My Subscribers made an IMPOSSIBLE Muselk Deathrun… 

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A new USliftr Deathrun? Don't mind if I do... Thanks to for sponsoring this video! Use my code MUSELK10 for 10% OFF of your order at bangenergy.com/ youtube.com/c/BangEnergy youtube.com/c/JackOwoc

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Jun 19, 2021




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Ultimate Gamer
Muselk: Yeeeees Also Muselk: Noooooooooo
Thomas Riggs
Thomas Riggs 6 days ago
Sorry you’re having so much rages
Mohammed Hussein
Mohammed Hussein 11 days ago
Muselk: thats not what im supposed to do Also muselk continues to cheat the level at the start
GGDuckie 15 days ago
Muselk the way to do doors is look straight down and hold w
Ricardo G.A
Ricardo G.A 16 days ago
Muselk. Today I was wondering if I should take my own life. Economic crisis is killing my family little by litle. Your video made me feel better. Thank you! Hope you read it. Thank you
Austin Hulse
Austin Hulse 17 days ago
“Maybe he made mine a little hard” - Muselk 2021
Barbara Price
Barbara Price 18 days ago
Can u do part 2 of this deathrun please?
Crystal Brown
Crystal Brown 19 days ago
muselk is so funny he makes me laugh when i need to 19:14
Jackie Wallace
Jackie Wallace 19 days ago
Man before I played Fortnite, and just watched these vids I thought you were over reacting with the doors, but they are fucking annoying.
DarthDoom 20 days ago
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 21 day ago
Jesus Christ is king
Cosmo Durnan
Cosmo Durnan 23 days ago
I wonder how this was made
FoRzA GAMER 23 days ago
finuch it next vidio
HotZone 24 days ago
Fav ytber now
AllAroundAlex 24 days ago
The entirety of this video, yes no yes no...
pseduu 27 days ago
I missed deathruns so much 🤣
defeated sporeTV
defeated sporeTV 27 days ago
I have made a few of my own but I can’t publish them as I don’t have my own code
David Month ago
I liked your apex videos better
Hamx gaming
Hamx gaming Month ago
Yes please give us 2 part
slashuzumaki Month ago
from 16:01 we need to make a meme fore muselk using this soundbyte and face of him yelling yes then no!
Jackson King
Jackson King Month ago
Anyone notice how he didn't say any of the other USliftrs names? Kinda strange if you ask me....
Dalhonegold Month ago
Purmle TF2
Purmle TF2 Month ago
Engineer gaming :(
Brodie Rogers
Brodie Rogers Month ago
Can you do more Minecraft please
RISE ABOVE Month ago
RaGe Karma
RaGe Karma Month ago
The one where he does the staircase traps are easy iv done them before and I'm only 9
zxlms Month ago
Why does this seem like its a re upload
Wyatt Stellrecht
Parker McCollum
Parker McCollum Month ago
Your wings are very pretty lol
Swifty Aim
Swifty Aim Month ago
He should just beat it! 😂
Sometimes Month ago
My name jeff
My name jeff Month ago
You killed me on your live stream Nugget King2354 crystel with flash back ling tryed to kill you with a tac
#BH Motive
#BH Motive Month ago
After 3 years of watching u, i just realised how much u look like rick astley
Jack Garmon
Jack Garmon Month ago
This deathrun was easy I didn’t die once… of course I never played it so
Do it
Ankit Mukand
Ankit Mukand Month ago
I give one time comment that is that anyone who obeys 10 commandments a non destructible body and a planet made by Jesus Christ is given when he comes so wait for his coming otherwise UN NEW WORLD ORDER 2021 TO 2030 IS THERE IN GOOGLE IMAGE....
rach glover
rach glover Month ago
What’s the back bling he has in this video? My son likes the wings but I don’t know what to look out for so I can get it for him.
BADWOLF1874 Month ago
Come on Muselk it's been several days now where's part 2
exlcongE Month ago
derpy slurp
derpy slurp Month ago
muselk legit spent 2 hours on that last level
Raees Ahmed
Raees Ahmed Month ago
ok good for u
jp_extreme11 Month ago
just for everyone he took 3.43 hours to complete this 206 minutes
Ghost phantom
Ghost phantom Month ago
yesss finish it!!!!!!!!!
Fahed Alsakka
Fahed Alsakka Month ago
I am more of a monster fan
DemonxArmy Month ago
PLZZ Finish. U made me laugh so many timed
KP vlogs
KP vlogs Month ago
Okay...muselk i respect ur talent, and ur videos are superb🔥 BUT...can someone PLEASE explain me the thumbnail😅 i mean who the hell in the world RUNs like that, right side hand and leg are in the same side LOL, left also the same😂 thats very DISTURBING...
Blaine Brown
Blaine Brown Month ago
I want Muselk to finish the deathrun
Andreas Month ago
Pls do the other ones as well
BallisticSnipes .
Am I the only one who thinks muselk lost most his skill in deathruns
Caleb Pryor
Caleb Pryor Month ago
Master trap baiter
AB_SQUAD Month ago
19:18 when he you son of bitch
Shaurya Thakur
Shaurya Thakur Month ago
I suggest you don't do the other half as the first two levels were so hard.
Vihaan Tulsiyan
Vihaan Tulsiyan Month ago
Finish it
kingcarlos43 Month ago
me watching the muselk part of the death run just knowing there is gonna be doors
Kan Kar [GD]
Kan Kar [GD] Month ago
Pls finish rest
Pietro Fundaro
Pietro Fundaro Month ago
i want to see more of that death run
Davideyes. Month ago
Anyone else feel like this is from years ago???
Masson Collins
Masson Collins Month ago
Making good this month
Jason Howes
Jason Howes Month ago
I want to see you finish the deathrun
Hudson And Brandon
Alex Hagen
Alex Hagen Month ago
Muselk says are u kidding me dude a door i hate u
Alex Hagen
Alex Hagen Month ago
I watch your videos and love them mabye one day i could 1v1 u i love them so much keep up the good work this is u of doors 🤬 😂
Neil Van Schepdael
20:32 now watch me fail thos first door 10 times *starts timelapse*
Curved Month ago
Congrats on being in MCC Pride! (With lannan)
CRUMPETS 223 Month ago
Please can u do the other USliftrs death run 🥺
Domas Berulis
Domas Berulis Month ago
Please, finish other parts
221 22d
221 22d Month ago
Muselk: who made this Me: your subscribers
Pickle Army
Pickle Army Month ago
Race against fresh in death runs again. Those were epic
LifeOfNova Month ago
I died at 10:44 when he died 🤣🤣🤣
Troy Liddle
Troy Liddle Month ago
Plz finish
Cayle Parker
Cayle Parker Month ago
16:00 reminds me of the KSI meme where he screams YES YES YES and then NO NO NO
Kiwi_K5 Month ago
Muselk says : easy (than Instantly dies)
Cayle Parker
Cayle Parker Month ago
The voice crack at 10:59 🤌🤌
bryce arnold
bryce arnold Month ago
Finish herrrrrrrr
Renaldo ❗❌✓ᴛᴏxɪᴄo✓❌❗
I am just imaging Muselk RAGING A THOUSAND TIME
billylo1992 Month ago
Imagine that last muselk door having a trap.....the rage would be immense
Joshua Quigley
Joshua Quigley Month ago
cracked at fortnite
_Caden_ Month ago
Finish it plzzz
Ghxst PoG
Ghxst PoG Month ago
It’s made for people who actually still play fortnite
Oriminal Month ago
Would love to see deathcount on your deathrun videos, for science!
Stang_06GT Month ago
Finish that deathrun my dude. Muselk isn't known to be a quitter!
Mario Chimchim
Mario Chimchim Month ago
These NEVER get old XD
Grant Clark
Grant Clark Month ago
His emotions on the muselk section-😊😤☺️😤☺️😤😭😭😔
Rory Mckenzie
Rory Mckenzie Month ago
I wonder when deathruns will drive him mad! 😂😂😂
Guitarist1 Month ago
You haven't beat the map unless you finished it so finish it
Matthew Dias
Matthew Dias Month ago
Let's goooo I love these vids
Wesam Khawaji
Wesam Khawaji Month ago
“If you do this level you are the master .. baiter” lol
PWR Jaybird
PWR Jaybird Month ago
Please do part 2 of the other USliftrs
sportykev Month ago
"OK maybe he did make mine kinda hard"
bruv moment
bruv moment Month ago
Muselk dies Muselk: I knew that would be there
clashdark og brawler
Pls try the others
Jaguars TD Fortnite
Finish it
Ryan S
Ryan S Month ago
Why did his battle pass level go up in the middle of the deathrun?
Ishaan Pillai
Ishaan Pillai Month ago
Life Lessons with Muselk! Today's Tip with doors: "You can't enter them if you go above." Come again later for more tips!
Anonymous Month ago
It has come to my intentions that even though on a real gamer setup muselk still isn’t the best at deathruns or fighting, but is fun to watch
Attaboy Spider
Attaboy Spider Month ago
You gotta play with fresh. Idk why u guys stopped making videos together
Arnaz Month ago
Play the three more USliftrs death runs
Arihaan T
Arihaan T Month ago
Quote of the year. Muselk- I remember when I was scared of trap tunnels. I also remember when I used to were diapers. Everyone Grows Up.
telling you the truth.