The *NEW* RAZ MYTHIC BOW is Insane! 

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Apr 27, 2021




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Photon X
Photon X 2 days ago
If raz dropped his health beam abbility that will be op
Jersey Mendez
Jersey Mendez 9 days ago
I now he hits so much head shots
Dylan Temple
Dylan Temple 10 days ago
A thing that you can do is just go on the zipline like he did but this time get a harpoon and harpoon him so that way he dies to fall damage just make sure you're on a high enough zipline
FF THECRAFTER 14 days ago
Milkytea 14 days ago
"Now watch me throw the game" *gets blown up by his own arrow
あーあ 15 days ago
あーあ 15 days ago
Kireeti Gali
Kireeti Gali 21 day ago
I still dont know why are there dislike?
Shivers 21 day ago
Muselk skin?
Schemed Month ago
Funny thing is that the Unstable bow should be much more powerful, since Raven is one of the strongest Titans being a half-demon. The bow should be like in some way at least upgradeable into a stronger version, an unstable one, with buffs.
Who is surprised? Lol
Nabila Amrani
Nabila Amrani Month ago
Why you pick up blue shotgun
Milk and Cookies
6:50-6:55 muselk is cracked my guy
/ Hacker
/ Hacker Month ago
The trick to kill raz is to snipe him
Johnny B Goode
Johnny B Goode Month ago
The reactions made my day. I was laughing my way to hell.
Jack Michael Rademeyer
Did he say Gj???????
The Land Of Art
The Land Of Art Month ago
If only there was a grappler bow
Adam Maged
Adam Maged Month ago
The bow mythic is just the b-tech version of the boom bow
TheAmbusher Month ago
The mythical explosive bow should be buffed due to how hard it is to get it . Body damage : 98 > 105 Explosive damage : 20 >25
Dajawon Smith
Dajawon Smith Month ago
Let's be honest... Epic games turned Raz into a GOD!
A9 Beastboy
A9 Beastboy Month ago
I was in this game came 5th
Leaveadislike ?
Leaveadislike ? Month ago
raz too powerful
Tom Douridas
Tom Douridas Month ago
how is he losing subs?
Jim Cool Kid
Jim Cool Kid Month ago
12:06 clip that
SonicBruh Month ago
The raz boss is one of the reasons why no one is playing the game anymore
Diran Rasho
Diran Rasho Month ago
the end good update epic 😂🤣🤣
MargaretMC Month ago
When you die from the raz bow in arena 😂
Ahmadgaming Month ago
Me:i have been trying to kill raz for 2 days to get his style Muselk: kills him easily the mythic explosive bow! (misses artficat to get the style) Me:dude wtf is wrong with you
Thomas Green
Thomas Green Month ago
I killed raz but he didn’t give me the style 😭😭😭😢😢😢🥺🥺😩😩😩IT WAS MY 23 TRY
Alex Bradbury
Alex Bradbury Month ago
Did anyone realize he didn't pick up the spire artifact to get glyph master raz
toxicfalcon Month ago
Nicholas Sturgill
easy raz with harpoon gun
I’m bored
I’m bored Month ago
It took me ten try’s to kill raz but that styles worth it
Kathy and Pete McKenna
When he was killing raz my screen WAS LAGGING SO HARD
TooTail Fox
TooTail Fox Month ago
I feel like u should have used the grapple bow instead
Reevesy95 Month ago
Man I haven’t watched a moose elk video in ages, he do be loud
shells buck
shells buck Month ago
I don't know this movie
Fasih Uddin
Fasih Uddin Month ago
Muselk sucks ali a intro plays
the shockwave has been there
Hayden Thorpe
Hayden Thorpe Month ago
10 mil lets goooo!!!!!!
U should do a vid where u have to get both exotic bows and the mythic
Let us appreciate that that muselk content is always nice
prohusam _320
prohusam _320 Month ago
5:43 muslek why did nt you collect the artifact for the other raz style
Adam Ahmad
Adam Ahmad Month ago
Who else saw when he killed raz he had to collect the talisman if he did he could have got 90k xp and the glyph master style for raz
Forged Void
Forged Void Month ago
Knock knock
Clare Coyne
Clare Coyne Month ago
Over confidence always bring karma
BlackRover13 Month ago
Dat final kill dow
Jimmy with a potato gun hat
How is he going to kill raz again for his 2nd style
Marcus Ferro
Marcus Ferro Month ago
It’s amazing how he’s one of the best content creator sin terms of skill yet he’s still insanely dumb
Jennifer Manning
I hate that raz has slight aimbot on his bow
Marxe Month ago
Grappler bow
Jamie Lowry
Jamie Lowry Month ago
I love the fact his sh*t not grabbing the spire artifact from raz sooooooo idk remember he’s a f*cking b*tch
Jac k
Jac k Month ago
I guarantee that you forgot the jump boots AND the grappler bow exist, until you read this comment.
diesel patches
diesel patches Month ago
notice how he didnt pick up the spire artifact when he killed raz
Feilim Driscoll
Feilim Driscoll Month ago
The only reason its good is cause muselks good look at his aim
NotFass Month ago
People who watch muselk🤡
Brody Rystad
Brody Rystad Month ago
shiiii muselk be shitting on sweats.
Drift Issa
Drift Issa Month ago
jxsh Month ago
At least he was honest about him throwing the game
Drift Issa
Drift Issa Month ago
Guilherme Torres
@3:21 Why is everybody dead? Well, I think you're about to find out.
Scorpian 123457
Scorpian 123457 Month ago
Myself= blue shockwave bow
Asher Gaede
Asher Gaede Month ago
muselk he's a f***ing god raz That tickles
Boomnumbers Month ago
6:58 *pov that one toxic kid in creative
Applez Youtube
Applez Youtube Month ago
Muselk you forgot about neymar
Andy Haile
Andy Haile Month ago
I didn’t know you had watched the last avatar movie
Orlando Ribeiro
Orlando Ribeiro Month ago
Best end ever 😂😂😂 gg
Brilxx YT
Brilxx YT Month ago
before USliftrs start doing it hurry and do soccer players loot only I can see that happing with the Neymar jr skin
Daniel King
Daniel King Month ago
who else hurt when muselk had the exotic bow in his hands but just couldn't find it.
Talha ,
Talha , Month ago
why u posting less
Lindsay Nestor
Lindsay Nestor Month ago
i spent 3 hours trying to kill raz
GAMER SUPP Month ago
9:16 It's funny how he takes out his own wall!! ROFL!!! lol
SUSvWolf -_-
SUSvWolf -_- Month ago
Hey muselk it took an hour to kill the new boss
IsaKGames14 Month ago
12:03 best moment ever
Rashid Abdirahman
Muselk just got hard headshotted by a boss.
Michael Lindberg
Whatch da language buddy
Christanf Month ago
dang i killed it on my first try with a squad attacking me lol it's really hard isn't it. But the reward is great.
Harry Chicken
Harry Chicken Month ago
Pause at 4:54😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Melissa Davignon
You’re not the avatar until you have the grapple bow
X_X_REkT :
X_X_REkT : Month ago
999th comment
Dogey Month ago
My gosh Raz is so over powered
Henry Balili
Henry Balili Month ago
he forgot to get the talsiam
Yonah Kunz
Yonah Kunz Month ago
I got so mad when he didnt pick up the xp from raz
Iraklis salatas
Iraklis salatas Month ago
Muselk u should do the harpoon trick it still works
Tim Benedictus
Tim Benedictus Month ago
Tim Benedictus
Tim Benedictus Month ago
The Wolverine of S6
Ridiculous Alex
Ridiculous Alex Month ago
Delete fortnite
yeah Month ago
Hey, Elliott of Muselk, I have finished rereading the Team Fortress 2 comics for like the third time now, and each time I have been left of a cliff hanger. Please Muselk, help me get the word out there to finish the series once and for all! Thank you very much.
Charfred Month ago
Overwatch please forntie bad
Jose Nunez
Jose Nunez Month ago
Bro you still play fortnite ?!
Sam Floyd
Sam Floyd Month ago
ultimate bow loadout would be grappler bow instead of shockwave
clipzyeditz Month ago
What happened to the grappler bow thats the best loudout
Screen_Addict Month ago
19:16 Did muselk just steal his own wall?
halisooo Month ago
guys doesnt the bots at the beginning remind u of the garmadon vs lloyd in ninjago season 1 😭😭
what is so op about the mythic is literally just an explosive bow with low damage
Fitford Johnson
Fitford Johnson Month ago
Can anyone else not do spire challenges and unlock the rune raz? I’ve seen no one with him and no one has spire challenges anywhere anymore
Vyom Gupta
Vyom Gupta Month ago
Raz isnt even that overpowered, Muselk just doesnt know how to peak
Wayan Teo
Wayan Teo Month ago
6:10 this is by far the highest damaging bow in the game Boom bow: am i a joke to you?
Charles LaRowe
Charles LaRowe Month ago
Why are u even still playing fornite. I did love the game to but doesn’t it just get boring and tiring?
Rocket league Boi
The glitch boy has the same feature as the glitch bow