The WORST item in Fortnite... 

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Apr 21, 2021




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Shyft Magn3t1c
Shyft Magn3t1c 5 days ago
No the worst item is the recycler
Andrea Rodman
Andrea Rodman 12 days ago
Dude I don’t know what ur talkin about that gun op! It burst pistol! If u hit both burst is cracks em easily, the gold one is insane if u hit ur shots. It’s so accurate man!
FF THECRAFTER 14 days ago
It's actually good for close-mid range if you don't have an AR
BMK GManZap 15 days ago
The one item to truly deserve the vault.
Dimitri K
Dimitri K 22 days ago
I love the primal pistol
Katrina 24 days ago
He goes through all this pain so he can flex on people 💪
Railey Viell Cuellar
Muselk using the normal Legendary Pistol "this gun is f*ck*ng insane!" Muselk using the Primal Pistol "nnoooooOOoOo!!!!!" *Screeching scream*
Elijah Robinson
Elijah Robinson 29 days ago
“You ever look at bots... and you think man... EpIcS a ReAlLy GoOd GaMe DeVeLoPeR” - muselk 2021
Elijah Robinson
Elijah Robinson 29 days ago
6:22 That’s so me
Muktar Al-Habass Ishram
10:35 The noise my gf makes when I put it in the wrong hole
Philly Dragon
Philly Dragon Month ago
I would rather take a common normal pistol over a LEGENDARY primal pistol
phyllis Wellington
It's so bad...
Legandary Beast
Legandary Beast Month ago
What about rusty can Makeshift bow
Razor Grazer
Razor Grazer Month ago
I li,e it
He already did this in the zero point only challenge, and won.
Amit Sharma
Amit Sharma Month ago
Muselk uses primal pistol at range My mind: IT'S A PISTOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anya Erray
Anya Erray Month ago
Graeme Mills👌👍🤣
uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas
The primal pistol is like a jammed tactical smg
Fitz Jojo
Fitz Jojo Month ago
The voice crack lol
Ethan Pickel
Ethan Pickel Month ago
You literally made my day because of a voice crack😆
DragonKi11er244 Month ago
Fortnite just needs to buff or remove those pistols
Micky PPPYeet
Micky PPPYeet Month ago
It is the best weapon wtf lol
glowman 546
glowman 546 Month ago
that part also made me laugh 8:16
Dramer Month ago
I think the pistol is great with 2 shots you can crack the enemy's shield, good accuracy if you can aIm properly, qnd is easy to craft
TristanG217 The Element Wizard
at least they are better than the deadpool handcannons
Thinkerictang Month ago
The thing is, even though it is the worst gun in the game, muselk makes it seem almost decent.
Christopher Tidwell
Is that a snub pistol?
Uvuvuvuvuvuvuuobsb shshsheh
Muselk at 10:33 : NOOaæœÒ
T0X1C -_-
T0X1C -_- Month ago
T0X1C -_-
T0X1C -_- Month ago
The primal pistol isn’t the worst 😢😭
William Segal
William Segal Month ago
This gun ether needs a massive buff like pre nerve primal shotgun or it needs to go
Luke Galloway
Luke Galloway Month ago
8:18 he sounds like the bandits in home alone after Kevin gets them with a contraption
Gamer boy
Gamer boy Month ago
That scream tho 10:33
Pig. Month ago
Its bad long range... but it's worse close range
akeem Henry
akeem Henry Month ago
Epic and legendary primal pistol goes off
Generator Gamer
Generator Gamer Month ago
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RunawayPlace136 YT
Hes losing subs and he dont need to
jackob edwardo
jackob edwardo Month ago
"i would rather pickaxe my enimies" wow says a lot at how useless it is
16RHINO JR Month ago
Muselk: the primal pistol sucks SypherPK: that's my second shotgun to bring back double pump
Brandy B.
Brandy B. Month ago
Your hysterical!
Chris Dimovasilis
10:34 😂😂😂😂 that voice 😂😂😂😂
Gduduz Month ago
Greenflame mc
Greenflame mc Month ago
Ayy yes muselk in pain very good :)
Robert Hill
Robert Hill Month ago
I can’t even talk shit about the primal pistol because I had a stupidly lucky game when I landed pleasant and killed all 6 people that landed there with me just with a blue one because I didn’t have anything else cause they all pushed really early off spawn.
Ian Bell
Ian Bell Month ago
i love the primal pistol lol
Krishna Sai
Krishna Sai Month ago
Sry for being a psycho but I wanted u to lose at the end there
bakerfresh Month ago
What an end
bakerfresh Month ago
Mozambique HERE
Kyrtis the gamer 101
Tip there's a slight accuracy boost/crosshare size boost while crouched
Ryley Kearney
Ryley Kearney Month ago
Can't wait for the removal of primal guns
Tredon Eddy
Tredon Eddy Month ago
that voice crack tho
Michael Isaacs
Michael Isaacs Month ago
TECHNICALLY you used the pistol from like 50 miles away, a pistol isn’t a sniper rifle it’s not meant for long range.
Carter Wells
Carter Wells Month ago
To prove you wrong, I just got a Victory Royale with only this gun.
Zach Pace
Zach Pace Month ago
Primal pistol OP
Carlos Maldonado
"If you do actually enjoy watching me in pain let me know with a like" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
PyRo Month ago
8:22 lol
PyRo Month ago
0:46 the damage is good but the accuracy is literally dogwater 😂
Caleb Walker
Caleb Walker Month ago
Caleb Walker
Caleb Walker Month ago
I've used muselk in the item shop ever since it was possible.
Dodgy On60fps
Dodgy On60fps Month ago
WTF was that noise 10:33
lugibro12345 Month ago
ive never heard muselk scream so loud lol
Jose A
Jose A Month ago
Use a pickaxe you will win
Jose A
Jose A Month ago
You threw so hard
I lost it so much when u feel off the chair
did you really just called the aimbot pistol awful?
Wizach2220 Month ago
the thing is the pistol isn't actually that bad, he's kinda exaggerating it cuz he's using it at ranges that the pistol is not supposed to be used at. it's like using a heavy sniper rifle at close ranges and saying that it's trash? he's like shooting a the chicken from like 100-200 metres away but that's not how far the pistol should be used for bruh and the damage isn't that bad actually if u watched sypherpk's video on it unlike muselk's one where he's just exaggerating the gun's weaknesses and in fact even if u were to shoot the chicken the same way with a legendary primal rifle, the results will likely be the same with the exception of the damage dealt bcuz all primal weapons have no first shot accuracy so they aren't meant for long ranges
Joel Diamant
Joel Diamant Month ago
For me it's a good gun
V4Mgaming Month ago
Everything sypher love muselk hates
Alli Weaver
Alli Weaver Month ago
Don't talk sas or it comes back in Fortnite
Dogs_for_days7 Month ago
He needs fresh to carry him like in the og days
SquiddyKarma64 Month ago
That squeal when he died to storm was amazing
Where is the ikonik skin dude , I'm so offended rn
William Barclay
William Barclay Month ago
IDK that muselk was epileptic
Blinx. Month ago
The weapon isn't that bad. It is literally like the duoble pistols. I used it and it is pretty good as an smg
Blinx. Month ago
The weapon isn't that bad. It is literally like the duoble pistols. I used it and it is pretty good as an smg
Blinx. Month ago
The weapon isn't actually that bad. You can use it in 10-20 meters range. Is it better then the normal pistol? No, but still not that bad
Shane Beaudry
Shane Beaudry Month ago
More deathruns please
DKGAMER2005 Month ago
When your pickaxe is better then the primal pistol 😂😂😂
Corvette Gaming
Corvette Gaming Month ago
Epic was gonna vault it but now Muselk using it told them it was being used a lot lol
Helen Phillips
Helen Phillips Month ago
10:33 = LMFAO
This is before the buff it got though
STYX FN Month ago
Did nobody noticed on the last game he had a legendary primal shotgun with 5 kills and then the next clip he dropped it
Collin Wegscheid
You Should do the hardest challenge ever win a game with out taking damage
LilRed-Emax20 Month ago
Literally peed myself when muselk fell over in his chair. Best laugh I've had in a long time 😂
Shogun Harrison
Shogun Harrison Month ago
Na mate your just trash
Mix Month ago
He jinxs it so many times
Ninja Penguin550
Lmao that voice crack when he died to storm 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
w seipel
w seipel Month ago
"Its like hitting someone with a wet noodle" -Muselk 2021
Jared Wood
Jared Wood Month ago
kaya keara
kaya keara Month ago
No it’s the best in the world your just bad with it
orb 1411
orb 1411 Month ago
it’s just a terrible aug
Tsuki Month ago
i love the primal pistol
Symeon White
Symeon White Month ago
10:34 bro?
MoCHa Month ago
4:08 Muselk: “let’s see if I can hit this chicken” Chicken: “Are you sure about that?”
Ferlax Gaming
Ferlax Gaming Month ago
He miss so much that fortnite don’t even allow him to hit a single shot.
Its Ye Boy Big Jezza
The tounge came back
Shaun Brasier
Shaun Brasier Month ago
I like the pri
CalvzzZ _
CalvzzZ _ Month ago
This dudes channel is dead Jesus
Some random Non
Some random Non Month ago
Let’s just admire it has good bullet damage drop, although you will never hit anything over 50 meters
Sebastian Amaya
Sebastian Amaya Month ago
The mechanical revolver is worst then the primal pistol