Finding cursed Fortnite loot... 

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May 25, 2021




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Tiago Ward
Tiago Ward 15 hours ago
2:18 he does know that it's just that he was on 8 health right?
gecko fish
gecko fish 3 days ago
nice clickbait thumbnail
lakarina88 5 days ago
Masters 6 days ago
Music:🦅 Video:🐥
T 7 days ago
This guy is now putting 5-6 ads per video this is insane
IsaacOMG gaming
IsaacOMG gaming 7 days ago
Mr. Redstone
Mr. Redstone 8 days ago
I got a blue msg and it showed a blue pump lol
A Man of Culture
A Man of Culture 8 days ago
I love how there isn't a single ad in this vid.
Periodic Gamer
Periodic Gamer 9 days ago
Common, Uncommon, and Rare High Level Pump Shotgun?
Randy Bullock
Randy Bullock 10 days ago
Anyone else notice the tongue action when he’s in a sweaty fight? Lol
TareqA 10 days ago
That happens when u lag
TheGamerAnimeDude 11 days ago
Imack Studios 6 days ago
Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor 12 days ago
His thumbnail just triggers me
lunix 13 days ago
"All your skins will be gone" Me who got banned on friday 😥
Jonas Rempe
Jonas Rempe 13 days ago
I’m a default so... I don’t have to hit that like button. JK I’ll hit it anyway
E 13 days ago
And this is why I unsubscribed the amount of clickbait coming from youre channel is insane a little sometimes is ok but thats a lot, and I am not mad at you I am just disappointed
bald potato chip
bald potato chip 13 days ago
7:04 damn i guess that muselk over here be getting gwappy toppy
Callan Strachan
Callan Strachan 13 days ago
Ha jokes on you I don't have skins
cousins gaming
cousins gaming 13 days ago
IDK_MY_ACCOUNT 14 days ago
The damage gets negated when the enemy is on low health E.G. if you damage a person so that they are on one hp then instead of doing 100 dmg with a blue pump for no reason the dmg will get lowered to 3 to 8.
Matt Kim
Matt Kim 14 days ago
Is it just me or is muselk losing sub
Braden Mullaney
Braden Mullaney 14 days ago
999 jucewrld
Braden Mullaney
Braden Mullaney 14 days ago
999 jucewrld
Braden Mullaney
Braden Mullaney 14 days ago
999 jucewrld
Braden Mullaney
Braden Mullaney 14 days ago
999 jucewrld
Braden Mullaney
Braden Mullaney 14 days ago
999 jucewrld
Braden Mullaney
Braden Mullaney 14 days ago
999 jucewrld
Zildjian Bolton
Zildjian Bolton 15 days ago
People like you keep me interested in the game bro
Gogy is cool
Gogy is cool 15 days ago
Is it just me but this video is cursed and not just in the fortnite way
Skeetoo 15 days ago
Muselk sucks. Fortnite died 2 years ago u schmuck
Zeyad Sadek
Zeyad Sadek 15 days ago
Zeyad Sadek
Zeyad Sadek 15 days ago
Nice win
Bamfhammer 15 days ago
This guy says cursed loot... but it looks like my regular loadout
Mr Australia
Mr Australia 15 days ago
Lose some weight bro, time will catch up on you.
Jaivardhan 15 days ago
"Like to not lose fortnite skins" HELL NAW LIKE INSTANTLY AINT RISKING
LivingDed 31
LivingDed 31 15 days ago
This was a really good idea for a video
Marcus Ferro
Marcus Ferro 15 days ago
Thumbnail: Green shotty Video: Grey load out, no green shotty in sight
ADiehardSavage Gaming
That 8 damage at the beginning that was shown was not because the gun did low damage. It's because he had low enough health and if the guy has health lower than what the gun's damage is, mainly with shotguns I'm pretty sure, it only shows that dmg number.
Shane Wolfe
Shane Wolfe 16 days ago
Damn it’s really been a minute since I played this game… I miss how great it once was.
Clutch King
Clutch King 16 days ago
Can we please give Muselk a round of applause for making Fresh big👏
Xiaoqing Tang
Xiaoqing Tang 16 days ago
Hey Muselk. U should play more among us and bring GTA 5 back plz.
Godslash_165 16 days ago
Is it just me or muselk's subscriber count lower than usual?
Mult1 _b0t
Mult1 _b0t 16 days ago
why do you use freshs music?
Samuel Hicks
Samuel Hicks 16 days ago
2:12 that was the worst build fight I have ever seen lol
Leslie Puryear
Leslie Puryear 16 days ago
That's sus muslek, not gonna lie 😅. 6:58
AL7 Games
AL7 Games 16 days ago
3 is the magicccc nummmmberrrr
Denis Roy
Denis Roy 16 days ago
I use to like watching this content, but i i left, and then, when I come back, I'm realizing that it was a mistake
Sebastian Azua
Sebastian Azua 16 days ago
POV: your that one 6 year old who liked the video so that your skins didn't disappear
Lulmikey5X 16 days ago
🤦🏽I got so used to building this guy barely build like this chapter 1 season 1 thru 2
Nathan Muhirwa
Nathan Muhirwa 16 days ago
He keeps on losing subscribers when he reaching 10 million
santosh pesala
santosh pesala 16 days ago
Noah Rotenstreich
Noah Rotenstreich 16 days ago
8:12 is literally the definition of teaming and spraying
SIMPIN ASTRIO 16 days ago
OG’s remember the muselk tongue power
Typical Shark
Typical Shark 16 days ago
The thumbnail of this video makes me cringe Grey pumps
Thomas Melluish
Thomas Melluish 16 days ago
Let’s get this man to ten mil 🤩🤩🤩
Sam Lee
Sam Lee 16 days ago
Please stop playing fortnite bro
Saad Ullah
Saad Ullah 16 days ago
The clickbait🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
GeethuManam 16 days ago
even my inventory turns into spars all the time
Imaad Rasool
Imaad Rasool 16 days ago
Muselk put a toll on 10 mil subs before a year and fresh was on 2 mil at the time and now he’s gonna reach 8 millions but he still stuck on 9mil
Matthew Games
Matthew Games 16 days ago
Do another among us video
BOBS UR UNCLE 16 days ago
Hey muselk I have the HARDEST Deathrun for u but I don't have a creator code but I bet u can't beat it :)
RAJAT 16 days ago
Bro he was literally 8hp that's why u killed him with the damage of 8 dumb.
zane launer
zane launer 16 days ago
Did anyone think it was weird how hi picked up the makeshift smog but never used it once😂
The Rozy Family
The Rozy Family 16 days ago
Zorotoaster 123
Zorotoaster 123 16 days ago
Muselk for some reason I can clip and make a new title for the vid 🤷‍♂️
Zorotoaster 123
Zorotoaster 123 16 days ago
I won’t but for some reason I can
NEO_Mystic 16 days ago
Muselk: like the vid rn or all your skins will disappear Me: it's to late my account disappeared in chapter 2 season 2
Ayaan Dhingra
Ayaan Dhingra 16 days ago
Muselk will not pin this JOE
ImpiTheZuluWarrior 16 days ago
I feel so bad for Muselk, he doesn’t even break 800,000 views anymore :(
ImpiTheZuluWarrior 16 days ago
@BustyBagel still feels bad tho
Sam Lee
Sam Lee 16 days ago
@BustyBagel fr
BustyBagel 16 days ago
It’s because his content is terrible and lost all his true fans after he went full fortnite mode
Just Gaming
Just Gaming 16 days ago
I think some one has a channel called muselk shorts
Shari Feldman
Shari Feldman 17 days ago
Kim Rigor
Kim Rigor 17 days ago
My loot be like:
NICKOLAS DRAWZ 17 days ago
Can you add me my epic is SKLUMA
TheWolfInSpace 17 days ago
Muselk: "I'm trying to stay so under the radar" Right as he says that two people go after him.
TheWolfInSpace 6 days ago
@Kingzero65 Lol I got mine from google. It was on a website.
Kingzero65 10 days ago
Wow we have the same picture where did you get the picture from
VTX mini ninja
VTX mini ninja 17 days ago
"5 elims of the bat... Thats pretty good" Tg plays newest clip:am i a joke to you?
Alejandro Noel Miranda Serrano
What’s your code
HELLBURY 17 days ago
I usually use blue makeshift shotgun bec the two bullets can be shit directly
CringyPencil 13
CringyPencil 13 17 days ago
1:28 muselks face Lol subscribe to me please
Oliver Hultman
Oliver Hultman 17 days ago
"Yees! Eat me. I hate that guy, he was so hard..." 😟 10:22
brody mothafawkin g
my respect for you when i saw that you don’t use the deaf player settings skyrocketed
Collin Wegscheid
Collin Wegscheid 17 days ago
yea that means that im not a deafult anymore
Slipperyco w
Slipperyco w 17 days ago
Does he not realize he hit for 8 cuz he was 8 health
Che Rowlands
Che Rowlands 17 days ago
But what if we don’t have any fortnite skins then what will we loose
NotTopNotchGamin' 17 days ago
I didn’t like and lost all my skins :(
Ilyas Buksh
Ilyas Buksh 17 days ago
nice today you showed really how good you are at the game lets go my man
StinkyCheese 17 days ago
muselk my fish are broken, the fishing spots dont appear please fix
Captain Arkight
Captain Arkight 17 days ago
1:10 "If ain't gray, and it ain't Makeshift, I ain't allowed to use it." Me, an intellectual: There aren't any non-Makeshift Gray weapons currently in the game so just find gray weapons and you're good.
Liam R.
Liam R. 17 days ago
Damn bro play a new game. OG fan here and you kinda suck now.
N0obism 17 days ago
Almost as cursed as your thumbnails
Aiden Huskins
Aiden Huskins 17 days ago
“eat me!!!”- muselk 2021
Cedar Fee
Cedar Fee 17 days ago
please get this man to 10 mil subs, he was asking for it back in season 4 and then just gave up. SUBSCRIBE
ha2x2er 17 days ago
Is Larry still your editer?
Fumetsu- 17 days ago
muselk has its so easy in his lobbies.... he wouldnt ever survive the lobbies i get put into...
Noah IVEY 17 days ago
I love the way you react to stuff
It's Linz
It's Linz 17 days ago
Nice video as always! You were my inspiration to become a youtuber!
Joanie Shorts
Joanie Shorts 17 days ago
Elliot's lips always look so MOIST
Yvng 17 days ago
i used to watch ur vids back in 2017/18 and used to play fortnite on a laptop now i play on ps4 and im kinda a sweat lol love u Muselk!!
Haze-gaming 17 days ago
Will you go back to overwatch
HotDawg 17 days ago
Plot Twist: Muselk Loves grey Makeshift guns
Xander Tollefson
Xander Tollefson 17 days ago
Do a only shotgun challenge
caroline bauer
caroline bauer 17 days ago
Play Minecraft