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Not Finding Super
Not Finding Super 6 hours ago
👑 Muselk the king of deathruns
Megan Nyhan
Megan Nyhan 6 hours ago
pov he sees the "SKIP LEVEL" and doesn't use it
Serious Aleks
Serious Aleks 6 hours ago
This is literally the infinite DEFAULT deathrun...
Quanz 6 hours ago
I love the perfectly cut screams 8:31
Spencer James
Spencer James 6 hours ago
Wow congrats dude!!!
Nolan Fischer
Nolan Fischer 6 hours ago
Claim your "here before x2 Twins comment on this video" ticket here
flipper man 182
flipper man 182 6 hours ago
I plaued that for like 3 hours and got to like 125 or somthibg like that I think it was a few months ago
god of samurai
god of samurai 7 hours ago
Overdrive Wolf
Overdrive Wolf 7 hours ago
I love how Lannan, Muselk, and Fresh stream in the same building
Kevin Topliff
Kevin Topliff 7 hours ago
LOL hate to be picky - but - they are only 1 set of twins :P (not 2 twins, that would mean there are four of them)
Mohammed Sayad
Mohammed Sayad 7 hours ago
At 10:56 he hit him for 19 with pickaxe
Deeredee - Brawl Stars
I unsubbed 😡
Fire Jack
Fire Jack 7 hours ago
Mrbeast probably assums you have as much money as he does
Ldub800 7 hours ago
this boy did thier old skins what is that
Seema Malkani
Seema Malkani 7 hours ago
X2 twins were griefing eachother tho
Edison Li
Edison Li 7 hours ago
He kinda skipped levels 70 and on cause the things on the side are level skips
Levi Leviness
Levi Leviness 8 hours ago
What a win
Ghosty_On60fps 8 hours ago
4:44 when will muselk learn that shadow bombs don’t run out until your feet touch the floor every single death run with shadow bombs he always makes it to the end and it runs out and he’s like ‘’OoOh ThAt WaS So ClOsE’’
Lachlan McGuire
Lachlan McGuire 8 hours ago
Muselk can you play the Tokyo Olympic video game with baz and cray
Derek Johnson
Derek Johnson 8 hours ago
The only thing muselk is good at is death runs nothing else in pubs he sees someone build 1 stair and goes it’s a sweat
GlockWit Abeam
GlockWit Abeam 8 hours ago
That can is 100000% empty asf he juss keeps it by his desk
Pickle Army
Pickle Army 8 hours ago
Do races with other you tubers like you did with fresh
Mohamed Kasdi
Mohamed Kasdi 8 hours ago
btw bhodi lazerbeams nephew said u suck
Husky Bros
Husky Bros 9 hours ago
2021 gang
Chocolate King
Chocolate King 9 hours ago
the deathrun is not infinite
death ghost
death ghost 9 hours ago
me who spent 10mins and finished it
Marcus The Minecrafter
At this point it’s not a sponsor it’s a addiction
H h h h h h h h h hahahaahahahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahhahaahahahahahah
Iron Fan
Iron Fan 9 hours ago
Man, I wish Musie put the codes for these maps in the video descriptions. \o/
MacNCheese 6522
MacNCheese 6522 9 hours ago
I love this deathrun. It super easy. It's just how long the deathrun keeps going and when they add more levels that gets to you
“ I didn’t even now you could put that many assets down” - 2019
Eimear Coen
Eimear Coen 9 hours ago
I'm working on a 2000 level deathrun for you!
Zay redd
Zay redd 9 hours ago
Running out of content huh? 😂😂😂👎🏾
Unsteady zombie
Unsteady zombie 9 hours ago
The death run ends but the map maker just adds levels every week
OCE Wild
OCE Wild 10 hours ago
Elliot: “it doesn’t matter if there is infinite levels I will beat all of them” Game: let me change that
TicskitMusic 10 hours ago
So in conclusion this video could've been 30 seconds long, good
Yeah Chronis
Yeah Chronis 10 hours ago
The twins won tho
JustAnotherPerson 10 hours ago
I wonder if muselk realisme he could just swim through The big boat level
Beast Clapz
Beast Clapz 10 hours ago
You lier it’s a hundred level deathrun
XD JEREMY 10 hours ago
half the time they were cheating lmao
robrecht1996 10 hours ago
Elliot turning into the hulk in the intro 🤣
Volcanic Jelly
Volcanic Jelly 11 hours ago
The twins gief each other
Triftzer 11 hours ago
They even put more 1 min 30 secs so that’s fair enough mate
Koen Hulsmeijer
Koen Hulsmeijer 11 hours ago
Please do a actual deathrun vid with the twins that would be amazing!
Mady Holden
Mady Holden 11 hours ago
Nali Krmanj
Nali Krmanj 11 hours ago
No one Not even a single person The fly in my room 10:51
Jake Chris
Jake Chris 11 hours ago
Just the vid I was looking for 👍
TheArtifact64 11 hours ago
All you have to do for the dropper is go in the corners.
eeveelution gaming
eeveelution gaming 11 hours ago
I miss this muselk... These were better times.
Big Belly101
Big Belly101 11 hours ago
Where was typical gamer
Yeth All The Time
Yeth All The Time 11 hours ago
I remember when he used to play Team Fortress 2. I wonder if he will ever return just once for a nostalgia trip
Daniel England
Daniel England 11 hours ago
9:20 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
GeorgeSam Gaming
GeorgeSam Gaming 11 hours ago
“Dude we like touched that” Muselk 2021
Randomizer 11 hours ago
12:32 Me when im getting ready for school 15:52 When i get my test results 16:27 Me when my sister is using the bathroom
ELITE LSupernova
ELITE LSupernova 11 hours ago
Actually you lost cause Jesse went more then 76
ELITE LSupernova
ELITE LSupernova 11 hours ago
He just skipped checkpoints so it only Said je came to 76th level and je sad actually on 81 i think
PoisN_GalaxyL2 11 hours ago
4:10 is that Danny Duncan he had his hair and the dirt bike in the background with 69 on it😂😂😂😂
ninjamaster fortnight clan
Bro you are bad at this I wood do the death run
Me no sus
Me no sus 12 hours ago
starwarsjoey 12 hours ago
Hollow Eyes
Hollow Eyes 12 hours ago
2:46 Well you see, buddy number 1 jumped off because he thought there was something there. Buddy number 2 jumped off because he saw buddy number two jumped off and wanted to know why. Buddy number 3 and 4 jumped off for the same reason. You ask why they jumped? Same reason you did. Or maybe they just wanted out of Dark Souls.
YaBoiQuimby 12 hours ago
Muslek Is built different
Suhaan The Gamer
Suhaan The Gamer 12 hours ago
In the x2twins videothey actually added 1 minute so you beat the 1minute and 4seconds early
ARNAV BANSAL 12 hours ago
He literally took 20:50 mins you can see on the top
Moose Gaming
Moose Gaming 12 hours ago
Do you know that the twins added some more time cause at the end of the 20 mins they were on the same level so u could get an even better score
Kian MM
Kian MM 12 hours ago
what happend to click
Jam Car
Jam Car 12 hours ago
When I saw this and when he did the dropper I said hug the corner till the second to last one
Izaak_gamesYT 12 hours ago
On the level that said hard level with the boat u could lit swim through it but u still did it
Phetogo Onneng
Phetogo Onneng 12 hours ago
whats going on guys and tannar is bleeding blood out of her ears, OMEGA LOL
viro Bekar
viro Bekar 13 hours ago
It is 5am I just woke up to this ¥
VenomousHybrid 13 hours ago
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia 13 hours ago
They added about an extra 2 minutes on there's BTW so you won by a pretty good amount
Rayn on g fuel
Rayn on g fuel 13 hours ago
Ricky fn
Ricky fn 13 hours ago
Where is peely patrol vs muselk?😂
SlydaxZ 12 hours ago
wmjohansentube 13 hours ago
you should do something like you buy a fortnite account and then whatever the skin is that is the rarity of weapon u use
thomas butler
thomas butler 13 hours ago
they added a min to their time also
Anastasis Sitmalidis
He actually lost ( watch the green timer)
Anastasis Sitmalidis
@Luc4AR9009 oh really? I didn't notice that
Luc4AR9009 8 hours ago
he didnt lose because the x2twins added 1:30 extra to their time so he beat them
Anastasis Sitmalidis
@Flynn Maxwellhow do you know?
Flynn Maxwell
Flynn Maxwell 12 hours ago
he put a timer on his phone
Saxd 13 hours ago
Spitfire274 13 hours ago
technicly the twins got extra time but the king still ruled
Eco Golem
Eco Golem 13 hours ago
It said 21 minutes at the top