago
I had been streaming for 12 hours straight when this dropped. I was dead.
XC_GamerX 4 days ago
be flash video with inflate-a-bull
Epic Universal Gaming
hi muselk i really love ur vids and hope to be u someday please sub to my channel
Ck_rocks2010 YT
Ck_rocks2010 YT 14 days ago
daniel Calloway
daniel Calloway 15 days ago
@Stinky Crab sheesh
Nico games
Nico games 15 days ago
Are you mooselk
lushkolePlays 3 days ago
POV: you realized he was doing the god-mode glitch 2:41
Classify g r r o m i t
UFO’s attacking cows? Seems familiar…
mousès 4 days ago
I've been using it recently but it dosent let me move.
Tiff Cole
Tiff Cole 5 days ago
I have COVID🤬👅☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️
Tiff Cole
Tiff Cole 5 days ago
Cow be tripping
Tiff Cole
Tiff Cole 5 days ago
Isaac Toledo
Isaac Toledo 6 days ago
The inflat-a-bull should stay next season or I’m gonna be.. actually I wouldn’t care but I just want to be in the game because it’s so fun
Soccerteam34 7 days ago
POV: your in the storm getting out of the storm
Deathfire 9 days ago
i think you lost the oportunity to call ur self Muuuuselk
jim sizemore
jim sizemore 9 days ago
Phil Stevenson-smith
Should of tried a hop flop with the cow suit
anti ded
anti ded 10 days ago
the first cow you met was someone doing a glitch
Tevin Archuleta
Tevin Archuleta 11 days ago
Wtf am I watching bro
Apple tree
Apple tree 11 days ago
This new item really is (bull) shit
Ryan Van Aardt
Ryan Van Aardt 11 days ago
Dustinシ 12 days ago
5:20 me getting a fornite gift card
nathaniel wilson
nathaniel wilson 12 days ago
Damn your slowly but steadily falling off
AnoyKid 12 days ago
least fav youtuber is you
Queen Aura
Queen Aura 12 days ago
It took me a while to get used to that item
ImWallStickers 12 days ago
thenamelessavenger 12 days ago
Leo peters
Leo peters 13 days ago
Its incredibull
TTHEW FORD 13 days ago
Fuzion Tar
Fuzion Tar 13 days ago
teacher: what does a pig give u? everyone: ham teacher: good what does a chicken give u everyone: eggs teacher: nice what does a fat cow give me: Muselk?
Aleksi Partanen
Aleksi Partanen 12 days ago
Cheick b Sidibe
Cheick b Sidibe 13 days ago
K thx
Tacofox Productions
The IO Guard was like: "Is it the meth kickin' in or did an inflatable cow just fly over my head?
Nihal 13 days ago
does anyone even know that if you go inside water you can remove alien parasites ?
Mishi 13 days ago
This makes me wanna play fortnite again :)
Slurp Slurp1
Slurp Slurp1 14 days ago
Anyone notice that he is a cow and on a sky base that makes him a better target for the aliens ?🤣🤣
Fuzionyk 14 days ago
gotta love the muselk cow method😂
Emaan H
Emaan H 14 days ago
Its literally written e for exitting the cow
Cybercube 14 days ago
Nobody: Literally nobody: Muselk after ufo tries to attack him: COW-ARD Me literally straight after: Hahahahaha 🤣🤣
Oh No
Oh No 14 days ago
The best transportation ever lol
Nash KJ
Nash KJ 14 days ago
And 1 in my second chest
Nash KJ
Nash KJ 14 days ago
I got 2 inflate a bulls in my first chest
Cronus Ibs
Cronus Ibs 14 days ago
Cronus Ibs
Cronus Ibs 14 days ago
I have subbed and liked all your vids
Oh No
Oh No 14 days ago
Sh4d0w 14 days ago
"the inflate bull is a inflatable cow"
Mohamed Mostafa
Mohamed Mostafa 14 days ago
The cow is op
barzilay kfir
barzilay kfir 15 days ago
"eat my cow" lol at the end
Evazive 15 days ago
Mmm cow
nathan thomson
nathan thomson 15 days ago
Imagine still playing this shit game
DieselDeletus 8 days ago
Lol imagine hating on a game bc if a trend tik tok kid
Oh No
Oh No 14 days ago
Imagine caring
Zyg Gareth Capistrano
I though it was a in the battle pass
Cidersok 15 days ago
Muselk chilling
Jazzfire 15 days ago
It’s such a crack up item
Markeeta Roberts
Markeeta Roberts 15 days ago
5:32 what about that time we could use cars with shockwaves
Nathan Marshall
Nathan Marshall 15 days ago
hey muselk
Nathan Marshall
Nathan Marshall 15 days ago
I love the inflateabull
itsmattzed 15 days ago
Imagine how far he couldve gone if he used the weight feature
Noah Steinblock
Noah Steinblock 15 days ago
It shows “e to exit” on the left when he’s in it lol
SayQais 15 days ago
Cow is goat
SayQais 10 days ago
@Oh No agreed
Oh No
Oh No 14 days ago
Such a good item lol
Mr Moose Gaming
Mr Moose Gaming 15 days ago
Best item 10/10
Kiefer Schmidt
Kiefer Schmidt 15 days ago
Cow is the apex predator 2021
DF_Logic 15 days ago
How the hell has this guy not hit 10 mil yet?
henry zhu
henry zhu 15 days ago
"I have no idea how to exit the cow" *under his camera* E: Exit
Exotic Lazer
Exotic Lazer 15 days ago
7:09 that’s udderly a lot of lag in his webcam
Damgar ON FIRE
Damgar ON FIRE 15 days ago
Even when we thought this season couldn't be better, we have even more
Dave Fell
Dave Fell 15 days ago
can you put a vid of your top ten favourite updates in fortnite
Sammyair 15 days ago
I have no way to exit meanwhile there is a thing that say exit press e
FNCwrld 15 days ago
The fastest rotation is bounce pad and iron man mythic
TRUE_FOE 15 days ago
Holy cow
Владимир Димитров
U can use cows on paunch pads
Muna Wollo
Muna Wollo 15 days ago
Muselk: I don't know how to exit the cow Me: Sees the controls at the left of the screen
Jason Jennifer Willmot
Who else rembers the groot ball
Santina Henderson
Santina Henderson 15 days ago
Jazmyne Darealist😽💗!
Uu should do use the cow to move around in fortnite challenge .
adrian aron
adrian aron 15 days ago
I wanted to say something funny with "coward" but i guess everyone already did it . *sits in a corner and cries*
adrian aron
adrian aron 15 days ago
Muselk ur a Cow-ard xD .
callumhasYT 16 days ago
RaiN -_-
RaiN -_- 16 days ago
Begging for likes?
AmiR Hz
AmiR Hz 16 days ago
ویکتوریه گاوی 😂😂
THESHIV101 Playz
THESHIV101 Playz 16 days ago
‘E’ is exit
viro Bekar
viro Bekar 16 days ago
The sky base could of been an udder fail
Vincenator09 16 days ago
The controls for the item r on the left side of the screen
OverlordHermes 16 days ago
This shit is just sad. Miss the old muselk. Not a fan of this shit. Real shame we lost you to this.
THE McFarland
THE McFarland 16 days ago
Miss momo
Chase Mahabir
Chase Mahabir 16 days ago
This some OG Muselk stuff
Joaquin Aguas
Joaquin Aguas 16 days ago
Don't inflatable house being my favorite item in fortnite So far I think.:-P
Jayvin Cohea
Jayvin Cohea 16 days ago
I would like to play fortnite with you sometime. I am lonely sometimes with no friends on the weekend
GP_ Gaming
GP_ Gaming 16 days ago
He said bull in the title when it’s a cow lol
Loretta Ecuyer
Loretta Ecuyer 16 days ago
Gwendolyn Richardson
I clicked on this before flash could take one step
Keiron Harvey
Keiron Harvey 16 days ago
The Bulls are unreal for Victory Royales. Go as high as possible, bail out and move away from the UFO as much as you can, use the bull just before hitting the floor. As they're probably stood shooting the UFO thinking you're inside and getting lower to attack them. But you're stood watching them shoot at an empty UFO... then POP you win with a headshot.
stuart hartley
stuart hartley 16 days ago
Can u bring back the gta fun with the bois
Francesca McDonnell
Look they added an inflatable version of lannans mom
Alex Mckay
Alex Mckay 16 days ago
I have a theory on what mr.muselk is ŕĕäĺlįý like... what he's like behind the camera...
ZyL0GoaT 16 days ago
Rey Jackson
Rey Jackson 16 days ago
When streamers don’t look at the left side of the screen to see how to exit the cow 😐
Tickey 16 days ago
5:47 nice acidental pun
Gaming and Life
Gaming and Life 16 days ago
This gives me a cow level nostalgia from the Diablo
Moshi Moshi chao
Moshi Moshi chao 16 days ago
Moo moo
Elijah Alvarez
Elijah Alvarez 16 days ago
Who else saw this video coming 🤔
Simon Walsh
Simon Walsh 16 days ago
moitaco 16 days ago
Do you know the invisibility clitch
The Raven
The Raven 16 days ago
You know one time a person chased me in a ufo non stop like they literally kept chasing me no matter what
The Raven
The Raven 16 days ago
The only thing I don't like is that if your in the air and it's damaged you'll fall to your death 💀
adam ali
adam ali 16 days ago
matthewaqt Ttv
matthewaqt Ttv 16 days ago
The cow jumped over the moon
JeffYouHarder 16 days ago
I rate this item a 10/10
Topaz Phoenix
Topaz Phoenix 16 days ago
Udder delight.