Season 7 skybases hit different... 

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Jun 12, 2021




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RockPanther YT
RockPanther YT 4 days ago
0:00 fortnite season 6?
Oscar BanksCarver
Does he mean season 7
Sleepy 8 days ago
It has nanites to break fall damage
maisie quinn
maisie quinn 10 days ago
Its season 7 not season 6
maisie quinn
maisie quinn 10 days ago
You said season six but its season seven
Mark Couch
Mark Couch 10 days ago
I carry a set of tires - if you fall you throw the tires to bounce off the ground - if you aim and time it right
Tyler Drechsel
Tyler Drechsel 12 days ago
Dirty Docks
Veer Relia
Veer Relia 14 days ago
0:00 he told Fortnite season 6 are u serious man
Liznell Hernandez
Liznell Hernandez 20 days ago
Catal 20 days ago
Malick coetzer
Malick coetzer 20 days ago
00:01 season 6 haha
Nathaniel Miller
Nathaniel Miller 22 days ago
Muselk be living in the past from that beginning
L.man888 23 days ago
I did a sky base and did it
Big Boi Beni Brother
I’ve been trying to skybase, but even though I’m getting better at it, it’s still really hard collecting all the materials only for your hard work to be shot down in 3-1 bullets. You make it look so easy Muselk. I wish Epic made it to where it’s really hard to see through the storm when you’re outside of it, because that would be cool. I will not give up!🌅
3.46 muselk showing us the best rancho relaxo spots
oiuxls 25 days ago
He said season 6
brianna messina-potter
kagee kao
kagee kao Month ago
Muselk do a jump pad mlg
Tiropita08Grシ Month ago
Where is the facecam lol
brie bruin
brie bruin Month ago
Fortnite season 6???? 0:01
Syed Farhan
Syed Farhan Month ago
Why did he say season 6 at the start and the editor did not even see it?
CurrentSnow4779 Month ago
another place to get max wood? *ahem*, weeping woods
ACiD Month ago
1:08...... - Coral Castle - Stealthy stronghold
LilMaz291 Month ago
Use tires to save yourself
Abdullah_Playzz Month ago
0:02 "I've been loving season 6 so far!" -Muselk
Grant Densmore
Grant Densmore Month ago
U need to start carrying heals when u do sky bases instead of shield because the shield isn’t gonna help your health in the storm lol
X_o FlipzzyFN
X_o FlipzzyFN Month ago
Bruh 6 or 7
Doge Gaming!
Doge Gaming! Month ago
Muselk: We’re at max wood now! Game: Are you sure about that because it looks like you have 998 wood Muselk: No, it says 999 Game: wdym *Muselk realises that it’s actually 998 not 999* Muselk: oh Game: your blind xD (this was before he killed the guy that made him get 999 wood)
Yaman Khaled
Yaman Khaled Month ago
0:01 wth u said season six its season seven
Andy Flyn
Andy Flyn Month ago
My guy said hello guys chapter2 season 6 lol
Dolari GD
Dolari GD Month ago
I don't play fortnight anmore
david henderson
david henderson Month ago
6:25 PLEASE someone tell me what song this is I've been looking for it forever @Muselk help
Tristan Horton
Tristan Horton Month ago
And that’s when I knew muselk is never dog sitting for me ever
Aim Rexius
Aim Rexius Month ago
Aim Rexius
Aim Rexius Month ago
Season six!? He’s on drugs 😂
Aim Rexius
Aim Rexius Month ago
Любомир Банков
You say season 6, not season 7!
Rocky Coates
Rocky Coates Month ago
rancho relax 3:46 for the og
exlcongE Month ago
skybases ♥ :'(
JJ - 07PM 784474 Lisgar MS
Did you realize that he said season 6
Jo McCulloch
Jo McCulloch Month ago
0:02 alright guys fortnite season 6 has been cool so far
Frank Ludvigsen
Frank Ludvigsen Month ago
Use tires to not take fall damage
Free Month ago
0:01 fortnite season six……..six…….six………si-
RFBJ1 Month ago
fortnite seasone 6 has a lot of good stuff going on alines ufos and thne my guy sayting fortnite seasone 7 and he did not notic lol
Tord Month ago
First season 4 now 6
“Alright were maxed wood” he has 998 wood! 🦾
Johnathan Brozovic
I like how he thought it was embarrassing that the guy died to a wolf and yet he’s completely forgotten what season it is twice
tyoo Month ago
5:06 he need some milk
KgothatsoNts Month ago
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SlinkyPT Month ago
SlinkyPT Month ago
My guy said season 6
Fletcher Ross
Fletcher Ross Month ago
Saucers are just the 2021 version of mechs
Leo Lloyd
Leo Lloyd Month ago
My fort at home is l36leowen36
Zaine Weise
Zaine Weise Month ago
10:14 "You see the carculation" WTH
Izaak H.
Izaak H. Month ago
Anyone notice his camera was gone?
Foxish Gamer
Foxish Gamer Month ago
YOUKILLED A WOLFY for no reason
Jeremy Russell
Jeremy Russell Month ago
Milan Gees Pedersen
dissapointed with the fact he didnt reference rancho relaxo...
XI Rarity
XI Rarity Month ago
umm if ya destroy all the wall in logjam u get like 700 brick
shadow viking
shadow viking Month ago
Mr. Muselk you should try to play on mobile for a challenge
Kuga Rex
Kuga Rex Month ago
This mans has lost his mind last video he named his video “season 4” now he said season 6 in the beginning
Thorin Plays
Thorin Plays Month ago
Season 6 is gone my guy
Thomas Mansfield
Charleswoofwoof Cool
"he litteraly died to death" -muslek 2021 2:10
Steven Graham
Steven Graham Month ago
I wonder how long it took him to realize his face cam is not on
Steven Graham
Steven Graham Month ago
But I’ve been loving it to
Steven Graham
Steven Graham Month ago
Season seven buddy
Dave Meme619
Dave Meme619 Month ago
U said in season 6 lol on beggining
OP_ Zack
OP_ Zack Month ago
Dababy watching this: Lets GOOOOO!
Aniket Bose
Aniket Bose Month ago
*Season 6* It's season 7 Muselk
TheLoneRipper Month ago
Fortnite season six has got a lot of good things going on no it doesn't
Connor McWilliams
This guy still not got 10 mil subs
Ayaan K
Ayaan K Month ago
muselk why no facecam?
Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson Month ago
Oh my god I didn’t know fortnite was season 6
Robby Medina
Robby Medina Month ago
Omg I love the new Season Six! 0:00
Sam theman
Sam theman Month ago
lol season 6 everyone says that
Brason Denton
Brason Denton Month ago
I'm not sure if this is common knowledge, but apparently you can heal your UFO with a campfire. 🔥
3:20 that's your final warning lol nle choppa
Eli Howard
Eli Howard Month ago
No face cam?
Toxic Killer552
Toxic Killer552 Month ago
Why does he always forget the name of the season 🤦🏻‍♂️
Nether Spy
Nether Spy Month ago
Season 6 or Season 7:( its okay Muselk you had a long day man.
Jk Outdoors
Jk Outdoors Month ago
Amen god bless god loves you @musulk
Jk Outdoors
Jk Outdoors Month ago
@Muselk I mean
Jk Outdoors
Jk Outdoors Month ago
Me self
Stxlen Month ago
They made this season easy asf for thumbnails
BgPosers Month ago
Face cam noooooo so different
nicholas toohey
nicholas toohey Month ago
i coulndt watch 11:42 till the end of the vid with out wearing scuba gear ( sweats are NOT fun )
Capoosha Month ago
2:10 animal abuse
Kim Salloux
Kim Salloux Month ago
Muselk the king of memes. Keep up the good work i love having fun content to watch.
Monte Sim
Monte Sim Month ago
Title is for real, has anyone got to the mothership yet? Also can we talk about how that one guys username was "LOSER"
BertGate Month ago
bro first he thought it was season 4 now it’s season 6
Dogs_for_days7 Month ago
What happened to facecam
team illusive
team illusive Month ago
omg he litrally died to death 2:00
techz Month ago
I and my friend built a sky base in chap2 season7 and we won
Landon Dimitroff
How long have u been not using a face cam
ufos are going to be the flying mechs of this season
Brayden Champion
he said season 6 in intro
Yusuf Ahmad
Yusuf Ahmad Month ago
Editor! He said season 6
Basel Month ago
when u build . build it thin, use one line not two
Donovan Nungasak
Damn. I stopped watching muselk because of bot lobbies but now that he can crank, this might be more appetizing.
Cobb Month ago
Omg he said SEASON 6 :>
Michele Nowell
Michele Nowell Month ago
Did he just say season. 6