The first deathrun to make me ragequit... 

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This Deathrun has no checkpoints and only one direction... up. Can we beat this daunting Deathrun?

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May 23, 2021




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Leone Leone
Leone Leone 18 hours ago
9 ads in 20min. Like come on mate
LlamaSeeker 2 days ago
It hurts so much watching him having to quit...
Gunner J
Gunner J 2 days ago
4:32 lol
anima099 2 days ago
Muselk, I know your brain got fried, but I enjoy seeing you rage like this.
Dogs_for_days7 4 days ago
You should try again in a couple weeks Muselk
DNXX 5 days ago
POV youre Mexican the video
Anuar 5 days ago
Pls finish it!
Ricyricky 5 days ago
You better do a part 2
?? 6 days ago
I love you r video s
_Yoda____ 7 days ago
i don’t even play fortnite anymore but i still enjoy your videos
INFINITY Z 8 days ago
Psychologist: Realises his most profitable customer isn’t coming as often. Psychologist to map maker: “I’ll pay you if you break your game.” 18:15
INFINITY Z 8 days ago
Muselk: “I would be really angry if I had to do the entire thing just to get to those doors and fail!” Map creator: “Your wish has been granted.”
George Purchas
George Purchas 8 days ago
muselk do the rage room it is very non rage inducing
Juan Paulo M. Caruncho
13:13 Muselk is cursing!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Juan Paulo M. Caruncho
Juan Paulo M. Caruncho
Juan Paulo M. Caruncho
Juan Paulo M. Caruncho
Juan Paulo M. Caruncho
Ayrton Papageorgiou
4 minutes and i have already seen 4 ads please stop putting so maney adds in your videos
Raymond Cruz
Raymond Cruz 9 days ago
*When Muselk gets set back to start* Muselk: WTF?! Audience: Bruh
Abhishek Angunawala
I love muselk getting angry then his face getting red and redder.
GamyoGames 9 days ago
DAMM hes angry AF
Aleksandar Krunic
OMG my brother died yo you in Fortnite season 3. I went freakin crazy when i saw your name
Toby Moore
Toby Moore 10 days ago
hello Mewselk
FaZe shoosh Schmuck
If u think that’s hard play getting over it
Reid Spadafora
Reid Spadafora 10 days ago
dd arnold
dd arnold 10 days ago
muselk don't reset me then he gets all calm again
Emma Edwards
Emma Edwards 10 days ago
I feel srry for muselk
JASAUN THE ONE 11 days ago
Lelouch Yagami
Lelouch Yagami 11 days ago
I think its time for muselk to make a muselk deathrun 1.5
Kelly Kelly
Kelly Kelly 12 days ago
when ur at thr slide thing with the slide bomb crouch jump jump
Genuine Jordans
Genuine Jordans 12 days ago
How does he not have high blood pressure??
Wizyon60fps 13 days ago
"IIIIIIII will hurt you" -Muselk 2021
MikeAttackz 13 days ago
Damn sounded like he cried at end
Magic Falcon
Magic Falcon 13 days ago
My guy, what's with all the ads!?
Amorae Harding
Amorae Harding 14 days ago
Mew fear of windows and bumpers
Coleman Callaway
Coleman Callaway 14 days ago
Does anyone else remember cizzors 2.0 the other death run that he quit
Alex Arcos
Alex Arcos 14 days ago
2021 bumpers and windows
Alex Arcos
Alex Arcos 14 days ago
2019-2020 doors
Alex Arcos
Alex Arcos 14 days ago
Muselks new enimies windows and bumpers and sometimes doors
Alex Arcos
Alex Arcos 14 days ago
Shit I thought muselk made good content why are you’ll unsubscribing
Mearan hamdard
Mearan hamdard 14 days ago
I used code muselk and buy stuff fot 900 vbx
tuna Salad
tuna Salad 15 days ago
only real fans know this wasnt his only rage quit
DIRTYTHITRY 15 days ago
Your a good USlift Elliot
ILM 15 days ago
Bradley Gray
Bradley Gray 15 days ago
"Windows and bumpers are sumb" What happened to doors?!?! 😂
Artem Nikitinskii
Artem Nikitinskii 15 days ago
Eliot you shit
Smishzie 15 days ago
Yea the first 😏 snip snip
lovelibertydisco 15 days ago
This reminds me of when he played getting over it lol.
AkiraDragonborne 16 days ago
THE HUBRIS! Intentionally jumping all the way down only to find out it resets all your checks to the bottom!
Gretchen Wolf
Gretchen Wolf 16 days ago
Muselk finley knows the rage mexicans feel!
Andon Cole
Andon Cole 16 days ago
He says random stuff when he does deathruns
Colin Mazzey
Colin Mazzey 16 days ago
This map just wants Muselk to pay for a psychiatrist
Seiduse Freeman
Seiduse Freeman 16 days ago
Seiduse Freeman
Seiduse Freeman 16 days ago
When I die
Sunny 16 days ago
nobody: getting over it
Raphieh 16 days ago
this title is total cap
BOBS UR UNCLE 16 days ago
Hey muselk I have the HARDEST Deathrun for u but I don't have a creator code but I bet u can't beat it :)
ZBM BAM 16 days ago
Mueselk-Windooooooooows! Doors-I thought we had something special. Mueselk-Bumpeeeeers! Doors-😥
Olive Grove7
Olive Grove7 16 days ago
My favourite videos ever from musie
Your average bottle of water..
Epic video. Edit:Srsly
RocketRigby 16 days ago
Why do I feel like he reset the checkpoints on purpose
RocketRigby 16 days ago
13:27 tf did he land on
Blue xx
Blue xx 16 days ago
Please keep doing deathruns
owen snell
owen snell 17 days ago
So you’re quality is better and content is good but you’re not getting hardly as many views so what’s happening
Rashed Alyaqoub
Rashed Alyaqoub 17 days ago
This was so much fun to watch 😂😂😂
Tan Zi Yao
Tan Zi Yao 17 days ago
da_ schaffa
da_ schaffa 17 days ago
Are u serious? 9 fucking ads. Bro cmon that‘s not nice
Mini thni Cha
Mini thni Cha 17 days ago
Garret Cox
Garret Cox 17 days ago
Deathrun finally back
Austin Lamere
Austin Lamere 17 days ago
Muselk is one of the best USliftrs alive
Henry Vuori
Henry Vuori 17 days ago
14:10 muselk’s brain not so consistant
Purple Flame Beats
Purple Flame Beats 17 days ago
Secret SpyGiraffe
Secret SpyGiraffe 17 days ago
Did the greatest death runner of all time just fail a death run?! Shameful
Tarot Guy
Tarot Guy 17 days ago
This deathrun is stupid hey creator fix yo sht
C L 17 days ago
The ending had me dead 🤣
__ 17 days ago
Nice one
Theodore Churchill
Theodore Churchill 17 days ago
DarkDisorder 17 days ago
9:03 why does that rhyme tho
Ben Havasy
Ben Havasy 17 days ago
play minecraft
twix gaming
twix gaming 17 days ago
This took me 20 minutes to finish
maverick whitley
maverick whitley 17 days ago
Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?
Chris Wilson
Chris Wilson 17 days ago
Valiant effort
Fox Black
Fox Black 17 days ago
Beat Boy
Beat Boy 17 days ago
bro i laughed like crazy watching you struggle
Lynel Red FV
Lynel Red FV 17 days ago
7:48" I am not happy" Me: which one are you then?
Ozark Volt
Ozark Volt 17 days ago
13:35 That's what she said:(
Shayan Hassan
Shayan Hassan 17 days ago
10:25 Watching That Gave ME Anxiety
Ferdinand fs
Ferdinand fs 17 days ago
Do it again later
Joe Bell
Joe Bell 17 days ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this one had me laughing too hard
Psych 85
Psych 85 17 days ago
Muselk I need to relax I need to RESET Deathrun:Wish Granted
Blake Fournier
Blake Fournier 17 days ago
Are you sponsored by bane
Burg Churg
Burg Churg 17 days ago
Am I the only one that notices Muselk is slowly losing subs?
mario amador
mario amador 17 days ago
NoobyGammer101 18 days ago
This is not the first one to make you rage quit
Marcus Ferro
Marcus Ferro 18 days ago
This is all just self inflicted pain, why?
David Mock
David Mock 18 days ago
He had that coming. He should have kept his promise so karma wouldn't have to make him rage.
Narutard19 18 days ago
I have never laughed so damn hard 😂😂😂😂
ibuildbtwfn 18 days ago
Ngl nothing hits harder then eating while watching muselk play deathruns
Fiction 18 days ago
Muselk resetting was his fault,
Muffination 18 days ago
Only Pros Dont Use Checkpoints. Reality: Ony Litle Muselk her ues chekponts whil i rag ovr gam
Eden Azalea
Eden Azalea 18 days ago
you made yourself ragequit, with the task you set for yourself.
fluid dude
fluid dude 18 days ago
imagine calling ur Psychiatrist and being like "Yea i played a fortnite deathrun and i might lose my sanity." hahahaha
Minecraft Hub
Minecraft Hub 18 days ago
“I am a good death runner.” Proceeds to die in the saddest way possible
Laiten 18 days ago
I miss your old videos...