Crafting BANNED weapons in Fortnite… 

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Epic doesn’t want us to have this level of power

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Jun 14, 2021




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Comments 1 003   
Tuffthebear 8 days ago
Who els saw the first eliminations name 0:42
RipplyAnemone67 22 days ago
Title should’ve not been used for this with crafting rail guns in competitive with alien nanites
xdfreewae Month ago
Muselk: Begins charging Rail Gun Jesse: Begins charging Rail Gun Jordan: Begins charging Rail Gun 3 seconds later: [Insert explosion meme] Me after watching this video: So that's how Muselk became obsessed with the rail g- [Insert the meme again].
Moments Month ago
Get this man to 10m already
Christian Mason
Christian Mason Month ago
Just a humble opinion, your content is already godly Muselk, ya know, without the clickbait title.
Fire Warrior103
Fire Warrior103 Month ago
The whole time I'm thinking of predator's shoulder canon
Jeffrey Beyer
Jeffrey Beyer Month ago
This video does not live up to the title
notsodwarf Month ago
Epic - we need to fix this The guy in charge - bring mechs back
Cindyfactor Month ago
arandomduckdog Month ago
since when did muselk clickbait
KgothatsoNts Month ago
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TheOvertaker217 Month ago
gideon glendon
gideon glendon Month ago
The railgun is so op it literally moves your crosshair when hip firing.
Sino Sbongakonke
God bless anyone who is watching this Jesus loves y’all And don’t use Gods and Jesus’s name in vain
tony18zavala1 Month ago
Keep the click bait up and you'll lose a few hundred of us
Hayden Clark
Hayden Clark Month ago
Candy TM
Candy TM Month ago
Muselk: Guys I am popping of! Us: yeah..... But you suck you died to a lower sniper 👎
Candy TM
Candy TM Month ago
No there isn't! 🌝🌚
The Morally Superior Democrat
You lost me buddy. I've watched you go from funny to click bate. Unsub
Armstrong Gaming
also, you don't have to hold the fire button down, doing it just delays the shot for up to a second, nothing is changed, not the damage, wall penetration, nothing. if you've played halo, think of that railgun
Armstrong Gaming
seeing one laser: oh, i can just build 2 walls seeing three lasers: ight imma head out
Max Maham
Max Maham Month ago
I’ve said this multiple times, this guy is the MASTER… at false advertising. At what point did you craft anything, let alone a banned weapon? I like your videos, you don’t have to lie cause I’m about to unsubscribe simply because you can’t tell the truth… just say “this is the only way a laser beam can get the Vic Roy” and it’s already a million times better and still the truth but in your misdirecting style 🙄
Arush joshi
Arush joshi Month ago
how is he not at 10mil subs
SamG89 Month ago
It’s sorta sad that tommyinnit is gonna hit 10mil before muselk and he’s had his channel for 3 years longer
Akhil K
Akhil K Month ago
The number of times he said “3,2,1 go” are the number of likes on this comment
Daniel Month ago
PostmanFAT Month ago
I like my new icon
Big mike 69
Big mike 69 Month ago
1v1 me
m bang
m bang Month ago
3:32 he jinx himself
m bang
m bang Month ago
bruv dont spoil this weapon for those who actually like it like damn bro
Meeke Month ago
How long u gonna be on 9mil for I feel bad
Joshua Lynch
Joshua Lynch Month ago
Muselk has been taken by the click bait side of USlift... he was one of the last ogs who didn’t need it. Oh well, over to Faze Replays who doesn’t have a click bait bone in his body I guess
Michael Sigmarsson
Michael Sigmarsson
Evan Birnbaum
Evan Birnbaum Month ago
"Chickens will take over the world one day, mark my words"
gate access
gate access Month ago
what exactly got CRAFTED?????
Paul Glover
Paul Glover Month ago
Disappointing bullshit clickbait titles. You dont need em. We enjoy the content so Stop it, it only annoys chat
shakeeexo Month ago
I’ve never been click baited so bad from Muselk ever until this video
Amirhossein Mokhtarpour
Freaking clickbait 👎👎👎👎👎👎
Orange lk Zoty
Orange lk Zoty Month ago
Minecraft pls pls like if you agree
TheChampShrimp Month ago
Huuuge **CLICKBAIT**
Echo XD
Echo XD Month ago
Guess what thanks muselk, good on you, now that you done this the weapon will be nerfed
LonelyVibez Month ago
This isn’t Fortnite.. It’s too advanced and I like it !
Timothy Month ago
not gonna lye ur voice annoying
Rishikesh S
Rishikesh S Month ago
nothing needs to be changed about the railgun... the season just came out...and people are only starting to get used to the new meta... it's the most fun weapon we've had in a long time
Austin Law
Austin Law Month ago
0:42 tf is that name lmao
Oli Schwarz
Oli Schwarz Month ago
"Chickens will take over the world" - Muselk June 15 2021
Futurama Bender
Futurama Bender Month ago
Nice teaming up with x2 twins
Brason Denton
Brason Denton Month ago
Hey, so like every video you say that you need to stop speaking. 3:30 what happened to that? Lol
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Rivera Month ago
Wait does he know you can shoot it faster?
Inukness 95
Inukness 95 Month ago
"FaZe Clan hit me up" As he's a content creator for LG 🤔
Martae Allen
Martae Allen Month ago
Martae Allen
Martae Allen Month ago
Muselk is using sweats to help him win the game, which means he is really bad at the game.
Martae Allen
Martae Allen Month ago
He’s a bot lol
Dark knight
Dark knight Month ago
I hope they don’t ban railgun
kxngz_unknown 07
With the power Of Friendship
okami gamerYT
okami gamerYT Month ago
day 3 of asking u to play fort with me
Emol Month ago
g_superson1c Month ago
0:41 that username lmfao
Bagel bot-2000
Bagel bot-2000 Month ago
Hey man what happened to click I’ve been asking every member
Kendan Kirtley
Kendan Kirtley Month ago
Hey muselk do you remember the hiding in car meme well if you do or don’t the new black cars have max tinted windows so you can’t be seen
Nicholas :0
Nicholas :0 Month ago
Ayeee yo anyone trying to gift me that battlepass nick_progamer567 just consider it 🤷🏾‍♂️
Elly Thatcher
Elly Thatcher Month ago
Clickbait title and thumbnail.... Ya hate to see it.
allan mercado
allan mercado Month ago
Can you play Overwatch again because of the memes
Everardo Uchiha
Everardo Uchiha Month ago
Hold up aren't you with luminosity
Freddy Zavala
Freddy Zavala Month ago
Hey muselk I think you should abduct sharks and drop them on SWEATS, I think that would be super funny 😅
Josh Parsons
Josh Parsons Month ago
Why did'nt he aim with the railgun
ZOT 1000
ZOT 1000 Month ago
Tyler Aseltine
Tyler Aseltine Month ago
There is no crafting. Good vid, but I think this is clickbait. I don't understand.
Fallow McOlstein
imagine how terrifying it must be to suddely have 3 lasers pointing at you and you're just dead 1 second later
Fallow McOlstein
wait at the end of the stream a few days ago, he had the mistborn loading screen. Is it a coincidence or is he a mistborn/sanderson fan? edit: i just saw he still had it on.
JulianaRoses12 Month ago
Fun Time
Fun Time Month ago
team fortress 2
HYPER Clan Month ago
6:21 look at that guy's name lol
Chase Hellmann
Chase Hellmann Month ago
muselk im a small youtuber who wants to party up i have some video ideas that are REALLY good and i want to do them myself but it be weird for my channel a lot of your vids been click bate lately so you might want it
Kagan Ronny
Kagan Ronny Month ago
Muselk let's be honest, we want you on sea of thieves. New update. Jack sparrow. 😏
maverick Month ago
The whole video: 3,2,1 go
Alfyris Month ago
Now thats balanced
ZOT 1000
ZOT 1000 Month ago
3:13 thats what she said
Brayden Weaver
Brayden Weaver Month ago
Bro I got in your trio match
Nitro Month ago
Teamwork makes the meme work.
Shadowz Month ago
Finally his face cam is on again
Synergy Slicc
Synergy Slicc Month ago
3:44 and his teamates name is uhhhh kinda sus
Chewiebros11 Month ago
he got the season right!
Tobias Almstedt
Tobias Almstedt Month ago
click bate shit
Pw-Verge Month ago
the kid they first killed his name 😂😂
RedRaven Month ago
Did anyone notice the name of one of the people who were railed in the beginning? C*m_carrot 0:42 6:22
GameMasters Month ago
Just a pity that the title of this video is literally a factual lie.
Kakers61 Month ago
you're not wrong lol
20_Nischay_ Bhadani
You are nothing more than a toxic 12 year kid
Jack tully
Jack tully Month ago
Why are all of you youtubers trying to get the rail gun nerfed
Venomtankmod3 Month ago
It’s too bad chappadoodles grave isn’t around. I wanna use it with a ufo
ronny blow
ronny blow Month ago
Need to get rid of ufo’s
Gamer Goat34
Gamer Goat34 Month ago
Your the best
That Boii
That Boii Month ago
So what's the banned weapon?
Abhishek Duttagupta
Screw you clickbaiter
Charles Berg
Charles Berg Month ago
People like muselk are why fortnite isn't fun anymore. Beats bad players and bullies them. Sweats so much he can fill a 2 liter bottle.
Callum Hardy
Callum Hardy Month ago
Yoo, go and follow me on twitch u goose :) Twitch - hardy70177_ ✌🏻💙
ines thioren
ines thioren Month ago
Sloot Sloot
Sloot Sloot Month ago
5:50 he Sears the same skin as me lol
Matthew Best
Matthew Best Month ago
3:30: Muselk: I don't need the twins, I'm popping off Epic: You should choose your words more wisely
Baby meets family...
Baby meets family...