Getting my 1000th Fortnite Win! 

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Jul 3, 2021




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Comments 1 881   
Knightfall Day ago
I know smnthat got 1000 wins in season 8 xD
Just Harry
Just Harry Day ago
Aussies are too loud
veer baalyan
veer baalyan 2 days ago
1 like =1 prayer
That boi
That boi 2 days ago
Kyle Dyer
Kyle Dyer 2 days ago
Bruh did you forgot about bugha and ninga they have more than. 1k wins
Bandit _CnR
Bandit _CnR 2 days ago
He gets bot lobbies lol
Josh Cole
Josh Cole 2 days ago
He didn’t realise it but at 6:57 he did extreme ranch relaxo (for the ogs)
Davian Martinez
Davian Martinez 3 days ago
Honestly it was more of a muselk win that he won that way😭
Luke Lantz
Luke Lantz 3 days ago
This is more fitting then the dramatic win
Bxsh1n 3 days ago
2:47 🤢🤮
Claudia Mayorga
Claudia Mayorga 3 days ago
mccreamy got a 100th
Fiends Hyper
Fiends Hyper 4 days ago
Muselk: I don’t know anyone who has 1000 wins Ninja: are you sure about that
Glitched Overlord also V8donutking ps
As soon as you get the win I got news my gran died
HAYDEN WIEST 5 days ago
No wonder you have never heard of someone getting 1000 solos win that seems like your addicted to the game
VINAY DS 6 days ago
The end saying he's better than ninja classic.
Lance's gacha channel
Last words of the video. *I'm better then ninja*
Jaroslav Popel
Jaroslav Popel 6 days ago
U missed a lamma when u said that fortnite could give u a lamma :D
PyroXeNe 7 days ago
he should have worn the Ikonik skin
Sweet Rose Gamer
Sweet Rose Gamer 7 days ago
I remember season 4 :c
Vance Rathi
Vance Rathi 7 days ago
Falcon A.B.D
Falcon A.B.D 7 days ago
Is it just me or he sounded like ksi at 05:02
FIREBEAR124 8 days ago
Muselk I saw a leek leftover on a rock when you got the victory
TRASH 8 days ago
i saw this live
deshawnwatson3 8 days ago
The music makes it so sad
Evan Schmid
Evan Schmid 8 days ago
Just like his 100th win of this season. Died for fun
Ca_Gaming 8 days ago
its a bit sad that u are a youtuber and didnt have anyone to play with for 10000 games
Bay Cool
Bay Cool 8 days ago
he said seson 4 then when he won he done the zany and the zany was realest in season 5
Luc Wall
Luc Wall 8 days ago
Mella is money hon3y
Harry Henshall
Harry Henshall 9 days ago
Muselk:I am better than ninja Me:He went off fortnite for a while
Katie Digirolamo
Katie Digirolamo 9 days ago
Wow 1000th wins that’s INSANE
ALX-VEY 9 days ago
The start brings back so many great memories of this game
Ghastify 9 days ago
the other guy lagged lol
G Ports
G Ports 9 days ago
Been struggling for solo victories for years and this bloke gets it gifted for his 1000th HAHAHAHAHAHAH
Drippi Ari
Drippi Ari 9 days ago
Wow I just remember playing dis game every day brings back so many memories to all da fun times I miss old fortnite......😭
Rowan Driscoll
Rowan Driscoll 10 days ago
Didnt NickEh30 get 1000 wins in like season 5 chapter 1
mark c
mark c 10 days ago
Who gives a shit
Dilomilo12 10 days ago
Thank god there’s someone else that moves their head to the game
Aidan n.j.
Aidan n.j. 10 days ago
He just now getting 1,000? How the fuck? I thought he had much more
Sandy Riley
Sandy Riley 11 days ago
The times I played the most season 5 6 7 8 9
Mason Mcilwhan
Mason Mcilwhan 11 days ago
mark c
mark c 11 days ago
Took 1000 times to release how much life you have wasted sitting on your ass in front of a game.
Ksi go platinum
Ksi go platinum 11 days ago
Has fresh not got 1k
SR_TROOPER 11 days ago
I thought he’d where his iconic skin
Twoasty ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Not me watching the live stream
Gold C
Gold C 12 days ago
that's it =)
CannedPizza 12 days ago
Alternate title: the degradation of fortnite
Bladzz 12 days ago
I tried to upload Fortnite but I got no subs ): but now I al imploding fake Fortnite and I got 2.5K subs :). I hope this can help some other who has this problem to get noticed. :) bye 👋
Amaan MORRELL 12 days ago
Muselk 2021: "I'm higher than ninja baby"
Amy Tucibat
Amy Tucibat 12 days ago
Epic games one people get one thousand wins. You don't get a reward you already have enough things People that get one thousand wins . Bro what is this game i want a reward for that
Tameem Altamimi
Tameem Altamimi 12 days ago
actually muselk someone named mixer ship has more than 16,000 wins
Fuzionyk 13 days ago
can we get a RIP in the chat (comments) for Muselk
Elijah Kendall
Elijah Kendall 13 days ago
Something I think I should say that is irrelevant to the video but I think should still be said is that Fortnite needs a new Victory Royals sign it’s been the same for 13 seasons. While the old one existed for 4 seasons. Even though the current one is fine I think we could use a new one
Elijah Kendall
Elijah Kendall 13 days ago
Just to clarify obviously there are slight differences but it stills looks the same
Cison 13 days ago
I think he looks like old Rick asley
Everett13hockey 13 days ago
Bruh you need a better recording system it’s laggy at the end alot
Kyran Dix
Kyran Dix 13 days ago
Wait your thumbnail is cap?
Lukeman1000 13 days ago
Wow nobody notices the super clickbaity thumbnail
Rex Rekt
Rex Rekt 14 days ago
Dude you sound lame like so old.
Jehan Aljaaf
Jehan Aljaaf 14 days ago
Muselk: don’t know who has 1000 wins Bugha tfue ninja and mongrral: are we jokes to u Bish
xD Elite DK
xD Elite DK 14 days ago
Brush don't you know fresh -_-
xD Elite DK
xD Elite DK 14 days ago
I can't think of a name and I don't Care
I like seeing the seasons where it was actually exciting to get a win😭
Jojo Wrld
Jojo Wrld 15 days ago
Thumbnail is so clickbaity it's so sad
Nikolas Howse
Nikolas Howse 15 days ago
I’ve never seen someone so sad about wining I can’t even get 10
Dorijan Dodig
Dorijan Dodig 15 days ago
Some balkan youtuber got 1000 solo wins probably 2 or 3 years ago
Micah Jones
Micah Jones 16 days ago
Only Muselk can win in such a dumb way😂
Shadow Veil
Shadow Veil 16 days ago
He's better then ninja and fresh
meme god78
meme god78 16 days ago
I now u will probably say no but can u help me get my first win for this season I have trying to win sense the season came out
meme god78
meme god78 16 days ago
Please is u can
Kobe Norman
Kobe Norman 16 days ago
Hey nice clickbait😒 dont be one of those youtubers please
KripticAce 16 days ago
Feels good to here the og intro music again those were the good days
Kaptan Cips
Kaptan Cips 17 days ago
Nice clickbait
Esteban Gonzalez
Esteban Gonzalez 17 days ago
Muselk sucks
Elite football
Elite football 17 days ago
Who else thinks musselk looked like Elon musk
smxley 17 days ago
999 R.I.P king if u know u know
Hext 6k
Hext 6k 17 days ago
Dude he got a lot fatter
A. Duff
A. Duff 17 days ago
I love how some of the wins are from the most op weapons
Preston Mickelson
Preston Mickelson 17 days ago
The demon mafia
The demon mafia 17 days ago
Never have I ever herd muselk say I didn’t want to win
Enforcer 17 days ago
Bruh just checked his wins on Fortnite tracker he’s has 1049 solo wins so he basically got 50 solo wins in a week like and he says he has sweats in his Lobby’s i mean that’s why he has sweats and hes actually kinda of a sweat I mean 1049 solo wins commonnn but he is mostly a memer
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 17 days ago
yoooooo my favorite part is where he gets the golden umbrella in a gift from epic
Royal Assassins
Royal Assassins 17 days ago
It’s funny cause TypicalGamer has roughly 1500 solo wins
Sometimes 17 days ago
NotNormal 18 days ago
i got 1000 wins before you, nerdddddddddddddddd
NotDarkGhost Productions
Muselk: gets nothing for getting 1000 wins Thanos: reality is often disappointing
Kevin Pantoja
Kevin Pantoja 18 days ago
khad0n 18 days ago
*clears throat* SYPHER PK *clears throat again* what was that
Rachael Z
Rachael Z 18 days ago
Muslek: I dont know anyone with 1000 wins Fresh: hello?
Natalie Ingram
Natalie Ingram 18 days ago
It’s gosh
Filipe 18 days ago
Mc Creamy got made 1000 win total videoa
Anonymouscullenato r
Ian Shue
Ian Shue 18 days ago
This is such a nostalgia trip, not just for Muselk, but for how Fortnite has expanded and how good it used to be
Polka Dot Dog
Polka Dot Dog 18 days ago
Polka Dot Dog
Polka Dot Dog 18 days ago
Love to see the success! Keep it going! 🔥
Chloe Clarke
Chloe Clarke 18 days ago
The first time anyone didn't want to get a win XD
Rick Astley
Rick Astley 18 days ago
Dantdm done this before you
Arøma Gaming
Arøma Gaming 18 days ago
god the beginning reminded me of how far muselk has been on youtube I started watching when he started rancho relaxo keep up the grind bro
A10 Panda
A10 Panda 18 days ago
Wait how many does fresh have?
Shakir Rizwan
Shakir Rizwan 18 days ago
He got 1000 wins i got 0 wins
Gilad gaming
Gilad gaming 18 days ago
I think the wins is only from c2 s1-s7