This video will get you banned 

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Jun 25, 2021




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Comments 1 459   
Mike 4 days ago
muselk:i forgot to shave for a couple days leave it alone. my first thought: beard boi
Tamkin Yeet
Tamkin Yeet 6 days ago
Exotic_ Nuff234
Exotic_ Nuff234 14 days ago
The only gun that can beat the rail gun in a fight is another rail gun
Anthoni Hernandez
Anthoni Hernandez 17 days ago
Megan Chapman-Brown
John wick more like John Rick
Catal 17 days ago
Sometimes 18 days ago
Cheat cheat cheat
whoopthereitwas 18 days ago
Epic is slipping for sure they make many many mistakes they never used to on the old map not as many as they have now epic games is a joke nowadays. They are a meme period.
no name
no name 18 days ago
Ohh counter-72
ian mcnab
ian mcnab 19 days ago
How could they ban you for using a feature in their game tho? Even if they didn’t intend it, they made it this way, can’t blame people for using it.
JH Ѱ 20 days ago
I used the ray gun all the time to get to last so I could trick shot them and I felt rlly bad for the other players
Letexria 22 days ago
First game Me: HACKER
Anujan Vijayarajan
Anujan Vijayarajan 23 days ago
Eww your beard
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear 23 days ago
If I can even try-
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear 23 days ago
I don’t think I’ll try that-
Freddy Fazbear
Freddy Fazbear 23 days ago
Adam BG Rbg
Adam BG Rbg 23 days ago
First elimination the railgun is broken
Nartkan Kozok
Nartkan Kozok 24 days ago
he legit didnt know he could scope mid-air
Venomare 24 days ago
**Gold weapons and everything** **Rick skin equipped** makes alot of sense
Realt montana
Realt montana 25 days ago
fake thumbnail i thought this was the creative permban technique
Payman Sayame
Payman Sayame 25 days ago
The only words he says when he kills someone is oh, and your gone, and your outa here, and mostly laughing.😂 😂 😂
Mr clean Official
Mr clean Official 25 days ago
Elliot you would look hella good with a beard
Emilia Velazquez
Emilia Velazquez 26 days ago
You need to shave😂😂😂
Fajer Aboud
Fajer Aboud 27 days ago
I got banned😭😭😭😭😭
Cesar Azevedo
Cesar Azevedo 29 days ago
Are muselk and liv still dating?
Heavy Gaming
Heavy Gaming 29 days ago
Damn it's been a long time
OakTreeYT Month ago
Technically, it's Epic Game's fault for putting the Rail Gun in the One-Shot LTM in the first place. Am I right or am I right?
alvis lobo
alvis lobo Month ago
Can elliot get more subs than dharr man
Daniel Ostrom
Daniel Ostrom Month ago
That would never get you banned tho 🤦‍♂️
Cookie Banana
Cookie Banana Month ago
Epic Games adds rail gun to one shot Muselk breaks one shot instantly
Talha Ahmed
Talha Ahmed Month ago
If u think u are too good with the brail gun then do rail gun only challenge epic hahahahaha
Noodleprogaming Month ago
He says ok boys hey you know maybe girls watch this to
oliver Jackson
oliver Jackson Month ago
TOTAL RAILGUN KILLS: Approximately 20-25
MyPotatoes Month ago
please reply muselk 😁
Bob Is cool
Bob Is cool Month ago
8:40 lol my mans thought he was in the game
Vicky Fox
Vicky Fox Month ago
I like the way the title of this video is This video will get you banned and it’s got 394,524 views
splplayer08 gaming
this comment will get a heart from muselk pls heart muselk
CheezBrgrBnz 23
CheezBrgrBnz 23 Month ago
I guess 393k people want to get banned lol
Tide Axo
Tide Axo Month ago
The first 2 minutes is just Elliot saying “rail gun is broken bro, Rail gun is BROKEN bro, RAIL GUN IS BROKEN BRO”
LayandJtv Month ago
Muselk : Imagine getting killed trying to do a no-scope Someone : I said not to speak of the legend
layden yump
layden yump Month ago
I got the ray gun first game by accident and won because the last team died in storm. I got it from dreamflower
Harry Wilson
Harry Wilson Month ago
OmG can't believe this *BRODY_HACKS* on Instagram just unbanned my account in less than 30 minutes
Harry Wilson
Harry Wilson Month ago
OmG can't believe this *BRODY_HACKS* on Instagram just unbanned my account in less than 30 minutes
Harry Wilson
Harry Wilson Month ago
OmG can't believe this *BRODY_HACKS* on Instagram just unbanned my account in less than 30 minutes
Cyd Payne
Cyd Payne Month ago
I love your videos man I had to put down my dog bear a night or two ago cause he bit someone cause the got near him while he was eating I fucking miss him alot he was a good dog
Anonymous noob
Anonymous noob Month ago
At the end the guy who killed him had 55 health how is that possible?????????
Aiden Witz
Aiden Witz Month ago
Would it be permanent ban
Gábriel Farkas
Gábriel Farkas Month ago
That NPC could turn into an alien? Whaat?
John Covac
John Covac Month ago
John Covac
John Covac Month ago
OmG can't believe this *BRODY_HACKS* on Instagram just unbanned my account in less than 30 minutes*
John Covac
John Covac Month ago
OmG can't believe this *BRODY_HACKS* on Instagram just unbanned my account in less than 30 minutes*
imki2s3 Month ago
Muselk be like: Its over enemies, i have th highground
Purmle TF2
Purmle TF2 Month ago
Engineer gaming :(
Jayden’s Adventures
Fortnight should I add ricks portal gun but instead of a portal it is a portal but it acts like a rift to go
Scg Fortnite Videos
You’re literally stuck at 9 million from season 2 chapter 2
Veronica Ahern
Veronica Ahern Month ago
Eliot in fresh stream he said you are a ....
Joker 246
Joker 246 Month ago
Every season muselk just does the same exact format : Battle pass reaction Random video about a glitch Livestream And not post till next season to do the same exact thing
That shot at the end tho.
noah palamara
noah palamara Month ago
Nelucio Monteiro
Hey Muselk, can you please do a Summer Midas challenge please
Marcus Garofolo
Marcus Garofolo Month ago
I don’t know how but I’ve died to fall damage in this LTM before
C4 Gamer
C4 Gamer Month ago
“This should be illegal” Ninja-2019 or something.
Gaming Bros
Gaming Bros Month ago
Muselk: I am going to cheat by using weapons that should not be in the ltm Also muselk: DIES to a guy and says he is cheating
23228 Kirinde
23228 Kirinde Month ago
muselk your last game you had twenty launch pads but you didn't use even one
23228 Kirinde
23228 Kirinde Month ago
me struggling to find one in a hundred games
Tate Cervantes
Tate Cervantes Month ago
2:22 Elliot: he snuck up behind me that’s cheating! Me: -__-
sea Bass da Dino
Ryan Tube
Ryan Tube Month ago
Imagine this: Muselk: Posts this video. Epic games: We have vaulted the Rail Gun in all modes.
LSwagger25# #
LSwagger25# # Month ago
Epic: i am inevitable Muselk: an i... am... Muselk Players: epic, i dont feel so good
Danielle Livermore
Who watched the live stream?
Hamed3mar Month ago
Yug Tejani
Yug Tejani Month ago
U played so badly at MCC
Torsten Almaas
Torsten Almaas Month ago
how was your mcc??
Yovan Gichev
Yovan Gichev Month ago
Victoria Vowell
Victoria Vowell Month ago
You should play a game only on in a West servers
Kyle Cox
Kyle Cox Month ago
Imagine they make a legendary or mythic rail gun🤦🐐😂that shit would be nasty
Sankalp Mundra
Sankalp Mundra Month ago
anyone else just watching to see him finally reach 10 million subs
Adrian Cronin
Adrian Cronin Month ago
Great video as always
MrBeast. Gaming ꪜ
4:47 how does he hv 92 hp in one shot?!
Electroid 17 days ago
I dunno but stop pretending to be mr beast
Fungal Chicken42
Is it just me or muselk is like Deji, he’s stuck at 9.5 million
Alex_ Month ago
That’s literally the first thing when I thought when I played this with my cousin I was like yo let’s try this LTM once and I saw they had the real gun and I was like wait the rail gun us hit scan though, in snipers only? Lol
Tiny _ Tig
Tiny _ Tig Month ago
I’ve gotten a blue AR in One Shot LTM from fishing. I later won and somehow I wasn’t even reported
Rshot Month ago
The rail gun is not broken, It’s just that MUSELK is just too good at the game.
Preston Playz
Preston Playz Month ago
Can you make more Minecraft videos?
Lucas Sanchez
Lucas Sanchez Month ago
Elliot: *uses rail gun* *gets shot in the back* Come on bro you cant shoot in the back that's cheating
Gabriel Abitia
Gabriel Abitia Month ago
"Do I want 3 rail guns " Me "no I need 5 of them"
Indiexcorex2 Month ago
The hardest challenge for muselk would be : *try not to clickbait challenge*
Gabe Sellers
Gabe Sellers Month ago
You scaredy cat
Swoosh 24 Graham
I love you love you contact muselk
M Month ago
where's the machine gun???
Wonderful Gaming669
Muselk i don't know odds of you replying but how do you feel about people hating you because you are just switching games i feel like you're getting hate without really good reason
lukez adventure
lukez adventure Month ago
I broke it too
Sam M
Sam M Month ago
Let’s grow a beard don’t shave
Revibe Month ago
Day 3 of asking Elliot to play the Muselk all-star deathrun (6917-8896-3178) for a video.
Ohene Aseda Buabin
Fumetsu- Month ago
Honestly though.. I don't think Epic would actually ban Muselk over something like this. If anything these kind of vids actually help them get rid of these issues in the game. It's different if you discover something like this, and you keep it to yourself to gain advantages.
Red Fire L gaming
Conan Loughran
Conan Loughran Month ago
I IMAGINE ricks portal Gun, the portal is a rift
Conan Loughran
Conan Loughran Month ago
I IMAGINE ricks portal Gun, the portal is a rift
Zeno Gaming
Zeno Gaming Month ago
"I'm just using what the gods gave me"
Baby meets family...
Baby meets family...