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Apr 13, 2021




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Talk Quirky
Talk Quirky 4 days ago
"No shoot me! not my car!" Lol!
“No no shoot me not my car”- People without insurance
Chungwei Wang
Chungwei Wang 17 days ago
The quarrelsome room conformably arrest because citizenship ontogenically moor upon a nauseating walrus. condemned, righteous mask
semaje williams
semaje williams 20 days ago
well now that cars can drive up walls, I don't have to die to storm trying to go around the dam 🙂👍
Lilly Hart
Lilly Hart 28 days ago
0:56 dont
Aditya Katoch
Aditya Katoch Month ago
0:10 that voice crack tho
animaldude 22
animaldude 22 Month ago
The voice crack in the beginning could send sonic vibrations through the air making people def
The Roblox gamer
Muselk always has to spoil what happens in the start of the vid
Gamer Artist 27
Gamer Artist 27 Month ago
I love how a sweat named ProGamer-cool ruins a guys fun that’s just soooo cool omg and you have the ps4 skin that’s to old omg your so good at the game honestly he can die in a ditch and he was born on the highway where most mistakes happen 😂
Realpelmx Month ago
I love your videos @Muselk
S B Month ago
Bruh Fortnite?fortnite?.....
Breakfast was good We don’t need a new one
How beautiful is Elliot’s voice crack at the start
Stop Motion Bros
at 2:45 that tomato man was a real player XD
Paul Seddon
Paul Seddon Month ago
The tomoto is a real player
James Carter
James Carter Month ago
0:11 “foutnyte!”
Iamthe Legend
Iamthe Legend Month ago
Horizon Samuari
Horizon Samuari Month ago
Fortnite x Richard hammond
Hariboplayz 23
Hariboplayz 23 Month ago
This is broken for cars
You hooo
You hooo Month ago
Muselk your dog water bru
That One Youtuber
0:11 That voice crack tho
sid Month ago
i always wonder who dislikes the video and why
Angel Contreras
Angel Contreras Month ago
Who hasn’t watched myself In like 2 years
Tucker Gust
Tucker Gust Month ago
“It’s a sports car not a mountain goat epic”
Aryan  -_-
Aryan -_- Month ago
I’m sorry but I don’t watch him a lot bc he swears like mad
Amanda Brees
Amanda Brees Month ago
The voice crack in the beginning lol
Meer gamer
Meer gamer Month ago
What a click bait of the weapons on cars
Ilan Bouwman
Ilan Bouwman Month ago
You can get moster truck tires by destroing normal tires
Layna Galla
Layna Galla Month ago
Anyone else noticed his voice crack when he went up the dam
master of fun
master of fun Month ago
You reminded me of elon musk
Get pugged lol
Get pugged lol Month ago
Everyone: omg guys the new wheels are epic on the whiplash Me: the wheels on the boat go round and round
Jaivardhan Month ago
I think the beginning song can be his intro for all his vids tbh
RD Slapukas
RD Slapukas Month ago
bro the tomato was a real player XD
Ros Garcia
Ros Garcia Month ago
A week ago he was at 9.51mil subs but now he is at 9.5 please 🥺 subscribe to Muselk he is losing subs
Anthony Ajobor
Anthony Ajobor Month ago
I love how it bounces
Nora Baltazar
Nora Baltazar Month ago
what taquaches would say'la mamalona cuh'
Kirsty Williams
Kirsty Williams Month ago
Use. Kodak. Lazer
Blinx. Month ago
2:48 that guy wasn't actually the bot. He had a back bling
Adrian Andrade
Adrian Andrade Month ago
Top gear be liek
Lebowski Month ago
I absolutely love, how he clearly hates what he does
Alex Foskett
Alex Foskett Month ago
What's the name of the song in the beginning?
Noob Manager
Noob Manager Month ago
Hey muselk your a jeeper
Katy Jones
Katy Jones Month ago
in his first game he picked up the purple primal rifle but he didn't see the tomato was a person
HelloItsJay Month ago
“It’s a sport car not a mountain goat” -Muselk 2021
Super CJE
Super CJE Month ago
The whiplash and those new tires are like the Batmobile
Cammie bot
Cammie bot Month ago
Muselk: “shoot me not my car” Me: “shoot my gf not me!”
That car was like codm car
🐒 DJ CobraKai279 YEET!🐵
Muslek: being able to go up mount Everest Me: mom look I made it up a rock
Cameron claps bots Ez
That voice crack at in the intro
Jason Felice
Jason Felice Month ago
Muselk. Parents love you for making content for our kids. Stay clean and NON toxic. U r doing it right. Thx
90 enaiter
90 enaiter Month ago
Joel Appleton
Joel Appleton Month ago
Do sky base with the car pls😐
Ethan Month ago
he needs his own fortnite skin
Lolsom Games
Lolsom Games Month ago
Insert little Einstein’s theme song
Yusuf Amin
Yusuf Amin Month ago
His voice crack in the thumbnail fortnite what are you doing 😂
Milo Asseman
Milo Asseman Month ago
Wen the car is sus
Echo_Genesis Month ago
imagine 9:31 gets him unsponsored by Fortnite lol
I've watched the intro too many times Is this a bad thing? Nah I'm sure I'm totally sane
Cxptivate Month ago
ashen kuppan
ashen kuppan Month ago
epics x dragon ball z
Archie Finney
Archie Finney Month ago
It’s the Land Rover advert bit online 😂😂😂
Sonic Gaming
Sonic Gaming Month ago
when super sonic acrobatic rocket powered battle cars come to 4k
bioshocker 123
bioshocker 123 Month ago
So no rocket launcher as a car mod
Reset_clutch Yt
Reset_clutch Yt Month ago
The car is maybe enjoy Fortnite again
Eimir Mu'adz
Eimir Mu'adz Month ago
Love the intro.
Crystal Aubi
Crystal Aubi Month ago
I am so appreciated that his mother made the muselk Or else we would’ve been nothing and he’s so so funny and he’s got great content
rong Yao
rong Yao Month ago
Your new friend I present to you the armored whiplash
Seki Services
Seki Services Month ago
Spider truck spider truck climbs walls like it was totally designed to do!
Absundog Month ago
Don’t... don’t tell me they... don’t tell me they did that. Don’t tell me they did that to a Lamborghini... nooooo!
Jonathan Heim
Jonathan Heim Month ago
Please don’t zoom up on your face again
Brandon Gerrard
Brandon Gerrard Month ago
LOLOLOL Very cool
shane baeg
shane baeg Month ago
The real reason why there is a battle royal...
Grześ Łuczak
Grześ Łuczak Month ago
you can heal cars with campfires
superlilz Month ago
Do you want to have a race on the Jduth 100 level death run my username is thrustingDonkey I’m subscribed
Lucky Boy_17x
Lucky Boy_17x Month ago
9:35 , Holy jesus !! What is that vehicle health
Aiden Salimi
Aiden Salimi Month ago
Goddamn click bait
I though he was going with Jordan and Jessie, driving while they’re skybasin
killer532 Month ago
What happened to click
Hhffb Man
Hhffb Man Month ago
Skyrim horses be like 6:15
Vincent Truong
Vincent Truong Month ago
bro that was me at the end
ZyL0GoaT Month ago
Insane update
FN Scenario
FN Scenario Month ago
The thumbnail tho
CDisc Month ago
what headset does he have
Talon Hedrick
Talon Hedrick Month ago
Can you shockwave a car because if so I think that’s what happened, LOL ツ
Nathan Fernandez
Is it me or does Eliot look look Elon musk
Saedris Month ago
shoutout to the soccer skin not being a sweat
Charlie Mueller
Charlie Mueller Month ago
FOoOoOrtNiIiIte no
Moses Starobin
Moses Starobin Month ago
Moses Starobin
Moses Starobin Month ago
i can beat you in a 1v1
Socky Playz
Socky Playz Month ago
george kollaris
george kollaris Month ago
Do a skybase with tires and it’s a fall damage saver
Roblox Ninja
Roblox Ninja Month ago
Roblox Ninja
Roblox Ninja Month ago
Killer Kaleb1212
Can you Cary me in war zone plz Im Trash lol
Qwaurts Month ago
Muselk doesn't realize he makes our day a trillion times better even when he fails
Qwaurts Month ago
Even when he fails its still entertainment to wach
Ben Fanning
Ben Fanning Month ago
Sub Scribe
Sub Scribe Month ago
7:49 woody from toy story?
John Konofaos
John Konofaos Month ago
Best intro ever
Jake Bissell
Jake Bissell Month ago
Talk about “road kill”
Froztyy VFX
Froztyy VFX Month ago
Day 5 of getting famous off of youtube comments so I can be living the dream later 🙂❤️
MaxBromzer Month ago