*NEW* Apex Legends Champion is INSANE! 

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dustin fowler
dustin fowler 5 days ago
Tell me you dont play apex without telling me you dont play apex. You should totally jump ship tho.
JoJo bechara
JoJo bechara 7 days ago
I have this game Sub to muselk
Curtis Bell
Curtis Bell 14 days ago
You play this game wrong. You always by yourself and pushing
Catelin Bales Designs
Jordan 17 days ago
21:54 ofc a complete bot of a player takes his favorite champion.🥶
SteveOhTv 18 days ago
Watching Muselk play Apex is harder than soloing masters ranked to pred
pop the top
pop the top 19 days ago
Who else would like to see musk play apex A LOT MORE
ManaQeesh 123
ManaQeesh 123 20 days ago
He should play with brad like the old days
Naji Baker
Naji Baker 20 days ago
Pc good
Naji Baker
Naji Baker 20 days ago
And I play pc to
Naji Baker
Naji Baker 20 days ago
Me and tru noom playing with my pc
Grapefruit 20 days ago
Please play this more
Dnt Blc
Dnt Blc 24 days ago
Pure noob
Ivan Dominguez
Ivan Dominguez 25 days ago
Bro you should play more apex I Would always watch your fortnite vids
Jerzy W
Jerzy W 26 days ago
Could we possibly get some titanfall 2 content? It’s still living barely and I feel this would be good for it
Oyfum白 29 days ago
Of course the videos sponsored it’s the only way he can play anything else you have to PAY this man to play something besides fortnite but it’s a good to see something NEW
Abubakar Abdullahi
you missed the bow
999 XTRA
999 XTRA Month ago
Bro apex is the move rn
Clinton Lawrence
Here q move is just like diva
Oliver Arno
Oliver Arno Month ago
please keep away from apex
Khaalido Rage
Khaalido Rage Month ago
i is good to woch apex
Khaalido Rage
Khaalido Rage Month ago
bee move
Fe4rrless Night Monkey Spider-man
I want to play apex but I can't because I don't know my Nintendo Account and I don't know a fix to it
Air Jordan
Air Jordan Month ago
Can we get a house tour of your place really wanna know what your house looks loke
Harrison Taylor
Harrison Taylor Month ago
Muselk not putting his weapon away to run, kinda triggering but lol still love Muselk
Trippie Jb
Trippie Jb Month ago
Ik he’s not a true apex player Because when his teammate landed and took his loot he didn’t rage and say “I’m not reviving this kid when he gets downed”💀😭
Log-out LUIGI
Log-out LUIGI Month ago
He thought decoys were another squad when landing what a bot
Learod Wreh
Learod Wreh Month ago
It’s so cool When a professional gamer sucks at a game .please keep playing
Killer Dragon27
Killer Dragon27 Month ago
And please use fuse he is Australian
Killer Dragon27
Killer Dragon27 Month ago
We need more of this
Tweak MRVN
Tweak MRVN Month ago
Ryan ablett
Ryan ablett Month ago
Umm I could beat u with a little bit of effort unless your really trying then ill have to try I'm not the best player but I'm above decent
Carblox222 Month ago
Muselk: on his phone texting Team: dead Muselk: Wait my teams dead?
Carblox222 Month ago
You should play this more
Hemank Gupta
Hemank Gupta Month ago
You noob but apex popin off
Snicie Month ago
I knew this was sponsored
mordecai embaye
mordecai embaye Month ago
Can you play valorant plz
WiZ Month ago
Don't get used to it, he won't be playing this game or any other game that is not fortnite unless he is getting paid for it. We still don't have the old muselk back
I killed you in apxe no way that was you
Vanessa D Music
Vanessa D Music Month ago
I’m sorry about your grandma muselk ❤️
Rl_Ghost ☑️
Rl_Ghost ☑️ Month ago
It hurts to see someone be this bad
Rl_Ghost ☑️
Rl_Ghost ☑️ Month ago
This is my favourite game and I love it when a bad content creater plays No offence
Anya Erray
Anya Erray Month ago
Graeme Mills👍👌👌
BMoney ____
BMoney ____ Month ago
Joel Granderson
Joel Granderson Month ago
He should have added fresh
chandler pauldo
chandler pauldo Month ago
31:19 LOL
michael powers
michael powers Month ago
How are you so good
Rl_Ghost ☑️
Rl_Ghost ☑️ Month ago
Liam Kollker
Liam Kollker Month ago
Muselk is great at BR games.......sike just fortnite! Still love y’a videos tho Elliot
Zagradišek Month ago
I guess we need to wait for a whole season until he gets sponsored and plays the game again
TickleMeSilly Month ago
He finally played a new game
Mxntez Month ago
@J Black panther he didn’t say it was bad
J Black panther
J Black panther Month ago
@Rl_Ghost ☑️ dc
Rl_Ghost ☑️
Rl_Ghost ☑️ Month ago
Apex is my favourite game and I’m the next guy so u lied
TickleMeSilly Month ago
Idk i like watching him play new games instead of the same stuff
J Black panther
J Black panther Month ago
Stfu I like and play apex as much as the next guy but y on a Fortnite channel do you insist on non directly calling fort bad because u personally don’t like it...
ryan8560 ryan8560
ColbyX_X Month ago
Joemama Month ago
Im surprised normally popular youtobers are good at all video games lol.
Miss Jodie
Miss Jodie Month ago
Can u play some more apex soon
Mist 645
Mist 645 Month ago
Nooooooooo is muselk a hoizon main
Riley Month ago
Muhammad Hammoud
I'm assuming that this legend is not free for how OP it is
Fjordor 26 days ago
@Damyan Ortega every legend is free in a sense in the way that you can buy them all with a currency you can only get for free. Alternatively you can pay though
Rl_Ghost ☑️
Rl_Ghost ☑️ Month ago
It also hurts to see someone bad play but entertaining
Rl_Ghost ☑️
Rl_Ghost ☑️ Month ago
Also she’s not op
Rl_Ghost ☑️
Rl_Ghost ☑️ Month ago
Other than like 6
Damyan Ortega
Damyan Ortega Month ago
No legend is free
Logan Toombs
Logan Toombs Month ago
Muselk im level 375
Rl_Ghost ☑️
Rl_Ghost ☑️ Month ago
But I played war zone so I’m better than average for my level
Rl_Ghost ☑️
Rl_Ghost ☑️ Month ago
I’m 276
Dynasty Month ago
Damn I forgot how good apex looks
New secrets
New secrets Month ago
1:15:11 in new secrets 🤫
Iceshatterer Month ago
They are called “Legends” not Champions Elliott
Jack Month ago
The fact that Muselk doesn't have Fusey unlocked makes me unreasonably upset. I even sneered a little bit!
Leo Hall Roblox
Leo Hall Roblox Month ago
Battle me in Fortnite Creative Mayhem
ifd qwieh
ifd qwieh Month ago
Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez Month ago
Americans be like why is he eating lunch at 11pm
Henrik Carlson
Henrik Carlson Month ago
What does the max glide mean?
WOLFPACK_101 Month ago
She has three passives
Justus Month ago
play minecraft
No Skill Intended
No Skill Intended
Maximiliano Caffarelli
Finaly no fortnite
Atelier.si Month ago
Dont delete live streams Muselk, some of us like to watch these
Nomadic Month ago
We love how the game was destroyed for 10 hours
SUPERIOR Month ago
@Stonk Man nah it's working now I got valk:)
Stonk Man
Stonk Man Month ago
Still is
Ethan O'Brien
Ethan O'Brien Month ago
Why cant he just play warzone
Tigo Kooreman
Tigo Kooreman Month ago
59:15 bolt actions are (because of the secured action) more accurate and reliably accurate then semi automatic snipers
Zack Jarvis
Zack Jarvis Month ago
wish you played apex so much more
Yeet Megeet
Yeet Megeet Month ago
do a Apex Collab with Zylbrad
Ethan Black
Ethan Black Month ago
Bruh it’s literally just a personal launch pad from fortnite
Jadon Graham
Jadon Graham 25 days ago
@Ethan Black dont be an idiot you said its the same thing which its not
Ethan Black
Ethan Black 25 days ago
@Jadon Graham no that’s not even close
Jadon Graham
Jadon Graham 26 days ago
@Ethan Black saying its like launch pad from fortnite is like saying fortnite invent freefalling again its dumb
Ethan Black
Ethan Black 26 days ago
@Jadon Graham yes
Jadon Graham
Jadon Graham 26 days ago
@Ethan Black no
Mason Krueger
Mason Krueger Month ago
I need an extension mag walks past one
SpectreSwitch Month ago
What happened to click?????
The Random life of freinds
I love the new season of apex even tho its kinda broken
The Random life of freinds
@Rl_Ghost ☑️ Mine all my apex coins are broken
Rl_Ghost ☑️
Rl_Ghost ☑️ Month ago
GOOFY BAm Month ago
Pls more apex gameplay
Joseph Tubia
Joseph Tubia Month ago
Peacekeeper floorloot😩😩
Yankees Month ago
Be like Ali A and make a separate channel for cod
Yankees Month ago
Play cod
Qufade Month ago
You can tell he's a Fortnite gamer by his movements and the fact he said glider
X-BOW Month ago
I think its still called gliding in this game
my pet ipod
my pet ipod Month ago
and by his 1,000 videos on it lol
Doinurmumdaily Month ago
He needs to call the bow the huntsman
Hamzah Khan
Hamzah Khan Month ago
Where’s the warzone content at?
Miko Ocampo
Miko Ocampo Month ago
Press the apex pack
one shot
one shot Month ago
Omg lets gooooooo
Anonymous angelxavier Rodriguez
When did he. Start to play this game
Louis Month ago
Damn this fool is GAINING some damn weight ay
Vedanth Chintala
Tom The English Picker
Sorry to hear about your loss dude.
Matthew Becker
Matthew Becker Month ago
@Tom The English Picker oh dang
Tom The English Picker
@Matthew Becker Sadly his Gran Passed away , saw it on instagram
Matthew Becker
Matthew Becker Month ago
wait what happened
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia Month ago
So happy you finally played a good game
kineticrain Month ago
apex is arguably worse
Dimond _devv
Dimond _devv Month ago
Apex was broken for me
Brog ?
Brog ? Month ago
No offense but it’s a bit painful to watch
ImNotBot _Gamer3
And also they are called legends, not champions
ImNotBot _Gamer3
Thanks for playing apex again muselk