So Epic brought back Chapter 1 Fortnite... 

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Apr 22, 2021




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SPSk 7 days ago
Technically that gold smg isnt the compact smg, which was the one in chapter one. The one you picked up was just the gold variant that uses the same model that was added in season 11. Also you picked up cabbages which obviously werent in chapter 1
buff rules
buff rules 14 days ago
Cabbages weren't in season 1
Diomidis Adamidis
5:38: muselk ate cabbages
Doom_guy Lover
Doom_guy Lover Month ago
He's not supposed to use the lattes.
Anya Erray
Anya Erray Month ago
Graeme Mills👍👌👌
Fortnite Gamer157
I wonder what the guy spectating Muselk in the final round thought when Muselks just taunting the bot
Harley Genera
Harley Genera 20 days ago
Ghoul -shadow
Ghoul -shadow Month ago
Nice clickbait and you fell off I’m not going to lie
Jackie Boi
Jackie Boi Month ago
Clicks clips
Clicks clips Month ago
How does Muselk get so many bots in his games lol
I’m bored
I’m bored Month ago
Three years ago we want a new map now we want the old map back
Jake Light
Jake Light Month ago
Everyone wants chapter 1 back but I don't want it to come back. I really like chapter 2.
NY 7
NY 7 Month ago
I dont remember camp fires in chapter 1. Were there any?
Kole Month ago
Me thinking that U can use the explosive bow as a boom bow 😏
somegames Month ago
That build fight haif way through was so unsatisfying
Druva K
Druva K Month ago
Thats so funny looking at elliot missin all da bullets , brings me the memory of old muselk 😂😂
Khaleesi B
Khaleesi B 17 days ago
Tallismanto Month ago
Can you do a tutorial on how you level up fast
Tripnzz Month ago
Has anyone notice there is no supply drops season 6
Shua Month ago
This game is so dead 😂 like come on
Peely the first
Peely the first Month ago
Hey muselk you hit someone with a car and there were no cars in chapter 1 hahahahahhahahahahaha
Rogsterr Month ago
He only plays with bots, I have literal PRO PLAYERS IN MU GAMES, dude like wHATTTTTTTT
Mylann Verlaecke
If I was that bot I would rage quit fortnite
Markus Fredriksen
This titel is sooooooo click bait Me: OMG did they bring the old map back Muselk: they added a skin!! Me:??????
Blue Berrie
Blue Berrie Month ago
where do we share content ideas ?
Money hungry you making people Pay just to comment what the fuck mate in your live stream 💯 down
im a fan yeet
im a fan yeet Month ago
He copied fresh
Generator Gamer
Generator Gamer Month ago
Everyone wanna to get free Skin&V-bucks . Just don’t forget to maximum share ‼️
Str8upkills Month ago
Muselk you should do a challenge where you can only use the weapons you find on spawn island before the battle bus! If you use this idea can you shout me out?
Mariana Dewinta
Mariana Dewinta Month ago
TheGlassman Month ago
Damn. Muselk really ended up playing fortnite....
Rachel Ward
Rachel Ward Month ago
He holds cabbages defintetily chapter 1
mr potato
mr potato Month ago
4 days no video come back mannnnnn !!!!!!! we need u !!!
cold world
cold world Month ago
Sergio Esteban Marin Guayanés
There is a problem with you "Chapter one only loot" An there was no cabbages on Chapter 1... I believe but I could be wrong.
Dominic Month ago
How come the actual gamers get bots but I get nothing but ninja level players.
Tonic Gamer
Tonic Gamer Month ago
What will you choose delete your fortnite account or delete your youtube channel muselk ?
Jacob Welch
Jacob Welch Month ago
Jacob Welch
Jacob Welch Month ago
@let that sink in Then why are you watching him. HUH
let that sink in
no fortnite is shit
GillahGoat Month ago
why is muselk loosing subs?
Fizzee blop
Fizzee blop Month ago
We had fish in chapter 1
ryan rong
ryan rong Month ago
You still REMEBER when you kept spamming E Muselk?
Djrogo31 Month ago
Cough poison traps
Bharat Banslaa
Bharat Banslaa Month ago
I miss Overwatch days. But Elliott seems to be doing pretty well here too!
GameTEO Month ago
Can you try geometry dash?
Driftin Month ago
*me sees Muselk pick a meachanical parts Hhhhhmmm??
big boy blogs
big boy blogs Month ago
such a click bait video
Jordan Motala
Jordan Motala Month ago
I don't mean to hate but how is he this bad after 4 years of playing fortnite every day
leokab Month ago
I was wondering why every player he met werent building 2 mediaval castles in 0,1 seconds but then he said bots and i instantly realised the games still trash
Hahachalk Month ago
How fortnite ruins a man is a sad thing where quality was thrown out the window for money and greed
let that sink in
i miss the old muselk.
infinatedragon 01
Fortnite is trash
ZombieKitten390 Month ago
Try Grappling Bow awhile driving man like to see your face expression 😆
Cameron Kaizer
Cameron Kaizer Month ago
What happened to click?
Lexy Martin
Lexy Martin Month ago
Click bait so hard
Coxyozora Month ago
y'know, it's been awhile since i last watch muselk, when was it like 4 yrs ago? yeah, watching this feels so nostalgic, he doesn't change much, very enthusiastic very fun just different game and that's a good thing
Erika Johnson
Erika Johnson 15 days ago
Ofn Matt
Ofn Matt Month ago
Cars was in chapter 1
Bracelet Boy
Bracelet Boy Month ago
i like trains
rikzeyZ Month ago
What's muselks 2 words "FAR OUT" lol 😂
electrobob992 Month ago
Kinda hope to see you play some of those games you mentioned from that "Core Games" thing.
John Smotrilla
John Smotrilla Month ago
Clickbait pog
Goldfish Month ago
you a bot
Alicia Yahne
Alicia Yahne Month ago
Elliot... you cheated at 5:33 and pay attention to his health and then look at 5:38 pay attention to his health and the amount of cabbages in result you failed the challenge because cabbages were add in chapter 2 not 1 so sorry but you have indeed lost *pushes up anime glasses and smirks*
Prince Glynny
Prince Glynny Month ago
Revólver only challenge please 😂😂😂
Rundown_215 3
Rundown_215 3 Month ago
Can you do a sky base vid with tires , you can carry them now🥳😅
jamonte youngs
jamonte youngs Month ago
muselk you should make a video about the makeshift revolver it’s actually very good
B L Month ago
I used to always land at pressure plant
TaegenPlayz Month ago
That edit cut right before 7:30 tripped me out for a second.
Glitchy Month ago
The name is like Echo from Overwatch.
Redchef_12 on YT
Cabbages were not in chapter one
Gabriele Mannello
Please can you play team fortress 2
Fr33 HUGS For Fr33
How is muselks bloom so good ? 🧐
Aj Yeeterdude
Aj Yeeterdude Month ago
My friends dethrun is impossible u can’t beat level two if u do I will go back and like 100 of ur vids
Alex Ivanov
Alex Ivanov Month ago
Hey. Muselk. I made a few deathruns for you. Do u wanna try them?
X_T44HM1D_X A Month ago
cabbages arent from cahpter 1
Shooshma Entertainment
Stop click baiting plz, they didn’t bring back chapter 1, they brought back a skin that involves chapter 1. If they brought back chapter 1, everything would be identical to chapter 1. Smh
Seany Play
Seany Play Month ago
Who remember Chapadoodel
Nicole Drendel
Nicole Drendel Month ago
Their was no minis in chapter 1 season 1
Sam Lee
Sam Lee Month ago
He was talking about chapter 1 in general
Sinon-chan Month ago
P.O.W Match Maker
buuuuut the primal shotgun is basically the drum shotgun from chapter one
Turki T5
Turki T5 Month ago
‪Try this Slide map 2‬ ‪1298-3387-3373 ✅‬
GBG Capo
GBG Capo Month ago
When did we have cars in season 1
Dhairya Khanna
Dhairya Khanna Month ago
the fortnite gods send down chapter 1 skill level players for the chapter 1 challenge.
Cory Monkman
Cory Monkman Month ago
Peley say you saus
Marwan Samhan
Marwan Samhan Month ago
Muselk shouldn’t have used cars still a good vid after all
Andrew Avila
Andrew Avila Month ago
Who remembers when Muselk exclusively played Overwatch?
T Venom
T Venom Month ago
I feel clickbaited
solarman87 Month ago
cars weren't a part of chapter, why was he using one to damage people?
S_BaLLer41 Month ago
Please dont clickbait
ALKEN Month ago
Got this skin as well. I wonder if he's one of the seven. His helmet looks like it but I'm not sure.
OrhanDaLegend Month ago
he probably is, the arm blade resembles visitor's and the colours are similar except he is brighter
Ion Gaming
Ion Gaming Month ago
did my guy say " the way the gun ws talking"?
Fortnite con Martin
TECH 13 Month ago
Muselk try grappling a rocket it works (with the new bow)
Nicholas Montague
We hate muselk
Sharky Month ago
I thought it was the avatar
G M Month ago
Can you please check out the USlift channel XD Raspberry (I'm planning a surprise for his birthday)
Lajuan Coye
Lajuan Coye Month ago
2:25 lol
Kamo9 Month ago
Is there gonna be any new sticky jumper + eyelander video? The one you made previously was pretty fun
Denise 20 days ago
Mcboyyy Month ago
this by far the worst clickbait ever
Joe Henderson
Joe Henderson Month ago
JohnyBoy978 Month ago
The title is so misleading 😔
RPT_Mattman Month ago
MrFersken Month ago
Hopefully chapter 3 has a better map
Hero APFG Month ago
Fun fact: you are reading this