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May 11, 2021




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Adrian Carper
Adrian Carper 13 days ago
In my opinion it is broken because if you hold down the shoot button you can shoot all six shots in about 3 seconds
Btw always hit headshots those are crits
j18johnd live
j18johnd live 17 days ago
Muselk:carrying 1 six shooter Lannar:having every colour variant of the gun
Lucas Stine
Lucas Stine 19 days ago
It is not a good video if win all the time
Rick Astley
Rick Astley 19 days ago
I don’t like u
Itz Flying Tiger
Itz Flying Tiger 20 days ago
MVB: Most Valuable Bow
ƁTร Yɛ
ƁTร Yɛ 21 day ago
Title : 5 exotic six-shooter is op! Muselk : can i say that gun is good? Hmm No
Morosov Benediq
Morosov Benediq 22 days ago
that shit went from 17 to 73 holy hell
Brendon Mallo
Brendon Mallo 22 days ago
I like how you missed the Lamar 😂😂
Fwoppa 23 days ago
Let’s see if it sucks🤣🤣
Laken chartrand Laken
If u pause at 7:26 u will see a llama 🦙 please tell me someone else saw it too
Timothy Tom Tom
Timothy Tom Tom 25 days ago
Your only an og muselk fan if you remember him saying "ADIOS SENOR!"
Jay Kay
Jay Kay 25 days ago
The didactic brother immunohistochemically stain because smell disconcertingly brush past a unequaled blowgun. nice, uppity chin
Saedris 26 days ago
nothing like spending a lot of gold for a piece of garbage...
Alexios 27 days ago
In the wise words or our grandfather ninja "You gotta hit your shots kid, it's that simple".
Brooke Brown
Brooke Brown 16 days ago
Brother07bear 27 days ago
You’re a huge inspiration to my channel!!! 🥺🥺
Brother07bear 15 days ago
@Kathleen Garcia huh?
Hill 28 days ago
for nearly 10 mil subs, his recent videos view count isnt exactly high. what happen? i remember he used to average millions in views each vids. people sick of fortnite already?
Eric S
Eric S 28 days ago
A SWEAT should not be able to call another Person a SWEAT! That should only be for average players like me!
jake Wishart
jake Wishart 29 days ago
What happened to the old muselk who would take the second revolver insted of the shield. He has turned to the dark side the sweaty side!!!
Pizzaz 29 days ago
why do you look like rick astley?
YeetTheDogAndCat 29 days ago
It should do 27/108
Systetemic Virus72
Too bad it seems muslek ees channel is dying
Secret spy 2
Secret spy 2 Month ago
Six shooter more like 30 shooter 😀
Emmanuel Rivera
Emmanuel Rivera Month ago
at exactly 8:29 he hit a headshot but it showed up at 24 damage🤔🤔🤔
Jonathan Flores
Jonathan Flores Month ago
Controller player pistol
It’s Rowan
It’s Rowan Month ago
The exotic gun trade
clark the shark
clark the shark Month ago
It can be the best and worst weapon
Anthony Portelli
Muselk he is not Deadeye he is DeadFIRE
Alfyris Month ago
Its balanced
Samuel Zenebe
Samuel Zenebe Month ago
He described the gun just like arsenal
Aiden Plays
Aiden Plays Month ago
You should start uploading warzone content.
James von Schoen
So the title is fake, he never had 5 pistols at a time
Matt Month ago
Jeez muselk looks like he ate muselk
It's Linz
It's Linz Month ago
Nice video as always : D
Jake Fox
Jake Fox Month ago
anyone thought it was the ph intro at the start
ToriBloxYT Month ago
God fortnite player
InfinityGaming Month ago
Does muselk even reads his comments
XG boomerang
XG boomerang Month ago
Day 1 of asking Everyone to get musle milk to 1m subs
Brason Denton
Brason Denton Month ago
The fact that you call yourself too much of a bot to be good with that gun and yet you're like top 500 in the world or something, is hilarious to me.
Fortnitegamerr 666
I found friendship in lazy lake with sweats no cap!
Abdoulahi Sillah
How did u get a purple tac
Lil cruqx
Lil cruqx Month ago
I got killed by Muselk my name was HEY-ITS-NOAHYT I was Lara Croft with candy axe
EliElite23 Month ago
The thing sucks all around
Supadupaya Month ago
“23. 24. 96.”
Plz more warzone and MW multiplayer vids. Maybe do like a road to Damascus series. Like so he sees
Sarical Month ago
yo wassup elon musk
Lord of Yeet
Lord of Yeet Month ago
A wise man once said I wAnT fIvE oF eM!!!
Brittany Perez
Brittany Perez 16 days ago
Logan Clark
Logan Clark Month ago
Lowkey old muselk looks like Elon musk
Redmi Redmi
Redmi Redmi Month ago
It is behind slurpy swamps in the water
Redmi Redmi
Redmi Redmi Month ago
Muselk do a video of the new location of orelia
Dr.Jerald / DrJerald YT
Sweats are so annoying on updates and not on updates
Camden Wilcox
Camden Wilcox Month ago
What happened to Crayator? 😢
chubby wubby
chubby wubby Month ago
gr he didnt grab the llama
Hudson And Brandon
izt  dr pews
izt dr pews Month ago
1v1 me
Cooper Golden
Cooper Golden Month ago
Muselk there is a little mountain behind retail row where an npc can sell a mech shockwave bow
Cooper Golden
Cooper Golden Month ago
The npc is snow rider
asiyah garcia
asiyah garcia Month ago
_CWEAMY_ Month ago
i havent played fortnite for a while but at 6:38 im pretty sure i saw shrek's outhouse
Eric Jean
Eric Jean Month ago
Guys it’s called the marksman pistol for a reason, marksman hit headshots so when you do it does more damage
Phelps Hero
Phelps Hero Month ago
I sometimes wish epic game would keep the fun stuff in the game. For example the car impulse jump. I had not had the much fun in awhile.
Krayex Month ago
9.5. million subs but not even 200 k views ? Holy shit how did he get so many subs ?
Tarjima Filmlar
Tarjima Filmlar Month ago
The fact that he has almost has 10m subs and only gets 500k views at most…XD😂😅🤣 proof that fortnite is dead
Nikson Month ago
so uh u gonna play team fortress when the update comes out?👀
Olivia Perez
Olivia Perez 17 days ago
Carrizo Ardizzi Tomas Ariel
you used the imp bow to do the sypher and gent into his box: 4:04, EPIC
Kristina White
Kristina White 18 days ago
a random guy
a random guy Month ago
why does it sound like the intervention from mw2 I think it was called
xd Brady
xd Brady Month ago
7:21 anyone else see something he didn’t
Mart Roelofs
Mart Roelofs Month ago
Who can help me with the teen Titans cup right now ? Add me : MARTROELOFS
nick widstrom
nick widstrom Month ago
if you play like Aero in this vid you are probably unemployed/single
O Odonnell
O Odonnell Month ago
Yay he didn't click bait for once yayayayayayayaa let's goooo
King of Dragons
King of Dragons Month ago
Dude the new exotic is so weak it has the same stats as a green makeshift revolver
Kf Becker
Kf Becker Month ago
Muselk: this is the most inconsistent gun Og combat shotgun: am I a joke to you?
See TZ
See TZ Month ago
Lol it's like a shot gun fight at close range but aim at the head
PXRO Month ago
Day 1 one trying to get 100 subs by commenting on other youtubers comments 👍
Levi Doten
Levi Doten Month ago
No, 7:23-7:25
Levi Doten
Levi Doten Month ago
Just watch 7:34
Zeyad Mosharraf
Zeyad Mosharraf Month ago
Blue pump is better than purple tac
Levi Doten
Levi Doten Month ago
There was a llama
Pramusetya Kanca
Muselk, RANGE effects the Six Shooter’s damage output. The farther you are from a player, the lower the damage is, the CLOSER you are, the higher the damage. And I think it’s better to hip fire it at close range. SypherPK talked about it in one of his latest videos.
Pramusetya Kanca
5 EXOTIC SIX SHOOTERS?!?!?!?!?! Wow.
Pramusetya Kanca
And WHY THE F did they have to patch that shockwave-nade/vehicle glitch?
Koda Month ago
Why does muselk always try out pistols and claims they suck even though he is trying to snipe with them. He did the same thing with the primal pistol
Kiarieliz Rivera
7:26 there is a llama that you missed bad muslek
brad pitt
brad pitt Month ago
can someone plz do the teen titans tournament with me in the na west server plz
HYPEX zxz0
HYPEX zxz0 Month ago
try on controller
Samuel Grega
Samuel Grega Month ago
Antdude’s Gaming video’s
When muselk buys the fifth six shooter, “I want five of them”
Akshat Sinha
Akshat Sinha Month ago
I don't know why but muselks content just seems stale now, don't really enjoy his fortnite videos anymore, maybe time to move onto new things?
Aniruddh Parashar
rest in peace gangsta granny you will always be remembered.
Snow Miser
Snow Miser Month ago
"its not very good" maybe if you could hit a headshot and like mccreamy lol
Anas Mahmood
Anas Mahmood Month ago
You stole x2 twins outro
K Drizzy
K Drizzy Month ago
Eliot can I add you... pls
K Drizzy
K Drizzy Month ago
And then died oof... *he cries... waaa...
K Drizzy
K Drizzy Month ago
That guy had 4 six-shooters
likhith gaming
likhith gaming Month ago
Yeah that's... that's 5 mythic six shooter yeahhhhh
Nikstar112 Month ago
Six shooter 🗑
Nikstar112 Month ago
Muselk never pins comments
Nikstar112 Month ago
Me: tries to get top comment Verified USliftrs: imma end this mans career
Nikstar112 Month ago
Can everyone plz say nice things in the comments of my vids
Nikstar112 Month ago
Can I get famous off this comment
scott warren
scott warren Month ago
love the channel but seriously calm down with the Adverts i had like 6 within the first 7 minutes of watching this
FrozenGamer Rex19
I mean i would say it's the worst gun ,because if you compare it to a Green Revolver it has the Exact same stats so yeah....it's a bit overpriced (in my opinion) 🤔