Epic just BROKE bows (huge buff) 

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Apr 16, 2021




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Daddy cecil
Daddy cecil 25 days ago
I’m legitimately sketching her rn
Daddy cecil
Daddy cecil 25 days ago
Yesss, Aloy is THE BEST ARCHER and hunter of all time
MineTIE Plays
MineTIE Plays Month ago
this video actually makes me want to play fortnite again for the first time in 3 days
justin kilcrease
Epic content and gameplay, Elliott..
MrFersken Month ago
Would you say a inpulbow is better then sniper?
Josh Zussman
Josh Zussman Month ago
Bruh this man is losing subs idk if fort is everyone’s preferable game to watch still
Alex Foskett
Alex Foskett Month ago
I didnt know they added Aloy to fortnite, its probably because I don't play it
Jordan Morley
Jordan Morley Month ago
I have a challenge for you!! Play a game but you can only use stairs and floors on your builds, nothing else!! Let’s see if you can get a dub🤘🏻🤘🏻
AlekzyGhee Month ago
holyyyy shit muselk's accuracy is actually nuts
sumaiyya Month ago
i put this on then first thing that came was a buff game add
Kaleb Burda
Kaleb Burda Month ago
5:25 Muselk FaZe tryout vid
Oof_on_ My_noof
Oof_on_ My_noof Month ago
Anyone else see the giant cabbage
Postapug Month ago
Please say hi
PIX exe
PIX exe Month ago
Come back to tf
Pro_Gamer1111 Month ago
Muselk sucks
Alex Brand
Alex Brand Month ago
muselk got good?
Nate Sorensen
Nate Sorensen Month ago
Epic: Our game is so realistic Also Epic: 6:04
moby vlogs Leon
moby vlogs Leon Month ago
That skin is so fitting for this video.
Kaizoku Month ago
Walker Souza
Walker Souza Month ago
We gonna talk about how he has 40 mec parts
Luke the Gravity Boy
Muselk has a shiny forehead in this vid
Legendary Mate
Legendary Mate Month ago
when epic star a season, next minute they change the game completely LOL
Eduard Peeter Lemming
best part was were he didnt talk
Yxng_astrix-_- Month ago
The trickshot tho fire
Ian Beggs
Ian Beggs Month ago
5:03, sometimes?
DJ Trump
DJ Trump Month ago
Day 86 of asking Muselk to bring back GTA5
DJ Trump
DJ Trump Month ago
Day 86 of asking Muselk to bring back hide and seek
XanderOnCP Month ago
To who all that reads this God has a plan for you. Stay positive and strong...🙏❤🙏
Bunnites Fn
Bunnites Fn Month ago
The (OMG) will never get old
Kevin MacMillan
Kevin MacMillan Month ago
guys epic will nerf them again.
thiccboi dumpling
person builds one single ramp: "he was sweating"
inferior_burger Month ago
5:00 only muselk
Jas Goodridge
Jas Goodridge Month ago
Im amazaed my switch (witch is what i play fortnite on) has broken and ive uesd the bow but i didnt like it so ima go get 12 wins after this
Nathan Gardiner
Nathan Gardiner Month ago
That was unreal man you need to do this more now there buffed 💪💪💪
FOD Gaming
FOD Gaming Month ago
5:28 just 5:28
shhhh be quiet
shhhh be quiet Month ago
Petition for Elliot to join xd:
Adam Theibich
Adam Theibich Month ago
muselk y arent u playing with fresh these days?
I just expected him to close up the video like he used to do.
help me to 100 subs
And hes cracked AT fortnite my guy
Eliminater Month ago
Did any one see lama
Oscar Month ago
I love your videos so much 💕 Heres a deathrun to have a break! (Btw I built this) 😍 Map Code: 0125-7472-1914
Seif El Quadi
Seif El Quadi Month ago
bruh almost every person he killed was a bot and those who were not bots where not that good
Crazy 88
Crazy 88 Month ago
Why do I feel like I’ve seen this...
Finley Reddish
Finley Reddish Month ago
The balancing for the bow is the amo limit it’s hardly enough to kill a sweaty squad
Finley Reddish
Finley Reddish Month ago
Well it is the new sniper it should do this kind of damage
G Month ago
Alfyris Month ago
Headshot bow
Eric Funkhouser
Eric Funkhouser Month ago
Your in a new players lobby. These dudes don’t even build
OP Power
OP Power Month ago
I made a death run and I think you would go insane trying to beat it but I don't know how to publish a map
poncho Month ago
I miss the old muselk
[ Guardian ]
[ Guardian ] Month ago
Imagine Aloy Driving a car
жара Ωツ
жара Ωツ Month ago
who tf plays fortnite anymore
Dudewithmittens Month ago
well 9 yr ol's what can we do i miss dis guys videos back in the 14s
Krishna A
Krishna A Month ago
Sniper are back, without the scope but with some buffs and low reload time!!
Darth Whole
Darth Whole Month ago
So close to 10mil
BTannertamej Month ago
i’m sorry but the only reason why i clicked was because i forgot about u. i wanted to see what as happened over the past 2 years
Evan Kim
Evan Kim Month ago
Am I the only one that thinks muselk looks like a Walmart Elon musk?
Aquahex Month ago
Ngl I'm sad about the bow headshotting now cause I can now be insta killed
KDNeverPositive Month ago
Anyone else remember when muselk made good videos on good games
Jake Andrews
Jake Andrews Month ago
Me: hoping they don't ruin any more of my favorite games Epic Games: brings the horizon zero dawn girl into the game
Rolandoo Martinez
You should do this vid idea get the offroad tires and put them on a Semi truck and hide under the truck like so muselk can see
Daniel Meng
Daniel Meng Month ago
when you have a showckwave bow and showckwave yourself out of the storm: 10 iq when you shockwave enemies into storm: 1000 iq
Dutch Malik
Dutch Malik Month ago
McCreamy : God of Sniper Muselk : God of Bow
William Eldridge
Snipers and bows should always be one-shots if they get a headshot, regardless of rarity. Anything less is just stupid and pointless. Also, shotguns should also be one-shots if you hit them in the head from close range, regardless of rarity. If you get nailed in the head by a shotgun, it's your fault for letting them get that close.
Iain Palmer
Iain Palmer Month ago
I though you were hacking keep it musee
Cody Perez
Cody Perez Month ago
“That guy was sweatin as well” literally just sitting on a ramp with a cone on top of him.
Ethan Jeffries
Ethan Jeffries Month ago
Muselk this is a bloody good video keep it up man👌
Cody Perez
Cody Perez Month ago
Oceania players are so bad. I’m jealous cuz I play NA west where all the sweats are 😩
Manay Lodha
Manay Lodha Month ago
I LOVEEEE the bows and arrow videos they are just so damn funnnn do more of these with sky bases 😁
Christian Dart
Christian Dart Month ago
He is totally joining faze
BowersWrLd Month ago
Low key hate the update
Brody B
Brody B Month ago
Why do people still play fortnite?
M0NKEZ Month ago
This is so broken I love it
tom pedder
tom pedder Month ago
Can someone explain to me how every game he has, he has like 40 bots But when I have a game I'm getting cranked on within the first 2mins of playing.?? He's a very good player but always seems to come across whack players,
Sam Kimmims
Sam Kimmims Month ago
Funky it dosen do one damage
Your a god with bows 😎👾
The Animal Gang
The Animal Gang Month ago
ConBon CX
ConBon CX Month ago
At 8:09 is that cabbage always that big
Tony Salvatelli
Tony Salvatelli Month ago
John 3:16-21!
Bravo Hairston
Bravo Hairston Month ago
Muselk gets bots in his lobbies that’s why his win rate is so high
Tarot Guy
Tarot Guy Month ago
I watched the live stream of this and this is not ok. Blue bow able to 1 shot headshot through full shields. Purple doing 222 DAMAGE TO THE HEAD! I love that this section was picked for the video. Still, this game he played was omg amazing and so funny. I clipped quite a few scenes from the stream and shared them on twitter.
Tarot Guy
Tarot Guy Month ago
If he doesn't show his spire air headshot imma be mad. Edit: He included it yes! 8:40 IT WAS EPIC!!!!
Ryan Melwani
Ryan Melwani Month ago
i wonder if the og boom bow does one shots to people
Jordi Zierz
Jordi Zierz Month ago
Y'know, I've heard people say you look like Elon Musk, but you know who you really look like? Rick Astley.
TheOvertaker217 Month ago
how is muselk still at 9.5 mill subs for like 1 year
Kian MM
Kian MM Month ago
6:30 galaxy skin
TheEpicDestr BS
TheEpicDestr BS Month ago
Muselk : Its so awesome to have one-shots back! Gold Pump which still hits for 203 and is way easier to hit : bruh
Rorster09 Month ago
I’m so gonna meme with them!!
BlueWolf FTW
BlueWolf FTW Month ago
seeing Aloy in fortnite broke me. Horizon Zero Dawn is literally my favorite and seeing her in this game just kills me
Shadow _Sahil
Shadow _Sahil Month ago
At 2:08 was I the only one that heard “oh gay”
DGX_gaming Month ago
Me leaving fortnite in the beginning of season 5 chapter 2 when Eliot was asking to subscribe for 10 mil , and me now comming back realising he stil did not het the 10 mil subs. :/
Sean Lacap
Sean Lacap Month ago
I love these bow kills
The OG Cheekster
I was playing and didn't know they updated bows, and I was in a solo game. I went to rush this guy and had 200 health. All of a sudden, I get 200-bowed in the face and am like😮. I checked the replay because I thought I was crazy. I was like "Bows do 200 now?"
Hunter Underhill
5:03 he mixed up the wrong bows
smarty Gmr
smarty Gmr Month ago
I though muselk miss laMa in game 2
Get Noped
Get Noped Month ago
“I feel like I’m taking crazy pills” Uhh muselk do u have something to tell us....
Cyclone748 Month ago
When is muselk gone get to 10 mil subs
Gábriel Farkas
Gábriel Farkas Month ago
8:08 what was that huge cabbage?🤨
24.7 Shadow
24.7 Shadow Month ago
Hey mulselk love your videos
Holeigh Hugler
Holeigh Hugler Month ago
Is Elliot still with Liv??
Jordan Pinion
Jordan Pinion Month ago
Such a satisfying video
sahar rubin
sahar rubin Month ago
First of all i realy wanna say you are amazing . Second ... how the fuc you got so many bots in your games ? Im starting a game and immidently 3 pros jumping on me every single game ... do you have anything that can help me tho ?