I attempted the LAZARBEAM Deathrun 

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This Deathrun took Lazarbeam 96 hours to complete and he even skipped a level. Can we beat it faster than he can?
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May 31, 2021




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William saggyzz
I always loved your videos when fortnite was just released but i didnt have a console or a pc to play with so i didnt play fortnite til c1s6 but i watch all your videos upte today
Saki Yoshida
Saki Yoshida Day ago
10:05 is that a space he could have gone? its to the right and green.
Amber Kelley
Amber Kelley 2 days ago
You should go try out kellllzzz 1.0 deathrun 575344440270 it's impossible by the way I love your videos
ZMOOOCOW Tehe 3 days ago
Lannan is shaking
Aiden dias
Aiden dias 3 days ago
Aiden dias
Aiden dias 3 days ago
This is in the future alien ms are fortnite. And I love the vid
InsanityFN 3 days ago
muselk ur bad
xXOOFXx 3 days ago
"Its actually not that hard" That... How did you know that's why my doctor said when she was looking at it because It was shorter than a stickmans arm.
Gavin V
Gavin V 5 days ago
I impressed that muselk is not raging
DE4DS0UL 5 days ago
awa awa
Zac Milligan
Zac Milligan 5 days ago
It's made by Hell
ali irfan
ali irfan 5 days ago
muselk has lost subscribers had 9.5 mil now 9.46 mil poor muselk
Yovan P.C
Yovan P.C 6 days ago
21:08 what's the bgm plz?
Hatsune Miku
Hatsune Miku 6 days ago
Who noticed the name was hell xD
Mr. Sun
Mr. Sun 6 days ago
What happened to the petition for epic to remove doors?
Meyrick Dyer-Payne
I love how at the start of his deathrun he is completely fine and at the end he just loses it 🤣
emibeev7669 7 days ago
Ugh ugh lazerbeams a bot oh no I left the hover boards cause I thought I needed them later on ugh
Amr Mustafa
Amr Mustafa 7 days ago
No Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hahahahaha loser forever
EX Anthony
EX Anthony 7 days ago
First thing i knew was that the invisible floor was gonna trip him.
Your subs were 9.45m but after months it became 9.46m
Your channel is dead
Danial Rahman
Danial Rahman 7 days ago
3:46 haha im a genius so satisfying
Oscar Allen
Oscar Allen 8 days ago
bruh you clearly watched Lannans video so that you can get all of the tips and tricks so that you don't look like a bot and so that you can skip all of the hard levels lmao.
Fahed Alsakka
Fahed Alsakka 8 days ago
You bot you could have just put the hover board in the traps or take it with you for the death doir
Taylor Dang
Taylor Dang 8 days ago
Damn you smart
Flower Geddes
Flower Geddes 8 days ago
No your a bot
Nicolas Nsenkyire
Adhi Khan
Adhi Khan 8 days ago
I love how they both can’t do anything without insulting each other lol
Neutron Star
Neutron Star 8 days ago
that 8bit numb was actually good🙂
Graham Mackin
Graham Mackin 8 days ago
24 x 4 = 96
Graham Mackin
Graham Mackin 8 days ago
Its 4 days
Natanquel 8 days ago
I don’t even watch fortnite why am I here
cruel 8 days ago
Muselk: "no its not that hard" *DIES* "maybe its a little bit hard" *DIES* " THATS EVIL MAN"
BabyRaven 52
BabyRaven 52 8 days ago
im taking my mountain dew max at 4 am to get me through the video
Reeter Yeeter
Reeter Yeeter 9 days ago
Lanan may be a bot at least he’s funnier than you
Mag 864
Mag 864 9 days ago
“Lazarbeams a bot” It seems muselk forgot Lazars good ol’ death run days
Victor Juarez
Victor Juarez 9 days ago
Haven't watched his vids in forever. He got fat lol
Timothy Ruxer - CVMS 2025
: Lanon getting a skip :Muselk 3 try done then gets killed by trap
Joshua Lynch
Joshua Lynch 9 days ago
Didn’t get the coin tho...
Johnny Feavelen
Johnny Feavelen 9 days ago
The standing fruit ultrasonographically queue because christopher trivially water beyond a swift number. equable, ashamed ellipse
Mario Chimchim
Mario Chimchim 9 days ago
Elliott: did I mention I hate doors? Me: * remembers all the rage bcz of doors* 👁👄👁
noam spector
noam spector 9 days ago
Do you know why eliot is so good with impalses? All you drunk scotish people please tell me.
Hudson And Brandon
LAZAR_LORD 9 days ago
And G
LAZAR_LORD 9 days ago
Attempting takes two hours
LAZAR_LORD 9 days ago
Please bring Catherine laserbeam
Jaelan Newsome
Jaelan Newsome 9 days ago
My b day was on the 30th of may but yk this is a pretty good b day present lol
MrHan 9 days ago
It's less of a deathrun than a virtual Escape room isn't it.
Tyler Filipsons
Tyler Filipsons 9 days ago
YO hes craked
Hamilton A
Hamilton A 9 days ago
Yeah Muselk I’ve been watching you for years and it’s been amazing, but you gotta admit......your kinda washed
Radiation 9 days ago
That's kinda old lannan, right now hie is better
Radiation 9 days ago
BTW, u obvi watched his vid so u know some of how to beat it.
Sarim Rashid
Sarim Rashid 9 days ago
Riley Hine
Riley Hine 9 days ago
Saaketh Robotics
Saaketh Robotics 9 days ago
Me watching muself after almost an year Muselk does not get 10 m sub
Professor 9 days ago
The God of Deathruns
Stuti Shiv
Stuti Shiv 9 days ago
Muselk: this was easy lol Cizzorz : try my death run 😂 Muselk : I am out Me : 😂😂😂
Avery Pilgrim
Avery Pilgrim 9 days ago
he could have just got the flintknock and went through the gap in the bars
Indyfan45 9 days ago
Was that an 8-bit version of numb during the montage? 😂 @muselk
Twingus 9 days ago
How long did it take you muselk?
Tqual 10 days ago
Does anyone notice he is using a bat with xbox logo :?
Declan Berube
Declan Berube 10 days ago
Landon is a bot
Benjamin Burrows
Benjamin Burrows 10 days ago
Lannons version was harder the maker edited it because it was damn near impossible the hardest level was much easier for muselk
Capta1nnz 10 days ago
The map changed so much since the beam tried it. :(
Alicia Mavis
Alicia Mavis 10 days ago
Jin Wallace
Jin Wallace 10 days ago
Muselk said it took him 3 days even though he did it in 4 days
Michael Clance
Michael Clance 10 days ago
Who remembers when lannan played Madden
TravieJ 10 days ago
You could have pickaxes your board before you took the launchpad and it would have respawned
Liam Van Epps
Liam Van Epps 10 days ago
Remember when muselk made the petition to remove doors from Fortnite
bloop :}
bloop :} 10 days ago
I haven’t watched fortnite in 2 years, i came back for this legend.
LlamaSeeker 10 days ago
Muselk still doing Deathruns in 2021... I love it!😍
Phantm 10 days ago
I haven’t noticed before but I just realized that Elliot’s build key bind is a semicolon. For those who don’t know, it’s this: ;
TJ Dickey
TJ Dickey 10 days ago
Finds out it's a hundred levels
Andrew Gordon
Andrew Gordon 10 days ago
POV: You are reading the comments section
Squid 10 days ago
lol linkin park
md osman
md osman 10 days ago
The best fortnite deathrunner in the fortnite history
Qui-Gon Jinn
Qui-Gon Jinn 10 days ago
Creative is the best game mode change my mind
Zach Baig
Zach Baig 10 days ago
14:20 anyone else notice the linken park song turned digital.
dd arnold
dd arnold 10 days ago
i love the music muselk it makes the death run less frustrating even though I'm watching you play and im not playing
BEGNA DAGNE 10 days ago
If he isn't the best then tell me who is
George Abraham
George Abraham 10 days ago
Why is muselk losing subs
CoolKid 10 days ago
Muselk:lannan is a bot Also muselk:dies dies and dies over and over
Heat Stroker
Heat Stroker 10 days ago
Imagine wasting time on thi- *DIES*
o 10 days ago
Holy trap
Dragon 10 days ago
Muselk:This is such a dumb one.Me:well it is the larbeam deathrun.
Dragon 10 days ago
Sorry i was so late to see this banger vid
Nabeel Hanif
Nabeel Hanif 10 days ago
POV you thought this deathrun would be hard for him even tho its easy
JUSTrageQU1T 10 days ago
Missed the coin doesn’t count. Lol
M 10 days ago
This wasn’t made for you what’s going on
Stephan Hart
Stephan Hart 10 days ago
I only watched that in hope lannan won musalk
Gerhardt Stuckwisch
More deathruns yeees
The Land Of Art
The Land Of Art 10 days ago
I love how the map creaters name is hell
Ike Prescod
Ike Prescod 10 days ago
NO NO square
mr blaze
mr blaze 10 days ago
Lannan after watching this
Wrxith 10 days ago
“Hate doors, did I tell u I hate doors?” Muselk 2021
ruby moon
ruby moon 10 days ago
I love u muselk your sick
XoXo_cluxy 10 days ago
SāKRD Shorts
SāKRD Shorts 10 days ago
6:31 the reaction tho
SāKRD Shorts
SāKRD Shorts 10 days ago
Deathrun staples created by muselk , it’s ridiculous ; im a genius.
Salah-Ud-Din Student
he was on 9.51 when last saw it